Fire Force Laid Out Its Ties to Soul Eater Way Before We Realized

Fire Force has come to an finish, and if you have not heard about its ultimate, then you might be one of the crucial few. The anime fandom is tracing throughout the sequence to determine how writer Atsushi Ohkubo saved its giant tie to Soul Eater at the down-low. However, as identified by means of one fan on social media, the bond between the 2 tales has existed because the get started.

The viral rationalization comes courtesy of requiem4bong over on Twitter as you’ll see right here. After Fire Force got here to an in depth, all eyes have been on its ultimate pages as Shinra Kusakabe walked again to greet lovers. After finishing the good Cataclysm in Fire Force, its epilogue displays Shinra overseeing an international outdoor of Tokyo that may transform the primary surroundings of Soul Eater. Having transform Death itself, the hero discovers the brand new international he created on the finish of the cataclysm, and a sizzle reel follows showcasing the heroes of Soul Eater as little toddlers.

As you’ll believe, the finale left lovers surprised, however the connection must now not be that unexpected. Fire Force spent its ultimate arc showcasing Shinra’s struggle to upturn the Holy Sol faith and its energy that fueled humanity’s combustion. The faith and its mild have been by no means noticed as inherently just right issues by means of Ohkubo, so this is the reason triggered Shinra to create an overly other international all over the good cataclysm.

By erasing the Holy Sol faith, the sector used to be made anew, however Shinra knew humanity had to tether itself onto one thing. So moderately than lifestyles, the hero latched onto demise. This easy shift is what paves the best way for Soul Eater to practice via. This new international would possibly now not have to fret about other folks bursting into flames, however Soul Resonance and witches transform the norm as corruption will occur in any truth. Shinra is aware of that in addition to any individual, however his a part of the struggle finishes with the cataclysm. The relaxation is going to Maka and her comrades on the Death Meister Academy as they uncover every other international danger down the road. 

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