Cowboy Bebop #1 Review: A Jazzy Interpretation of an Iconic Anime

Cowboy Bebop is thought of as a vintage, and also you do not need to dig deep to search out the explanation. Director Shinichiro Watanabe and creator Keiko Nobumoto created a really expansive universe for the Bebop group to discover, and fanatics had been sucked in via its genre-bending taste. Last 12 months Netflix gave its personal take at the franchise, and Titan Comics is now doing the similar. This week Cowboy Bebop #1 is going reside and delivers a jazzy interpretation of the enduring anime that is simple for fanatics to experience.

Written via Dan Watters, this limited-run collection brings the Bebop group in combination for a brand new undertaking referred to as “Supernova Swing.” The pacing is as brisk as you would be expecting from the identify, and Watters nails the group’s dynamics within the first few pages. Readers start at first of a role the place issues briefly move stomach up. Faye’s sardonic tone is met simply via Spike’s unwavering sarcasm, however either one of the pair are toned down via Jet Black. Even Ein manages to weasel in some lovely asides, however those gentle moments are sandwiched right into a long undertaking temporary.

(Photo: Titan Comics)

This unique Cowboy Bebop narrative places the Bebop in line for a bounty after a scientist referred to as Melville pulls off a really fantastic heist. Things get messy when a large bounty is positioned at the guy, and the Syndicate’s involvement finally ends up hastening the gig. But as this primary factor unfolds, fanatics are given explanation why to imagine that this goal is not as unhealthy as we would possibly to start with imagine.

Watters’ tale does not rewrite the tone of Cowboy Bebop; it appears like a loyal interpretation of Nobumoto’s unique paintings. It is unpredictable, irreverent, and quiet when referred to as upon. The factor is understated sufficient to soothe longtime fanatics, however artist Lamar Mathurin and colorist Roman Titov take this debut to new heights.

Cowboy Bebop‘s artwork is well known to this present day for its use of colour and element to make its universe really feel large. Mathurin aand Titov honed into that reality whilst including their very own distinct taste to the Bebop group. The fights are inked bloody, and each and every member of the crew is given tiny tics which lead them to really feel actual. This factor succeeds in making the Cowboy Bebop-world lived in the place Netflix failed. And with extra problems at the method, it is protected to mention fanatics will wish to jam with this Titan miniseries a little longer.

Published via Titan Comics

On January 26, 2022

Written via Dan Watters

Art via Lamar Mathurin

Colors via Roman Titov

Letters via Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt

Cover via Stanley Lau

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