Attack on Titan Season 4 Celebrates Levi’s Comeback With New Storyboard

Captain Levi of the Scout Regiment has proved himself at the battlefield extra occasions than we will be able to depend at this level, making him simply some of the standard heroes of Attack on Titan. With his contention with Zeke Jaeger the Beast Titan sadly leading to Levi dropping some main frame portions, his standing within the fourth and ultimate season has been up within the air, regardless that the newest episode is hinting at the concept that the member of the Ackerman Clan is about to make a large comeback.    

While Zeke had laid out a really perfect plan for taking down Levi in an try to make touch together with his brother Eren, the Beast Titan did not look ahead to Levi’s talents and his willingness to chop down fellow contributors of the Scout Regiment after they were changed into Titans themselves. With Levi preserving Zeke hostage the use of a Thunder Spear to stay him in line, the Beast Titan risked his personal lifestyles to flee, just about killing himself whilst horribly maiming Levi within the procedure. Luckily for Levi, he used to be in the end discovered through Hange and the 2 bumped into Pieck and a Marleyian Captain following Eren’s acquisition of the powers of the Founding Titan and the unleashing of the facility of the Rumbling.

Twitter Outlet Attack on Titan Wiki shared a keyframe from Studio MAPPA that captures the glance of Levi in considered one of his maximum dire scenarios, because the Captain of the Survey Corps is trying to get better from accidents that will have possibly killed maximum different characters within the sequence who did not have Titan powers at their disposal:

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