Attack On Titan Debuts Eren’s Own Band in a Brand-New Promo

The ultimate season of Attack On Titan has put Eren Jaeger and his pals within the Scout Regiment at odds with one any other, as the person at the back of the ability of the Attack Titan is having a look to enact a plan that will finish the ability of the Titans by way of successfully sterilizing the entire Eldians of the arena. Though Jaeger and his former pals are actually at odds, a hilarious collaboration with a karaoke corporate in Japan has noticed Eren getting the band again in combination to shape a musical ensemble this is positive to blow a couple of minds and spotlight the tunes of the darkish franchise.

Attack On Titan indubitably don’t have received as a lot notoriety had it no longer had some slamming tunes during its 4 seasons, with the newest OP, “The Rumbling,” already passing ten million perspectives when the intro used to be launched onto Youtube. With the fourth and ultimate season set to peer the strains blurred even additional between excellent and evil, we indubitably expect some ground-shaking issues as Eren Jaeger strikes towards carrying out his objectives. With most effective ten episodes left within the fourth season from Studio MAPPA, the sequence may simply come to an in depth at the silver display screen with a film slightly than on tv.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Titan Wiki shared this new symbol from the collaboration between Attack On Titan and Karatez, the karaoke corporate that has introduced in combination the likes of Eren Jaeger, Hange, Levi, and Jean as soon as once more, even though the Scout Regiment has fractured to a definite level:

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