Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia Somehow Fulfilled One Fan’s Prediction From Years Ago

Demon Slayer is likely one of the greatest shonen sequence in the market, and it’s a ways from the one hit on air at the present time. Other heavyweights like My Hero Academia are a ways from over, so in fact, there are the ones that can pit the pair in combination. This has been occurring since 2019, and now, one fan’s prediction in regards to the two displays goes viral due to its prophetic take.

The be aware in query is beautiful dated because it used to be posted on Twitter in 2019. It comes from PS360HD2 within the wake of Demon Slayer‘s debut, and so they had the next the proportion again then: “Bro Demon Slayer is ready to take over those following couple of years, My Hero Academia is best gonna get step by step worse those following couple of arcs within the Anime, While Kimetsu actually from arc to Arc simply raises the stakes and will get step by step extra fireplace.”


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