15 Best Volleyball Matches In Haikyū!!

There are many fits in Haikyū!! that leaves me speechless. But nowadays, permit me to proportion with you 15 volleyball tournaments that hooked me binge-watching this shocking and bone-chilling collection!

Haikyū!! lovers! Get in a position! Get in a position to behold the facility of volleyball via reliving the recollections and reviews of a number of Haikyū!! characters on tv.

From its epic fits to its bone-breaking follow video games, you are going to by no means take a look at volleyball in the similar manner once more! And it is all due to Haikyū!! Without additional ado, let’s get started!

This web page accommodates spoilers from Haikyu!!.

15. Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High vs. Yukigaoka Junior High

While this fit is unpopular to many, Haikyū!! lovers may as smartly understand that that is the fit the place Tobio and Shōyō first laid eyes on each and every different!

Had they no longer met, the most productive fits in Haikyū!! shouldn’t have happened; thus, making this primary volleyball duel extraordinarily essential to them!

Not solely did this primary fit organize to attract audience to the display; however it additionally established their dating: will Tobio and Shōyō proceed to pit on one some other, or will they support one some other?

Those are the massive questions that audience leaned on after seeing the fit between the 2 groups!

14. Owls vs. Cats: 3-on-3

This 3-on-3 follow recreation happened all through Tokyo Training Camp’s 5th day the place workforce formations are:

Kōtarō BokutoTetsurō Kuroo
Keiji AkaashiLev Haiba
Shōyō HinataKei Tsukishima

It is not an respectable recreation, so it solely confirmed a couple of scenes; rankings for the two units are:

2nd set10 issues12 issues
7th set15 issues16 issues

The winner was once no longer published when the learning camp ended. So, with solely rankings published for solely two units, it is as much as lovers’ creativeness which workforce received this custom recreation.

13. Shiratorizawa Academy vs. Aoba Jōsai High

If you wish to have to peer Aoba Jōsai High defeated, it is herbal to reinforce Shiratorizawa Academy — the opposing workforce that smashed Aoba Jōsai High, along side its boastful and worrying “Great King” — Tōru!

Pity that lovers did not get to peer how this fit opened up. Fans would have noticed Shiratorizawa’s mighty power — the unbeatable Wakatoshi Ushijima (aka “Ushiwaka”) — previously had this fit been detailed

Since this fit was once solely offered in nonetheless frames within the anime (or in just one manga web page), lovers jaw-dropped on the sight of Karasuno preventing Shiratorizawa gloriously in Season 3!

12. Karasuno High vs. Johzenji High

Johzenji High is a deal with to audience all through Round 1 of the Miyagi Prefectural Spring Preliminary Qualifiers. Yūji Terushima (Second-year captain) and his workforce made the court docket a “amusing playground” the place they went “too carefree”.

Thanks to Yūji’s unpredictability and “just right time” ultimatum, Johzenji recklessly imitated Karasuno’s “Synchronized Attack” within the spur of the instant. It’s an impromptu offense coming from an enthusiastic wing spiker like him!

Johzenji High shifted relatively from their “Valor and Simplicity” slogan all through this recreation. But that does not imply they are able to’t idealize nor cling up a candle to a extra becoming spots membership motto: “Wild and Free”.

11. Karasuno High vs. Date Tech

Date Tech’s maximum intimidating participant is “No-Eyebrows” Takanobu Aone-san. Height, lengthy palms, and large shoulders — he is the impregnable citadel representing the “Iron Wall of Date”!

Up till now, Karasuno avid gamers have solely confronted “dedicate blockading”: attackers bounce on a PREDICTION of the place ball tosses move, delaying fighters’ actions.

But Datekougyou progressed due to Takanobu’s threatening “lead blockading” the place attackers bounce AFTER seeing the place the ball tosses move.

Therefore, Shōyō CANNOT be applied as bait as a result of Datekougyou cannot be manipulated via Karasuno’s decoy!

Lead blockading is a brilliant transfer, however Date Tech avid gamers nonetheless misplaced in a 3-set fit towards Karasuno all through this Inter-High Prelims Qualifiers.

10. Karasuno High vs. Wakutani Minami High

Player #1 Takeru Nakashima (third yr wing spiker) is the core of the Wakutani Minami’s tenacity; he additionally goals of changing into the following “Little Giant”.

