Fena: Pirate Princess Reveals New PV, Visuals: Special Premiere in August

Production I.G’s new unique Fena: Pirate Princess may have a distinct two-episode premiere by means of Crunchyroll on August 14. The premiere can be broadcasted international outdoor Japan within the subbed model.

While the dubbed model can be broadcasted by means of Adult Swim in North America at the similar day.

Two trailers had been published, a subbed one from Crunchyroll and a dubbed one from Adult Swim. Both of the trailers are very other from each and every with only a few issues in not unusual.

The dubbed trailer starts with Fena getting dressed to get married, whilst she reminisces about how in this actual day she used to be washed up at the shore of this island separated from Yukimaru, who promised to search out her it doesn’t matter what.

Back within the provide, she refuses to get married off to a couple stranger and she’s being rescued by means of a stranger who asks her to practice him. Soon she used to be given a mysterious stone which used to be entrusted to Yukimaru by means of her father, Francis.

But Fena is the one person who can decode the thriller at the back of the clear white stone. And quickly she joins a team of Samurai Pirates to search out the aim at the back of the life of the stone.

The subbed trailer starts with Fena being rescued by means of Yukimaru from a burning send in her youth. Followed by means of a mysterious stone on a slab with written scripts on it.

Then it displays Fena with a samurai pirate team together with a grown Yukimaru years after being separated years in the past from the burning send. Next the entire team together with Fena stands in entrance of an front in a cave with mysterious scripts written on it which wishes a key to open the doorway. The team’s primary reason is to search out Eden which is able to simplest be discovered the use of Fena’s mysterious youth reminiscences.

As you’ll be able to see each the trailers have other knowledge which you’ll be able to upload up and get a hold of an total thought of what is looking ahead to you. So please do watch either one of them.

Regarding the animation high quality, it kind of feels the standard Production I.G taste with extra fluid animation supporting it.

Besides that, a brand spanking new visible has additionally been published.

In the visible, we will be able to see Fena along with her samurai pirate team on a ship. An island will also be noticed within the background together with a large number of boats.

Eight new personality designs have additionally been published.

The English voice performing forged has additionally been published:

Name of the Voice ActorName of the Character
Brittany CoxFena
Robb MoreiraYukimaru
Nicholas CordaShitan
Anjali KunapaneniKarin
Brandon WincklerEnju
Darrel J DelfinKaede
Alan LeeTsubaki
Thomas E WynnMakaba

With all that stated, we need to wait and notice if Fena: Pirate Princess turns up as spectacular as fresh originals similar to Odd Taxi, Akudama Drive, Wonder Egg Priority or will get misplaced within the sea of ongoing seasonals which leaves now not such a lot time to spare on moderate displays.

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