Jujutsu Kaisen Explains Yuta’s New Promise to Gojo

Jujutsu Kaisen shared the brand new vow Yuta Okkotsu has for his former trainer, Satoru Gojo, with the most recent bankruptcy of the collection! Gege Akutami’s authentic manga collection is now getting in a position for the following arc of the Culling Game saga because it shifts the point of interest clear of Yuji and Megumi’s fights within the Tokyo No. 1 colony and revisited how Yuta is faring inside the Sendai colony. He had entered Kenjaku’s fatal event lengthy prior to the opposite two did, and the hot string of chapters have noticed how a lot he is shaken up the Sendai Colony’s subtle energy stability already.

As Yuta continues to be told extra concerning the Culling Game itself and the warring parties inside, he is additionally attempting to determine what Kenjaku’s subsequent main objective is. Knowing the villain is putting in place for his subsequent main transfer and nonetheless inside Suguru Geto’s frame, Yuta is now vowing no longer handiest to make sufficient issues to make their Culling Game fights a lot more straightforward however is in my view striving to be the person who kills Kenjaku as soon as and for all. He refuses to face via and feature Gojo being the as soon as compelled to kill his highest buddy over again. 

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Chapter 174 of Jujutsu Kaisen provides us a glance into how Yuta has been pondering and performing within the Culling Game to this point. He figures out he wishes a minimum of 400 issues to make sufficient regulations to make certain that they may be able to go back and forth in between colonies and be in contact with one some other one way or the other. He overlooked everything of the motion throughout the Shibuya Incident, however is aware of that everybody has been exhausted each bodily and mentally on account of Kenjaku’s movements. Thus Yuta appears like he will have to take Kenjaku into his personal arms.

Knowing Gojo needed to kill Geto following the occasions of the Night Parade of 100 Demons, the Yuta now’s a miles more potent and extra skilled fighter than ever prior to. While he was once in a position to defeat Geto that first time round, he didn’t ship the overall blow and Gojo heartbreakingly was once the person who had to take action. So whilst Yuta certainly desires to loose Gojo from the Prison Realm, his extra essential missions is to make sure he is the person who kills Kenjaku prior to all of this will get even worse and Gojo has to have his center damaged in every single place once more. 

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