How The Suicide Squad differs from Guardians of the Galaxy

Warner Bros. presented Gunn his number of DC characters, a few of which he regarded as prior to settling in The Suicide Squad.

“I used to be toying with a couple of other concepts about a couple of other DC houses, and this used to be the one who simply took off and I simply fell in love with this actual tale that we are telling at the moment,” Gunn says. “I fell in love with one of the vital characters and the best way we will do this and having the ability to inform a perfect villain film like this in an excessively other method.”

Doing issues “a distinct method” has been an indicator of Gunn’s profession, noting that his hopes with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise had been to “do an area opera in an absolutely other method.” That now is going to The Suicide Squad with the hopes of constructing a distinct more or less battle movie… one with misfit supervillains as central figures.

And whilst the characters in The Suicide Squad possibly as difficult to understand, quirky, and bizarre as those Gunn performed with in his different well-known franchise, there may be one key distinction to bear in mind.

“I feel with the Guardians you begin to know that they are going to have other problems, however in any case they are all actually excellent other people,” he says. “That’s now not the case right here” [movie]. This is a a lot more difficult tale. Some of those characters would possibly finally end up being excellent, some are undoubtedly now not excellent, and maximum are someplace in between other sunglasses of grey.”

Gunn has stated from the beginning that his plan used to be to regard The Suicide Squad like a battle film. And as in any battle film, it’s important to be expecting casualties.

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