Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

The monsters underneath your mattress come alive within the myth horror KDrama ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.’ Created by means of So-ra Kwon and Jae Won Seo and vividly directed by means of Young-woo Jang, the tale revolves across the fantasy of the titular monster. Six hundred years in the past, within the Joseon Era, well-known monster slayer Dan Hwal changed into immortal when Bulgasal claimed his soul.

In the existing day, he appears to be like for Min Sang-Un, who would possibly or will not be a reincarnation of the dreadful creature. Min Si-Ho’s kidnapping ends the tale on a disturbing be aware within the fourth episode. However, the 5th phase adjustments all equations, and we get the concept that Hwal is the archetypal ignorant hero. If you search to remember the 6th episode’s ultimate moments, allow us to put an finish in your quest. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The tale paces ahead, following the cliffhanger finale of the 5th phase. Teoreokson, the monster reincarnated as serial killer Kang Cheol-Yong, has taken Min Si-Ho hostage. Hwal guarantees Min Sang-Un that he would do the entirety in his accord to save lots of Min Si-Ho, however he does now not spill why he cares for her. Hwal asks Detective Kwon to search for reservoirs within the house with more than one lacking studies and a singular development.

Detective Kwon heads again to Detective Ham, providing a bowl of fast noodles. Although Ham is hesitant to start with, he tells Kwon that a number of other folks have long past lacking and died within the Dalmyeong Reservoir, all with a dislocated leg. As the reservoir in query isn’t a ways from the place they in finding Min Si-Ho’s shawl, Kwon unearths it believable that Min Si-Ho is within the house. They head to where, and despite the fact that the door is locked, Min Sang-Un can sense the monster within. Hwal breaks into the power and chases the monster to a pool at the higher flooring.

Hwal turns out to overpower the beast till Kwon’s hand begins hurting from a reminiscence of his earlier existence. To generally tend after his father’s reincarnation, Hwal leaves the furry beast. Min Sang-Un, in the meantime, unearths Min Si-Ho within a room adjoining to the pool. The monster additionally identifies her and grabs her by means of the leg, however Min Sang-Un stabs him with Hwal’s dagger within the nick of time. The monster reputedly dies after some extra commotion underwater whilst Min Sang-Un rescues Hwal. She takes him ashore and again to his house whilst he stays subconscious all of the whilst.

Min Sang-Un makes an attempt CPR, and upon waking, Hwal wishes blood to cater to his wound. Nam Do-Yun, Min Sang-Un, and Min Si-Ho have now not eaten a lot both, and Hwal’s butcher-associate brings them contemporary meat. Meanwhile, Kwon is the one witness to the homicide of Kang Cheol-Yong, and Detective Ham brings him in for wondering. However, Kwon isn’t of a lot lend a hand for his “blurred imaginative and prescient,” and the police conclude that the demise is a suicide. We additionally in finding that Ok Eul-Tae, the Dark Hole, has connections with the police.

After consuming some blood from an officer, he meets the mayor, relating to him because the canine. The mayor shudders from concern. Hwal has a dream about Min Sang-Un killing him in his sleep. He wakes as much as see the others chatting and having breakfast. Detective Kwon desires to lend a hand Hwal catch the Bulgasal. He takes Min Si-Ho again to Min Si-Ho’s ancestral house, however we see that the Dark Hole is early to achieve the scene. Nam Do-Yun and the butcher go away to get extra meals. Following Hwal’s caution, Min Sang-Un remains with him, they usually in the end have a right kind dialog. Hwal is in for some other surprise.

Following Hwal’s relentless pursuit, we determine that Min Sang-Un was once Bulgasal in her previous existence. She additionally appears to be like the phase, however the finale of the 6th episode suggests in a different way. Entering Hwal’s room, Min Sang-Un sees her Sixteenth-century portrait and ponders for some time. Hwal retrieved the image from Dueoksini reincarnated as a painter, and therefore, he has accrued extra pictures of more than a few reincarnations of Min Sang-Un over time. After seeing her portrait, Min Sang-Un is of the same opinion that she was once Bulgasal and guarantees to provide Hwal his soul again as soon as the Dark Hole is lifeless.

When Min Sang-Un asks for evidence, Hwal states that the monsters are after her since she has Hwal’s soul. However, she wishes additional affirmation about her previous existence as Bulgasal. Hwal asks her to test her shoulder and spot if there’s a scar there. However, whilst Min Sang-Un recollects her deceased sister having a scar like that, she has none. Therefore, we conclude that Min Sang-Un was once now not Bulgasal in any case, even if she would possibly disguise Hwal’s soul inside her. When she were given reincarnated as twins, her homes had been possibly cut up — whilst Min Sang-Yeon were given the scar and the recollections, Min Sang-Un simplest has the soul.

Detective Kwon starts to keep in mind his previous as General Dan Geuk. While on their technique to rescue Min Sang-Un, Kwon has a pointy ache in his left arm. It was once the similar arm that he misplaced whilst combatting Teoreokson prior to now existence. When Hwal chokes Teoreokson by means of the reservoir, Kwon is within the scene, and the ache comes again. Later, he discovers that the arm is undamaged, whilst Hwal tells him that it is just a reminiscence from his previous existence.

Later within the episode, Kwon stops when he appears to be like at Min Si-Ho (his daughter from the former existence) and tells her that she appears to be like oddly acquainted. With those minor incidents, it kind of feels that Kwon recollects portions of his previous existence. The following episodes would possibly remind him additional of his previous royal lineage, which might be fascinating to peer.

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