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Recently Cuban Linx has posted about his dating with Fat Joe. Fat Joe and Cuban Linx have a large pun amongst them, no likeness leaves love. They aren’t cool with every different in any respect. And their contemporary submit has showed it.

The celebrity Fat Joe broke the scoop and Cuban Linx reposted it as neatly.

Recently, Fat Joe has been uncovered for snitching fees.  And for that Cuban Linz mentioned that the rap get started has uncovered and a large shout out for him for pronouncing the reality. He is praising him like a taunt about reporting the reality and stay it hundred % at the board. And for this, he additionally added for the lovers that now the lovers may perceive why Cuban could not get at the side of the rapper. In his remark, he referred to as him an animal as neatly. He additionally discussed that authentication of the papers continues to be below procedure so we need to look ahead to that. Indeed, through a metaphor, he mentioned about he’s going to sit down again and watch him smash.

He used the metaphor of a fisherman and sea. He mentioned that he’s gonna watch when the entire fisherman will deliver the faded beluga whale to the shore through.”

In a case with Cuban and an notorious radio host, simplest fats joe had cooperated with the government. The crack broker, Joseph Antonio Cartegena aka fats Joe allegedly commented that he used to be a crack broker in The Bronx, And additionally additional he fingered every other guy who dedicated a homicide as a cast for every other workforce. This seems unhealthy. Indeed, in line with the celebrity, he additionally published that who deliberate the homicide, who used to be in the back of all of this.

Indeed, to position gas into the topic Cuban posted the forms on Instagram. He captioned it with “Fat joe Snitch Report”. The record mentioned that Fat joe had offered crack on Union Ave. And so he were given his nickname, Joe crack. Also, he mentioned that he had killed the fellow named Truth for a workforce referred to as “25 for lifestyles”. he additionally mentioned that RAze killed Herman Figueroa and that pistol Pete and charlie rock knew Raze from jail. Raze used to be part of a the big apple jail gang referred to as a rat hunter. He mentioned a lot more concerning the jail crew rat hunter and the way they had been on the lookout for a shooter. He additionally mentioned how he knew this man raze from the ’80s.

Fat Joe lately had his birthday celebration, on August 19, 2021. He became 51 this 12 months. He is among the most renowned rappers. He used to be now not anticipated to mention or do such things as this. It used to be stunning for his lovers.  This case will have an effect on his symbol, it is going to topic so much relating to his occupation. But the largest query is if all of that is true. Is it true or only a fraud, a photoshop? We will know in due time.

Moreover, Cuban Link insulted Fat Joe through calling him an animal, he mentioned that Fat Joe is a complete rat out in those streets.

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