How the primary episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars confirmed the darkish facet of the Jedi

The episode starts on a indifferent planet, faraway however strategically essential. Both republican and separatist forces wish to construct an army base there. Yoda arrives to shield the Republic’s motive, however his send is shot down, stranding him with 3 clone soldiers. Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress, the repeatedly frowning apprentice of Count Dooku, the planet’s chief, King Katuunko, tells that he’s silly to condone his destiny with the Jedi. After all, the Separatist droid armies outnumber the Republic forces by way of 100 to 1. When Katuunko replies that he has heard {that a} unmarried Jedi is value 100 droids, Ventress proposes a competition: her droid battalion in opposition to Yoda and his soldiers. The winner of the combat wins the planet.

There is rarely any actual dramatic pressure. Looking down on a complete battalion of combat droids, Yoda says, “Outnumbered, they’re.” By the top of the episode, the combat droids are scrap and Yoda has received the allegiance of King Katuunko, who announces {that a} unmarried Jedi is in reality value one thousand droids. From the hole showcase, delivered in a kind paying homage to wartime propaganda, to Yoda’s defeat of Ventress, pulling her double sabers from her fingers like a disobedient pet’s bite toy, all the episode comes throughout as an commercial for the Republic.

But what precisely is being marketed? “Ambush” offers us an idealized view of the sequence’ titular war, by which a noble Jedi grasp takes on a military of comical droids. It offers us the fairy story of a battle with out ethical dilemmas – a fairy story that may slowly pierce the remainder of the sequence because it inevitably swings in opposition to Order 66 and the autumn of Anakin Skywalker.

Yoda’s reluctant co-stars, to begin with baffled by way of their overly zen boss, are 3 clone soldiers: Jek, Thire and Rys. Midway in the course of the episode, the gang huddles to leisure in a cave and Yoda asks them to take off their helmets. Yoda stares into their an identical faces, claiming that every lifestyles shape is exclusive within the Force. He then offers every clone a customized Jedi pep communicate.

The interlude is a harbinger of the central position clone soldiers occupy in The Clone Wars. The sequence refuses to allow them to be the faceless surprise troops they may so simply were. In the episode “Rookies,” the display offers us an all-clone-powered drama, with Generals Kenobi and Skywalker relegated to pacing round a convention room, every so often checking their communications. The sequence recognizes that it has few equipment to present the clones a singular identification: their an identical faces and voices, in a display with a restricted animation price range, naturally depart the viewer’s eye at risk of blurriness. The five-minute “Ambush” is dedicated to putting forward the clones’ persona with the load of Yoda’s approval surroundings the flag for the remainder of the sequence.

But a sour irony cuts via Yoda’s feedback. He tells the 3rd clone trooper that he’ll win by way of surviving the battle. This recommendation is inconsistent with the truth that the clone soldiers had been bred to die. Designed with speeded up growing old, they aren’t supposed to reside a lifestyles after the battle. This pressure emerges in a later episode, “The Deserter,” the place Commander Rex confronts a clone who has selected to depart the Republic military and get started a circle of relatives. That clone issues out to Rex that they had been by no means given the selection to struggle within the battle — their obedience has at all times been taken with no consideration. Rex insists he desires to serve the Republic, however he additionally refuses to document the deserter as a traitor as a result of he acknowledges his fellow clone’s proper to self-determination. In “Ambush”, Yoda for sure treats his squaddies as people who deserve recognize, however he does not query the better injustice in their state of affairs. When it comes all the way down to it, the clone military is simply too simple for the Jedi to show down.

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