Attack On Titan Fan Discovers Hilarious Simpsons Connection

“The Simpsons Did It” has been a meme on this planet of popular culture which originated within the animated sequence of South Park, commenting on the truth that the long-running animated sequence has explored such a lot territory that many really feel it’s not possible to inform an authentic tale which the Simpson circle of relatives hasn’t coated themselves. Surprisingly, keen on Attack On Titan was once ready to discover a scene that turns out ripped from the adventures of Homer Simpson in Springfield, leaving many to wonder whether this meme in reality now extends to the sector of anime and the fight between Marley and Paradis.

The scene in query pertains to one who was once the starting place of the Scout Regiment member referred to as Ymir, who was once printed to have the ability of the Jaw Titan in the second one season of the darkish anime sequence. While nonetheless a Titan herself, she had eaten the member of the Marleyian military that was once accompanying each Reiner and Bertholdt to their project on Paradis, reclaiming her intelligence and becoming a member of up with the Survey Corps in an effort to reunite with Historia. Ymir would in finding herself switching facets a couple of instances over the process the sequence, however was once sooner or later killed when she was once introduced again to Marley, giving her energy of the Jaw Titan to a brand new soldier.

Reddit User Idanbrinza put in combination a side-by-side comparability between Attack On Titan and The Simpsons, seeing Homer Simpson go through occasions which might be strikingly very similar to the starting place of Ymir, who would become one of the crucial necessary figures within the sequence when it got here to working out the mysteries in the back of the country of Marley:

Simpsons did it first: Attack on Titan Edition from

Currently, Attack On Titan is within the throes of its ultimate episodes, pitting Eren jaeger in opposition to the forces of Marley as he created his personal band of fans referred to as the Jaegerists. With Eren locking up the Scout Regiment, his former pals are actually left with the horrible choice of who they must now best friend themselves with as the overall fight approaches for the sector created through mangaka Hajime Isayama.

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