Attack on Titan Teases Eren and Zeke’s Crazy New Goal

As of this week, Attack on Titan is again and residing a lifestyles few ever noticed coming. MAPPA walked out season 4 with some gnarly artwork and ambitious sequencing that also has the fandom humming. Of path, all of those highs are dampened ever so reasonably by way of Eren’s fresh exchange of center. And now, it kind of feels like Attack on Titan has arrange his subsequent large objective with Zeke in thoughts. 

The complete factor got here to mild this week when Attack on Titan made its large go back. Season 4 made a triumphant transfer to tv that put Eren in the midst of all of it. However, those that are stuck up with the anime will know Eren isn’t the hero we idea all of us knew. The lead is a villain at the moment, and his new plan will simplest solidify his shift.

The midseason premiere unravels Eren’s plan with some lend a hand from Pieck and Gabi. The pair are in a position to get out of Eren’s warpath in time for Reiner and Porco to combat the previous hero. The two are shocked to look Eren cling again within the combat, and Pieck is the one that figures out what is going on. Eren can’t unharness the Rumbling as deliberate for some reason why, and she or he believes Zeke is the important thing to unlocking the facility.

Eren can have the Founding Titan had to enact the transfer, however Zeke has the bloodline to look it via. Pieck is the one that items in combination the pair’s plan to fulfill up, and the most recent episode of Attack on Titan confirms it when Zeke is printed to be alive. The Beast Titan controlled to live to tell the tale his suicide assault towards Levi, and he’s all healed up thank you partially to a mysterious titan. Now, Zeke is on methods to reunite with Eren, and their assembly will undoubtedly be disastrous. So if Mikasa and Armin need to prevent Eren, they higher kick their plans into overdrive.

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