Mobilizing Wakutani’s defenses as brandished guns, he ensured his avid gamers don’t seem to be fazed when Tobio and Shōyō to begin with applied their “Quick Strike”!

Not being stunned via the beauty duo’s “Quick Set” hasn’t ever came about ahead of. But it makes this struggle a conflict of workforce types between a championship college (Wakutani Minami) and a former powerhouse college (Karasuno)!

Top 4 is at the line; so, Wakutani can solely flip up the warmth upper on Day 2 of Miyagi Prefectural Spring Quarter Finals!

9. Karasuno High vs. Nekoma High

This unforgettable pre-Inter-High Tournament is a convention recreation the place Karasuno misplaced all 3 rounds of 3-set fits all through the Tokyo Training Camp.

Nekoma’s 2nd yr setter and “brains” (Kenma Kozume) applied a “Dedicated Shift” to govern Shōyō. This assault irked “demon king” Tobio as a result of his “membership”— Shōyō — has been snatched!

Nekoma had an arsenal of assaults permitting the “cats to reveal their fangs and sharpened claws”! These assaults come with the “Stack Block” (amplified when conscientious 1st yr center blocker, Sō Inuoka, stepped in.)

Sō is considered one of Nekoma’s contributors who’s “cast to glue” so he flows easily with the gang, permitting Kenma’s observant thoughts to function at height efficiency!

8. Karasuno High vs. Fukurōdani Academy

Coach Ukai stated that if Karasuno wins in this final follow recreation towards Fukurōdani — the most productive workforce at the Tokyo Training Camp — avid gamers can chow down on some barbeque!

Third yr Kōtarō Bokuto (Fukurōdani’s wing spiker) taught Shōyō to disrupt fighters via “stillness” contradicted with “movement” (making Shōyō glance as though he is going for a formidable spike)! (Shōyō’s solely truly undermining his fighters with a dink!)

Pulling this feint gave Shōyō an edge that pressured Fukurōdani center blockers & libero (diving to obtain the tipped ball) actually and mentally glance as much as the little man! This is when Kōtarō Bokuto in point of fact made a disciple out of Shōyō Hinata!

7. Fukurōdani Academy vs. Nekoma High

Kenma Kozume and Keiji Akaashi subtly manipulated the true Land vs. Sky staying power between “Cats vs. Owls”! One close down Kōtarō Bokuto, whilst the opposite “reset” his good friend.

But being the “son of a gun” that he’s (consistent with Tetsurō Kuroo), Kōtarō returned as a system gun; abided the “3 Wisdoms of an Ace”; and hogged the highlight (a lot to the annoyance of Tetsurō, who solely stole the highlight as soon as)!

The lovely Lev Haiba was once additionally demeaned via Kenma when the behemoth was once in comparison to Shōyō.

Fukurodani vs Nekoma Match

After Fukurōdani took an entire 2-to-0-win, Lev thinks he is the vulnerable hyperlink; however Tetsurō inspired Lev pronouncing he will quickly click on with the remainder of the workforce.

6. Nekoma High vs. Nohebi Academy

It’s a discriminatory “Snakes vs. Cats” fit when Nohebi’s workforce captain, Suguru Daishō, prejudicially kissed as much as the referee, linesmen, and the gang!

Nohebi’s unfair ways de-claws the kitties’ top stage of protection; their insults induce Nekoma’s self-destruction.

Libero Morisuke Yaku left the court docket on account of a sprained ankle, so Lev (and exchange Yūki Shibayama) attached Nekoma’s trail to victory.

Metaphorically, Lev is Nekoma’s offended “sleepy cub awoken right into a lion”; he introduced robust surge assaults towards the fighters. Meanwhile, Yūki helped Nekoma tied the ranking!

Nekoma vs Nohebi

With Yūki backing Lev up, the latter discovered how each member is CONNECTED; thereby, echoing the workforce’s sports activities slogan: “Connect”. It’s nobody’s fault if a participant tousled.

By the top of the sport, Nekoma took an entire 2-to-0-win due to Lev’s “awakening”!

5. Date Tech vs. Aoba Jōsai

Date Tech possesses the “3-man Iron Wall” within the prefecture due to Kanji Koganegawa — the “big-boned large” or “super-sized” setter.

Kanji is a “golden toddler”. Even if he is clumsy, he may also be guided via libero Kōsuke Sakunami so Kanji does not make foolish errors all through the sport! After all, Kanji has the peak to function Date Tech’s 3rd iron wall!

