Is Shimotsuki Ushimaru alive? Is he Admiral “Green Bull” Ryokugyu in One Piece?

Okay, so until you may have been residing below a rock, you may have heard of the speculation that the most recent Admiral of the Marines, Ryokugyu, aka, the Green Bull, is Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

There are some lovers purchasing into this idea for the only real explanation why that it’s thrilling (with the possibility of Ushimaru’s connection to Zoro); there are some that directly up reject it.

If you seek, you’ll be able to find proof that confirms in addition to refutes the speculation, however let’s dig into why this proposition is so common within the first position – and what makes it so credible.

In Chapter 953, Shimotsuki Ushimaru was once showed to were killed through Kaido in Wano, however he nonetheless could be alive.

He can have escaped by the use of the port of Hakumai and joined the Marines to achieve sufficient energy to take again Wano from the Beast Pirates.

In Chapter 1024, it was once printed that Ushimaru was once a member of the Shimotsuki Family, an immediate descendant of the samurai legend, Shimotsuki Ryuma.

He was once the ultimate daimyo of Ringo in Wano till Oden’s dying and Orochi’s takeover as shogun. Kaido captures the samurai and imprisons them in the similar cave Yamato is in.

Ushimaru frees Yamato from Kaido’s literal chains, and is going to battle Kaido with the opposite samurai, however is reportedly killed.

The factor is, Onimaru was once as soon as showed to be useless too, that to on a Vivre card. Similarly, Sabo, the executive of group of workers of the Revolutionary Army, was once additionally showed useless, however he’s very a lot nonetheless alive.

What with the parallels between Ushimaru and Admiral Ryokugyu, it is rather laborious to not imagine within the narrative that Shimotsuki Ushimaru has returned.

It is most probably that Shimotsuki Ushimaru and Admiral Green Bull/Ryogukyu are the similar particular person. There are a number of elements that hyperlink Ushimaru to Ryokugyu.

First of all, Ushimaru is Japanese/kanji for “bull.” Next, In Chapter 962, Ushimaru’s kimono had bulls on them.

I do know the bulls had been coloured inexperienced simplest within the anime, however this does not remove from the truth that they had been bulls within the first position. In the flashback episode, Ushimaru tells Yamato that samurai by no means get hungry.

This at once ties again to the revelation that Ryogukyu went with out consuming for three entire years.

If you learn the One Piece manga, you realize that there aren’t any things like coincidences – and the symbolism right here is simply too robust to forget about.

On the opposite hand, it makes little sense for Ushimaru to have deserted Onimaru and left Wano, the rustic he had attempted so laborious to avoid wasting.

If he is alive, the rationale he fled or went into hiding needs to be extra pressing than heading straightaway to battle Kaido once more.

I believe within the duration that Ushimaru was once presumed useless, he sought out a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit to turn into more potent than Kaido. This additionally explains how he may just bounce up the ranks to turn into an Admiral.

This reasoning would additionally maintain the accusation that the silhouette of Ryogukyu is nowhere close to the similar as that of Ushimaru. Given the timeline, they’d additionally logically range on the subject of age, top, body, and construct.

It’s not unusual wisdom that the Admirals’ appearances are according to Japanese actors; Ryogukyu specifically, is claimed to be founded off Yoshio Harada, who seems to be not anything like Ushimaru.

According to me, these kinds of discrepancies may also be solved if you happen to remember a Zoan Devil Fruit.

Additionally, if Ryogukyu has controlled to Awaken the Zoan Devil Fruit, it might account for his better beast-like construction and in addition how he may just abstain from consuming meals for three years.

We do not know the overall extent of what an Awakened Zoan seems like; we simplest have the Jailer Beasts to fall again on for reference.

Maybe Green Bull may just keep an eye on the Awakening and morph right into a beast simplest bodily, refraining from letting it have an effect on his thoughts as an Awakened Zoan.

Another level of competition is the laughter of the 2 characters within the manga. The Admiral’s giggle within the manga is “Ra Ha Ha”, whilst Ushimaru’s was once “He He”. Yes, I’m mindful I could be studying an excessive amount of into this.

But, c’mon, the One Piece fandom is understood to be additional. Again, this facet too may well be written off as an impact of Devil Fruit.

The “Ra” may also be interpreted as “Revolution Army”, regardless that what this has to do with Ushimaru is a thriller.

Keeping up with the symbolism that ties Ryokugyu to Ushimaru, there is additionally a chance that Ryokugyu is Ushimaru’s son.

This would maintain the age issue; Ushimaru was once technically from Roger and Oden’s generation, and it would not make sense for an Admiral to be as outdated as Garp.

So, both Shimotsuki Ushimaru has discovered some way to return to his younger glory days with a time-based Devil Fruit, or that is Ushimaru’s son – or some roughly ever-young clone.

In the latest One Piece SBS, Volume 101, Oda explicitly finds that “Ushimaru isn’t Zoro’s dad.”

But this doesn’t imply that Ushimaru and Zoro wouldn’t have a connection. They are each Shimotsuki, and are by some means associated with Shimotsuki Ryuma.

Oda elaborates within the SBS that he was once going to incorporate a scene within the manga which might thicken the plot about how Ushimaru and Zoro are very an identical on the subject of seems to be.

After Oden is achieved, Oda was once going to turn Onimaru stealing Shusui from Zoro however being stunned through Zoro’s putting resemblance to Onimaru’s “overdue” spouse, Ushimaru.

Oda provides a cheeky remark on the finish of his SBS answer, announcing, “They truly do glance alike, huh?”

In Yamato’s flashback, Kawamatsu remarks that Zoro, in spite of being a pirate from around the seas, is the spitting symbol of the daimyo of Ringo in his formative years.

Not simply this, his sword taste is corresponding to Zoro’s, what together with his dual-sword method, and hunched-over lunging posture. Kawamatsu additionally says that it’s destiny that led to Zoro to go back Shusui, the sword of the good Ryuma, again to Wano.

Zoro’s connection to Ryuma has been emphasised a couple of occasions, together with the truth that after the time-skip, Zoro turns into a one-eyed swordsman, like sword God, Ryuma.

Ushimaru, after being captured through Kaido, is proven to put on bandages that lined his left eye.

Countless different parallels may also be drawn between the Ryuma, Zoro, and Ushimaru. Even regardless that Oda has informed us that Ushimaru isn’t Zoro’s dad, he undoubtedly needs to be both his grandfather, his brother, or his uncle.

The final analysis is, some avatar of Ushimaru (or his son) has most probably returned as Admiral Green Bull/Ryokugyu and has a robust plain connection to Roronoa Zoro.

One Piece is a Japanese manga collection written and illustrated through Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump mag since July 22, 1997.

The guy who had got the whole lot on this international, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The ultimate phrases he stated on the execution tower had been “My treasures? If you wish to have it, I’ll will let you have it. Look for it; I left it all at that position.” These phrases despatched many to the seas, chasing their goals, headed towards the Grand Line, on the lookout for One Piece. Thus started a brand new age!

Seeking to be the best pirate on the earth, younger Monkey D. Luffy additionally heads towards the Grand Line on the lookout for One Piece. His numerous workforce is becoming a member of him alongside the best way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook dinner, physician, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this can be one memorable journey.

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