Attack On Titan Reveals Zeke and Levi’s Fate After That Huge Cliffhanger

Attack On Titan’s ultimate season’s 2d part began issues off with a bang right through its fresh premiere, seeing Eren Jaeger fighting in opposition to probably the most most powerful individuals of Marley’s military, together with the Armored Titan, Jaw Titan, and Cart Titan. With the combat for the way forward for this darkish franchise going down within the town, the outskirts took the chance to show what had took place to each Zeke Jaeger, the Beast Titan, and probably the most most powerful individuals of the Scout Regiment, Captain Levi, following their explosive stumble upon within the conclusion of the primary part of season 4.

When ultimate we noticed Levi and Zeke, the Captain of the Scouts used to be maintaining the Beast Titan in his human shape by way of tying him to a Thunder Spear, threatening to get rid of him if he attempted to flee. Unfortunately for Levi, Zeke took that opportunity and detonated the explosive that fractured his personal frame, however stuck the Survey Corps’ captain within the blast as smartly. With Hange being held captive by way of the Jaegerists, the fans of Eren that recently have Zeke’s again, they arrive around the scene and to find each the Beast Titan and the Scout Regiment Captain in moderately the state.

For Levi, the explosion has horrifically injured him, with numerous his arms being blown off of his frame, along every other frame portions that may spell bother for the present individuals of the Scout Regiment that have not fallen at the back of Eren. With Hange pondering rapid, she is in a position to take hold of onto Levi and break out the Jaegerists, leaping into a close-by river and swimming their approach to freedom to struggle some other day. 

For Zeke, we witness him necessarily being grotesquely born from within some other Titan, who the Beast Titan summoned to lend a hand him heal. With the Jaegerists dashing to Zeke’s facet, Eren’s brother hints at the truth that he had run right into a mysterious younger woman who helped in therapeutic his wounds the use of the sand underneath his frame. With the Beast Titan now healed, it is just a question of time ahead of he joins his brother’s facet and divulges himself to be a traitor to the forces of Marley, as soon as once more divvying up the forces of Attack On Titan.

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