Middle blocker Takanobu Aone (the 1st iron wall) serves because the “undisputed spine”; whilst Kenji Futakuchi (the twond iron wall) serves as a just right blocker and wing spiker.

But Date Tech’s “Iron Wall” was once brutally smashed via Aoba Jōsai’s ace, Hajime Iwaizumi, giving Aoba Jōsai an entire 2-0 win.

Despite dropping, Kanji vowed he will support so he does not carry disgrace to Date Tech’s “Iron Wall”.

But Takanobu cautioned him that it isn’t at all times the robust and tall who’re tough to dam (implying quick avid gamers like Shōyō Hinata also are difficult).

4. Karasuno High vs. Aoba Jōsai High Part 1

We get to peer the “Great King” — Tōru Oikawa — recognize Tobio Kageyama’s fast construction. He now not perceives his kōhai as a tyrant however as a devoted king.

As many lovers know, Tōru has been belittling Tobio since center college: he feared Tobio’s evolution.

But somewhat than dropping his mood ahead of “The King of the Upper Court” (like that one time in Junior High), Tōru evenly defeated Karasuno High (and nonetheless a remained jerk against Tobio after the sport).

Tōru might nonetheless be petrified of Tobio’s “prodigy genius” identify; therefore, his monologue, “I would possibly not lose to you nowadays, Tobio!” solely strengthens his get to the bottom of to overcome his kōhai.

You’d assume that Tobio would hate the fellow, however no. Instead, Tobio turns out jealous of Tōru’s skills to carry out Aoba Jōsai’s avid gamers’ 100% efforts and smiles. He additionally admires his senpai even just a bit bit, if no longer extra.

Karasuno misplaced all through this 3rd spherical of the Miyagi Prefecture Inter-High Preliminaries. But on the recommendation of trainer Keishin Ukai, the avid gamers made up our minds to pick out themselves up via consuming nutritious meals even in tears.

They additionally heeded adviser Ittetsu Takeda’s phrases to not stay fallen on one’s knees. For in the event that they do, they will solely weaken themselves and may no longer get more potent in any respect.

3. Karasuno High vs. Aoba Jōsai High Part 2

Aoba Jōsai (aka “Light Blue Castle”) fought smartly and fought admirably towards Karasuno. Neither allowed the opposite to transport an inch within the scoreboard as a result of each participant gave his 120% effort!

One crowd pleasing participant on this recreation is Seijō’s latest recruit — Kentarō Kyōtani (aka “Mad Dog”). Despite scoring issues, he additionally loses some because of his mood and recklessness.

Meanwhile, pinch server Tadashi Yamaguchi additionally received issues for Karasuno; he after all redeemed himself via proving he is not a spineless participant!

But Tōru’s correct hand (Yūtarō Kindaichi) is not about to let up! He additionally submit a just right combat via spiking the ball as suggested even if Mad Dog interfered.

After an intense fit, Karasuno received towards Seijō via 2:1 set issues.

Tōru after all (and unwillingly) “bowed down” whilst acknowledging Tobio as “the volleyball genius”. He additionally admitted to his proud self that, regardless of how a lot he practices volleyball, he will possess no herbal ability, not like his kōhai.

This is a pivotal second for Tōru as a result of he took step one in acknowledging his losses in addition to the qualities he lacks as a skilled volleyball participant.

By the top of the sport, Hajime Iwaizumi praised Tōru as the most productive setter he could have, even creating a fist bump with Tōru as an indication in their long-time friendship (an anime-only scene in “Haikyū!! Movie 3: Genius and Sense”).

2. Karasuno High vs. Inarizaki High

Karasuno High vs. Inarizaki High is the second-best fit all through the Spring Inter-High Nationals. Not solely are cheering squads for each groups in complete drive, however additionally it is since the Miya Twins received the hearts of the crowds!

Miya and Osamu Atsumu (Players #7 and #11, respectively) imitated Shōyō and Tobio’s “Quick Strike”! That on my own makes the Miya Brothers a powerful foe for Karasuno to defeat!

Moreover, Miya has “crowd keep an eye on” all through the sport. When Miya alerts other folks to forestall, the Inarizaki cheering squad ceases to play its song. When other folks didn’t practice his orders, Miya even has the heart to name a few of his fangirls “swine”!

