Attack On Titan: Explaining Mikasa’s Controversial Scene with Louise

Attack On Titan‘s anime continues to bend fanatics’ minds with the drastic turns of its Final Season, however one peculiar scene has been in particular risky for the fanbase. The scene in query is in Episode 83 of Attack On Titan, “Pride”, which sees Eren Jaeger’s buddies within the Survey Corps (or even a couple of enemies) all must make an final resolution referring to The Rumbling and what to do about it. Each personality’s selection comes from a deeply non-public position that was once arrived at over the process the sequence, however Mikasa’s second has thrown numerous fanatics… 


Mikasa’s giant second of company(?) on this episode comes when she tracks down Louise and takes again the enduring purple shawl that Eren as soon as gave her. In the scene, Mikasa gave the impression chilly towards Louise, who was once fatally wounded by way of a Thunder Spear whilst combating with the Jaegerists towards Marley and Zeke’s Pure Titan ambush. However, different fanatics had been fast to leap in and assist wreck down the scene, and why the small arc between Mikasa and Louise ends because it does: 

Attack On Titan Season 4A’s climactic second noticed Eren wreck together with his oldest buddies Mikasa and Armin, all the way through a pivotal dialog across the desk. During that dialog, Eren emotionally beaten Mikasa by way of claiming that her devotion to protective him was once simply a type of programming all Ackerman’s got and that she by no means truly had ideas of her personal. 

Louise is a personality that Attack On Titan offered for one transparent goal: serving as a counterpart/foil to Mikasa – any such programmed follower that Eren accused Mikasa of being. Louise was once a tender lady impressed by way of Mikasa’s energy as a warrior, which led her to undertake a “may is correct” view of existence, the place the ends justify the method. Lousie’s blind adoration of Mikasa led her to additionally align with Eren and the Jaegerists – however for erroneous reasoning. Louise valued Eren’s energy and brutality in killing Mikasa’s attackers when she was once a kid; on the other hand, Mikasa values that second (and the headscarf) as a logo of Eren’s compassion, reassuring her that he would give protection to her. 

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So again to the overall scene between Mikasa and Louise: Louise’s erroneous following of Eren results in her doom, however by way of retaining onto the headscarf (even after Eren instructed her to trash it), Louise provides Mikasa a possibility to symbolically reclaim her personal company, and end up she is no longer Louise. Mikasa displays in that second that she’s no longer a programmed device, however a lady opting for her personal destiny. Mikasa has reached some extent of distinguishing the reminiscence of compassionate Eren from the monster he is turn out to be – so no, she does not have a sort good-bye for the lady who represented her exchange self. 

Attack On Titan is streaming on Funimation and Hulu. 

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