Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Sets Up Return of the Fusion Dance

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is only a few months out from its debut, and that implies the film is able to kick issues into overdrive. With the Red Ribbon Army able to assault, our heroes will spend a lot of this film proving how smartly they may be able to give protection to Earth. Gohan and Piccolo will lead the fee, however we all know Goten and Trunks may also be round. And due to a brand new poster, it kind of feels like Gotenks would possibly sign up for the birthday celebration as smartly!

After all, the newest poster for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does nod to the method. The visible nods to everybody from Goku to Pan or even Android 18 sooner than moving its eye to 2 new attractions. Goten and Trunks are taking a look brand-new due to their older makeovers, and the chums are proven posing facet by way of facet.

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