Demon Slayer Cliffhanger Teases Nezuko’s Full Demon Power

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is teasing what Nezuko Kamado may well be really able to as she starts to unharness her complete demonic energy with the cliffhanger in the latest episode of the sequence! The 2d season is after all heating up as the principle warfare of the Entertainment District arc has now begun. Tanjiro Kamado has been suffering to deal any actual injury to the Upper Rank danger Daki within the battle up to now, and the latest episode made this even tougher to do as Daki started to blow their own horns the type of energy she was once truly able to in her personal complete demon shape. 

Tanjiro attempted his perfect to stay alongside of Daki’s expanding energy in the latest episode, however sadly it was once proven to be nowhere close to sufficient for him to really face off towards totally. As he loses awareness, fortunately he is stored on the very final second via his sister, Nezuko, who no longer handiest emerges from her field to stand off towards Daki, however reaches a feral new more or less transformation that starts to release the total more or less “Upper Rank caliber” demonic energy that she has at her disposal. 

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