The Inarizaki cheering squad even is going as far as to shout “boos” and jeers when it is Karasuno’s flip to serve!

Despite those despicable acts, Inarizaki High firmly stood its floor because the workforce’s sports activities slogan reminded them of: “We Don’t Need the Memories”.

With Ojiro Aran because the wing spiker (and Japan’s Top 3 Ace), he guarantees Inarizaki positive aspects issues in each serve!

Then there is additionally the no-fooling-around Kita Shinsuke — a captain who says simply the appropriate phrases to inspire his workforce contributors. You will even depend on him to stay the Miya Twins in take a look at!

Miya, Osamu, Ojiro, and Kita are taking part in the Nationals Game on the “Orange Court” with the power they have accrued.

They may glance again on previous screw ups, however the workforce does not reside on them. And as an alternative of specializing in the consequences (the longer term), they benefit from the recreation they are taking part in nowadays.

1. Karasuno High vs. Shiratorizawa Academy

Finally, we have come to the most productive fit within the anime. And in my truthful opinion, I feel it is the intense struggle between Karasuno High and Shiratorizawa Academy!

Not solely did it exceed lovers’ expectancies; it additionally introduced glory to the collection with its dramatic animation, stellar OST, and fabulous storytelling!

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

Other than Tobio and Shōyō, there are 4 avid gamers on this fit (2 each and every from opposing groups) who made this struggle fierce:

I. Wakatoshi Ushijima (aka Ushiwaka)

Ushiwaka possesses the power of a lion and the brilliance of an impressive white eagle. He is Shiratorizawa’s pillar, an improbable captain, and the scorer of greater than part the issues for his workforce!

His purpose is to CRUSH Karasuno High, no longer simply defeat its avid gamers. Even when his legs are giving out on him, he nonetheless authorized Kenjirō Shirabu to make use of him mercilessly!

II. Satori Tendō

Satori is referred to as the “Guess Blocking Monster” on account of his frightfully correct guesses. His predictions are on level that he can inform whether or not the setter is feinting, tipping the ball, or tossing to some other spiker!

Despite his amusing and enigmatic character, his personal backstory make clear why he is an oddball! But it is precisely this angle that made him on the subject of Ushiwaka; they’re perfect buddies in spite of everything!

As a right-hand guy to Ushiwaka, Satori brings a recent viewpoint at the recreation that aids Shiratorizawa in taking 2 out of five units!

III. Kei Tsukishima

Kei boosted the workforce’s morale when he stopped Ushiwaka’s robust left-hand spike! Not solely did he give the workforce a profitable level, however his persona construction additionally were given subtle astoundingly!

He after all were given hooked and loved volleyball simply as Kōtarō Bokuto and Tetsurō Kuroo was hoping he would. And even upon getting a bleeding damage on his pinky finger, he returned to the sport as a hero.

He timed the 3-men blockading workforce to dam Ushiwaka’s spikes, in addition to magnify Yū Nishinoya’s “Total Defense” via increasing the libero’s sight view!

IV. Yū Nishinoya

Yū was once placed on a decent spot on this recreation when he discovered his maximum fearsome opponent is left-handed (i.e, the ball spins from a unique attitude when Ushiwaka slams it).

He requested Sawamura Daichi to present him 3 probabilities to get used to Ushiwaka’s spikes. And via Joe, he was once certainly true to his phrase (making him the best libero to be informed and adapt on difficult left-handed spikes at the spot!)

With Ryūnosuke Tanaka backing him up, he helped Karasuno win 3 units out of five on this Spring Inter-High Qualifiers. He’s in point of fact a unique beast at the court docket when he concentrates on his targets intensely!

Haikyu!! is a Japanese manga collection written and illustrated via Haruichi Furudate. Its e-newsletter in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump started in February 2012 with 42 accumulated tankōbon volumes launched.

Hinata Shoyo is a extremely passionate boy who needs to practice the stairs of his idol, ‘The Little Giant’ within the box of volleyball. Hinata’s get to the bottom of is unbreakable as he faces grotesque defeat by the hands of the ‘King of the Court,’ a genius prodigy setter Kageyama Tobio in center college. Hinata’s goals take fruit as he enters highschool.


He joins the declining volleyball workforce of Karasuno High and is appalled to search out the exact same Kageyama as his teammate. The tale follows the revival of Karasuno High and the cohesion they care for to pave their manner for nationals.

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