Do We Finally Know the Identity of Why-Man in Dr. Stone?

The greatest conundrum on the planet of Dr. Stone at this time is striking the identification of Why-Man. Why-Man is the place all of it started, the wrongdoer at the back of the flash of sunshine that grew to become all of humanity into stone.

Never ahead of within the historical past of the Dr. Stone manga, have we had this kind of banging cliffhanger. Things were given actual in bankruptcy 227 as the final web page published that Why-Man has been any individual just about Senku all this whilst.

Why-Man tips Kohaku into unlocking the Medusa the usage of Senku’s voice, main Senku to in any case work out who Why-Man actually is.

There are unending theories about who (or what) Why-Man might be, some extra almost definitely than the others.

We have quite a few suspicious applicants from the Kingdom of Science that might neatly turn into Why-Man, but it surely is also any individual from the out of doors.

Why-Man is the enigmatic mastermind at the back of the mass petrification of the human race 3700 years in the past.

They are identified as a way to use petrification guns and transmit radio messages around the universe, however the foundation, character, and supreme function of Why-Man is unknown.

As of bankruptcy 227, we will say that Why-Man has gotta be any individual Senku and the others know. Senku says, “Why-Man used to be you!” with a practical smile and the remainder of the gap team have mortified seems to be on their faces.

Their facial expressions gravely counsel betrayal, that there’s a traitor amongst them. The means Senku addresses Why-Man, together with the surprised expressions of the team, makes me consider that Why-Man unquestionably must be any individual we all know.

The majority of lovers assume Gen Asagiri could be Why-Man, basically on account of how he is talented at mimicking voices. The faux transmission that tricked Kohaku completely replicated Senku’s voice. But I do not believe Gen is Why-Man.

Ukyo published on Treasure Island that the voice within the transmission used to be synthetic, so it could not had been Gen. And why would Gen let issues get thus far? He may simply have sabotaged all the venture ahead of it even started.

Plus, Gen has been extraordinarily dependable to the Kingdom of Science, and in addition lacks the medical technology one would want to carry out petrification.

Also, we’ve got had a fair proportion of Gen’s inside monologue within the manga, and his motives and character simply do not appear to make the lower.

Another cast rebuttal for Gen is that he makes use of the phrase “please” whilst imitating Senku; if it had been Gen, he would know that Senku would by no means use that phrase. Okay, and final however no longer the least, Gen is actually along the remainder of the team reacting mortified to the Why-Man revelation.

Ukyo’s habits across the Medusa used to be beautiful sus, and I feel Why-Man being him is extra possible than Gen, as a result of his background and ideologies align with what we’ve got noticed of Why-Man’s habits.

In the start, Senku mentioned that he idea Why-Man used to be both a virulent disease, extraterrestrial beings, or the army.

Ukyo used to be a part of the Japanese army, and labored as a sonar operator on SDF submarines. We know Why-Man can transmit radio alerts; Ukyo would simply be capable to do that. He may be a pacifist by way of nature and has additional delicate listening to.

Why-Man has despatched two messages through the years, the primary one being “Why”, which is what gave him his title, and the second one, “Do you wish to have to die?” I consider the 2 messages are two portions of a complete, making it: “Why do you wish to have to die?”

Ukyo may have some loopy dream of constructing humanity immortal. When he selected to aspect with Senku, his handiest situation used to be that no longer a unmarried lifestyles can be misplaced. His function, then, as Why-Man can be to not exterminate humanity, however to freeze it so it exists eternally.

But, on the identical time, Ukyo may be in one of the most panels subsequent to the team participants on the time of the Why-Man revelation.

I love the idea that Why-Man is any individual from the Nanami Conglomerate. This may imply they might both be Ryusui Nanami, Sai Nanami, or Francois, the coveted Nanami butler. The Nanamis have the monetary way and the succeed in to have performed the Petrifaction.

They have secret in-house tech together with get admission to to other executive generation. They have complicated analysis groups and production devices for nanotech and AI. The wealthy guys being the villains is not precisely a brand new trope, however possibly it is precisely what is going down right here.

Ryusui, like Tsukasa, used to be a gorgeous well known determine within the pre-Stone global. When he’s de-petrified, we get the primary transmission from Why-man. In the new bankruptcy, Ryusui makes a decision to stick at the spacecraft as an alternative of going with the others to the lunar floor.

His reasoning is that he would lend a hand the others within the case the rest occurs, however given what we find out about Ryusui, he would preferably had been the primary one to need to set foot at the moon.

As for Francois, there are a large number of theories floating about them being some more or less super-AI-butler whose goal is to make Ryusui and the Nanami Conglomerate the primary energy of the arena.

They do not display any emotion after being de-petrified – even though the truth that she used to be petrified implies that she’s no longer a robotic however a human.

Xeno is the one one that can probably outsmart Senku. He has get admission to to generation all through the entire Why-Man transmissions. He is also the only to construct the Petri-beam in an try to restart civilization and dominate the arena.

Xeno being Why-Man would maintain the strain of Why-Man being allied with the Kingdom of Science and play at the entire betrayal side.

Also, a big explanation why it might be Xeno and no longer the others discussed above, is as a result of the folks that Senku and the Kingdom of Science revive are basically situational and an issue of likelihood.

Like long ago at first, Tsukasa used to be revived to avoid wasting them from lions, and Ryusui used to be revived as a result of they wanted his intel. Xeno used to be freed after the usage of Carlos’s platinum ring.

If he’s Why-Man, Xeno can have purposefully led the Kingdom of Science team to the moon, so not anything would are available in his means on Earth.

This principle would imply that Xeno stored the entire thing a secret from Stanley too, despite the fact that he would obey Xeno anyway. Stanley could not have the rest to do with it, as a result of he is in fact the one who tells Kohaku that the transmitted voice isn’t that of Senku.

There’s a amusing principle that states that Why-Man is in fact us, the target market/readers. Senku seems to be immediately on the reader when he says, “Why-Man used to be you! All alongside, this entire time, nearer than we knew …”

We because the readers are repeatedly asking “why”, short of to know the way all of it started, metaphorically being Why-Man. The reader can be mimicking Senku’s voice, as a result of we are studying the manga, and his voice is in our head. The principle does not have a lot meat to it, however it is nonetheless amusing to take a position on.

There are any other theories on who Why-Man might be however they most commonly don’t have any actual basis as such. One of them is Why-Man being Senku’s organic dad, which might be immensely cliched.

Another is it being Albert Einstein, on account of the entire principle of relativity equation on Senku’s gown, and Einstein being typically omnipresent on the planet of science.

Some other folks assume it is Matsukaze on account of his moon-shaped scar, some assume it is Luna on account of her title.

Of direction, the opportunity of Why-Man being an AI can’t utterly be dominated out, however it might make extra of a climactic finishing for it to be any individual from the Kingdom of Science itself.

We will expectantly get all our solutions in bankruptcy 228. But till then, Why-Man is whoever and no matter we would like them to be.

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga collection written by way of Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by way of Boichi. It serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since sixth March 2017, with the person chapters gathered and printed by way of Shueisha into 13 tankōbon volumes as of November 2019.

Every human on the earth used to be became Stone after a mysterious flash of sunshine hit Earth. Four thousand years after Senku, a scholar is faced with a brand spanking new global, an Earth with out Humanity.

Now animals rule the arena, and nature has reclaimed the planet. Senku and his pal Taiju start looking for a option to repair humanity.

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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