CUE!, Behind the Scenes Seiyu Anime Releases New Visuals For Winter 2022

Although CUE!’s smartphone recreation by no means in point of fact took off within the West, the impending anime is gaining some consideration. After all, it offers us a deeper perception into the voices at the back of our favourite characters.

The recreation follows the point of view of a supervisor at a brand new studio who has to coach and arrange 16 new voice actors. The anime takes a special manner and focuses only at the adventure of the impending voice actors, part of whom are featured within the new visuals.

The Twitter account for CUE! anime has launched two key visuals. The collection will premiere in January 2022.

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 Released new key visible “Flower” for TV anime “CUE!”

#六石陽菜#鷹取舞花#鹿野志穂#月居ほのか 4 other folks!

 Two months left till the anime broadcast


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The visible is titled “Flower” and lines Shiho Kano, Honoka Tsukii, Haruna Mutsuishi, and Maika Takatori making ready their traces for a recording consultation.

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 Released new key visible “Bird” for TV anime “CUE!”

#天童悠希#赤川千紗#恵庭あいり#九条柚葉 4 other folks!

 Two months left till the anime broadcast


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This visible options Yuzuha Kujoh, Yuuki Tendou, Chisa Akagawa, and Airi Eniwa status at the back of the curtains ahead of occurring degree.

All 16 major characters sign up for a voice actor company known as AiRBLUE, with a view to understand their desires. The tale covers their adventure from their coaching to their first actual audition, and continues even when they land their first function.

This may look like the whole lot is going neatly with little resistance tale, however the anime’s site issues in the wrong way.

The site describes the tale as one full of anguish, setbacks, and conflicts. Everyone may have a large dream, however now not they all will move their auditions to appreciate that.

Many of the online game anime variations regularly grow to be an commercial for the sport slightly than a excellent tale. What will this one be?

CUE! is a Japanese smartphone recreation for Android and iOS platforms produced by way of Liber Entertainment. It used to be launched in October 2019. The recreation will probably be inspiring an anime adaptation quickly.

The recreation revolves round 16 aspiring idols who belong to a not-so-popular company. The participant is the executive of those idols, whose function is to make the ladies flourish.

Source: CUE! Anime Twitter Account

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