Does U.A. Have a Traitor? What Happened to the U.A. Traitor?

It’s been greater than 5 lengthy years for the reason that U.A. traitor used to be first discussed. And the considered a betrayer nonetheless lingers on each and every MHA fan’s thoughts!

Who are they? What are they as much as?

These are best one of the most burning questions we’d like solutions to ASAP! And to best all of it off, My Hero Academia (MHA) is in its Final Act since Chapter 306!

We’ve waited this lengthy, however up to now, there nonetheless has been no straight forward trace verifying the identification of the U.A. traitor!

Henceforth, permit me to enlighten your minds on some noteworthy plot issues which fanatics like us should no longer put out of your mind about, particularly within the Final Saga of MHA!

This web page incorporates spoilers from My Hero Academia.

Hizashi Yamada (“Present Mic”) first of all introduced the traitor matter on a U.A. school assembly after the summer season coaching camp attack.

In Chapter 83, he firmly said, “There is a mole amongst us.”, to which fellow academics like Snipe, Midnight, and Principal Nezu answered sourly and defensively.

Ever since this divulge, fanatics have established of their minds that U.A. High does have a traitor and that their identification continues to be related within the collection.

It in order that occurs that mangaka Kohei Horikoshi-sensei is strongly maintaining this mysterious being below wraps.

Since we do not know both their names or Quirks, we additionally have no idea what has came about to them at this level within the manga.

But many fanatics had been suspecting Yūga Aoyama (“Can’t Stop Twinkling”), Denki Kaminari (“Chargebolt”), Tōru Hagakure (“Invisible Girl”), or even Shōta Aizawa (“Eraser Head”) ever since Present Mic introduced the U.A. traitor all over the college assembly!

But let’s be actual: Yūga, Denki, nor Tōru do not have the guts to betray their pals whom they’ve spent hero categories with for over a yr!

And Shōta (or “Dad Aizawa” as fanatics teasingly name him) loves his scholars an excessive amount of! He would not betray his scholars although he used to be presented the resurrection of one in all his easiest pals — Oboro Shirakumo (“Loud Cloud”)!

Nor would Shōta betray U.A. co-workers he’s shut with, like Present Mic, Vlad King, Midnight, and All Might!

No. Horikoshi-sensei is a masterful planner! That’s why he left the breadcrumbs to scatter by way of themselves on a number of manga chapters in order that long-time MHA fanatics like us would have a troublesome time detecting the U.A. traitor!

Some other people speculated that it is Mei Hatsume — the crazed inventor who debuted all over the U.A. Sports Festival!

Her love for Heroics’ Supports Items is aware of no bounds! And as an inventor, she will betray U.A. so she will get Detnerat’s consideration and make sure her devices promote smartly available on the market!

But up to now, that is the best motivation I will see on Mei Hatsume if she truly is certainly the betrayer. Other than that, she’s some of the adorable characters of the collection who brings pleasure and laughter to fanatics and pals alike!

The different suspicious personality that has been on fanatics’ minds is Principal Nezu. He’s actually a “rat” for just right causes as a result of his position all alongside is to misdirect fanatics and trick allies into considering he is a faithful personality!

While it is true he proposed the dormitories so U.A. can explore for the traitor quietly and with out the police’s lend a hand (seek advice from Chapter 98), a few of his movements have been nonetheless suspicious.

First, he deterred All Might to accompany Eraser Head and Thirteen all over the usJ. “Rescue” coaching route. His excuse at the moment used to be as a result of All Might used to be too exhausted. All Might exceeded his 3-hour restrict in the usage of One for All to avoid wasting civilians that morning.

Similarly, Principal Nezu answered to Fumikage Tokoyami (“Tsukuyomi”) that it is his “instinct” as a mouse that enabled him to foresee Tomura Shigaraki’s Decay Quirk to adapt to a terrifying level.

Because Principal Nezu is likely one of the other people receiving labeled data (akin to disintegration charge of Tomura’s Decay Quirk), he used to be ready to put in over 3,000 subtle steel plates on U.A. campus.

This technique an ideal protection! It successfully remodeled the heroics highschool right into a mechanical, portable, and dystopian Tokyo-3 town like in Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Denki Kaminari discussed in Chapter 323)!

I may bet all day who the traitor is from Mei, Principal Nezu, Denki, Yūga, Tōru, or Shōta. Theorizing them as traitors could be far-fetched. But with the entirety going down within the manga at this level, the rest crazier can nonetheless occur!

On the opposite hand, it is usually conceivable that there’s no traitor in any respect!

And as Horikoshi-sensei self-inserted himself as Shōta Aizawa, the traitor plot level may all simply be part of his rouse!

In the similar method, Shōta deceives his elegance on faculty expulsions, Horikoshi-sensei may be doing the similar factor as a mangaka: deceive readers into considering there’s a U.A. traitor when there is truly none!

“It’s all simply a large rouse!”, as Aizawa-sensei would say it.

As we are best manga readers and anime audience of this fabulous collection, we will be able to best speculate at easiest that U.A. has no traitor — for now.

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My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga collection written and illustrated by way of Kōhei Horikoshi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters moreover amassed in 31 tankōbon volumes as of September 2021.

It follows a Quirkless boy, Izuku Midoriya, and the way he used to be subsidized by way of the best hero alive. Midoriya, a boy who has been admiring heroes and their ventures for the reason that day he used to be born, got here into this international with no Quirk.

On one fateful day, he meets All Might, the best hero of all time, and discovers that he used to be Quirkless as smartly. With his diligent perspective and unwavering spirit about being a hero, Midoriya manages to provoke All Might. He is selected to be the inheritor to the ability of One for All.

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