Birdie Wing Reveals Character Trailers for Dual MCs ahead of April Debut

If I dare you to call a recreation that does not have an anime on it, your choices could be strangely small. Golf was once additionally a member of the no-anime committee till the Birdie Wing anime was once introduced.

With twin protagonists and wholesome competition, the collection is about to present us a healthy watch. The idea and personality design is tempting me to present it an eye in spite of the style now not being on my best watch record.

The Birdie Wing -Golf Girls’ Story- anime can be launched in April 2022. It is an unique anime by means of Bandai Namco, and all eyes are on it because of its sudden characters.

Two personality trailers had been launched for the anime.

TV Anime “BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-” PV 2d Eve | 2022. 4. START!

The first trailer displays Eve, who makes a dwelling by means of making a bet on golfing. Her trajectory and persona are very simple, and she or he defeats all combatants together with her signature shot, Rainbow Bullet Eve.

TV Anime “BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-” PV third Aoi Tenwa | 2022. 4. START!

The 2d trailer displays Aoi Amawashi, the daughter of the arena’s biggest company’s proprietor. The PV displays her “blameless tyrant” persona since she has the purest smile whilst grinding her combatants to mud.

A brand new visible has additionally been published for the anime, which showcases all of the major characters in a single cross.

Birdie Wing’s twin protagonists have reverse personalities and upbringings. Thus, a conflict between them is inevitable. The query is, will they be capable of cooperate for the sake of golfing?

Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story is an unique golfing anime by means of Bandai Namco Pictures. The anime will debut in 2022.

The plot of the collection revolves round Eve and Aoi, two ladies who play golfing however are from totally other backgrounds. Their playstyle and personalities are in stark distinction with each and every different, however what brings them in combination is their love for golfing.

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