How robust is Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira? Is he more potent than Rengoku?

Tengen Uzui is an eccentric and flashy person, at all times short of to be “flamboyant.” He even calls himself the god of flashiness and fairs.

Being the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tengen Uzui is an important and professional swordsman and combatant.

Tengen is the one individual identified for his particular respiring shape, which is “Sound Breathing.” The Sound Breathing is branched off from the Thunder Breathing.

Just like how “Beast Breathing” of Inosuke is derived from “Wind Breathing.”

His bodily talents also are approach past that of atypical human beings. Being a Shinobi additionally provides to the account as he has immense energy and stamina. He is the quickest runner out of the entire Hashira.

Tengen may just even fit the battle skillability of each Daki and Gyutaro, either one of which might be Upper Rank 6 demons. He without difficulty decapitate Daki with out her figuring out it, to the purpose that he did not see her as an Upper-Rank demon in any respect.

Impressively, he fends off the mixed efforts of Daki and Gyutaro whilst being inflamed via a poison that will kill any individual straight away below standard instances. Not simplest that he even controlled to give protection to blameless lives within the procedure.

He has additionally showcased nice ability and accuracy in the use of explosives, minimizing harm handled the environment, and maximizing the hurt dealt together with his warring parties.

His sharp sense of listening to helped him a great deal all the way through his fight with the Upper Moon.

Even after dropping his left arm to Gyutaro, he was once nonetheless ready to stay alongside of the Upper Rank’s actions with one arm, additional epitomizing his bizarre preventing expertness.

Tengen Uzui may be very robust to the purpose the place he can battle two Upper Moons without delay whilst saving lives. His swordsman and skills can rival out his warring parties.

The undeniable fact that he did all this with out the demon mark simply presentations how robust he’s.

Both Tengen and Rengoku are extraordinarily robust. Nevertheless, in comparison to Tengen Uzui, Rengoku Kyojuro was once via a ways more potent than Tengen in each facet and to the entire talents they each had proven within the sequence.

Rengoku mastered Flame Breathing. It is among the respiring kinds which is prestigious sufficient to be deemed a Hashira candidate subject material irrespective of one’s age.

Sound Breathing is for sure a robust respiring taste as neatly however in comparison to Flame Breathing, Flame Breathing is a lot more tough.

Also, Rengoku can use 9 other paperwork like he used when he fought Akaza. While Tengen simplest confirmed 3 other paperwork(1st shape, 4th shape, and fifth shape) when he fought the Upper Moon 6 making Rengoku’s preventing talents extra versatile.

During the battle with the Upper Moon 6, Tengen clearly can not beat the Upper Moon 6 all on his personal. He wanted the assistance of Tanjiro and others to kill them.

If Tanjiro wasn’t there, Tengen may have been killed identical to Rengoku however thankfully, he simply misplaced an arm and a watch.

On the opposite hand, Rengoku fought really well in opposition to Akaza with out assist from any individual. Rengoku nearly reduce down Akaza in spite of critical accidents.

If Rengoku was once given no less than a couple of extra seconds to carry him, Akaza would for sure die from the daylight. This simply is going on to turn how robust Rengoku was once.

Tengen and Rengoku are really dominant swordsmen but when there’s a probability that they are going to battle, Rengoku is more likely to win.

Tengen isn’t the most powerful Hashira in spite of possessing immense energy and stamina. The one that merits the most powerful Hashira identify is the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima.

Even after dropping his left arm within the battle in opposition to the Upper Moon, Tengen was once nonetheless ready to stay alongside of the Upper Rank’s actions. With only one arm, Tengen fought his warfare like a real warrior in spite of no longer being the most powerful Hashira.

Tengen Uzui has 3 scorching ninja better halves Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru. All 3 of them married Tengen reputedly on the identical time. Tengen holds a considerable amount of recognize for his better halves and cares about them deeply.

He advised his better halves to worth their very own lives first, blameless civilians 2d, and his personal final, although it utterly defied their ninja coaching.

Makio and Suma don’t possess any type of superhuman talents. Both being raised as a kunoichi, they possess some type of shinobi abilities.

Both are in a position to wielding a kunai in addition to appearing maneuvers and preventing a lot more proficiently than common folks can.

Hinatsuru fares a bit of higher than the opposite two better halves’ of Tengen on the subject of shinobi abilities. She isn’t just ready to wield an ordinary kunai but in addition a wisteria-laced kunai.

She too can use a big crossbow. In the fight in opposition to Gyutaro, she makes use of the huge crossbow to fireplace a barrage of kunai to decelerate the demon regeneration.

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