Junji Ito Fans Create Terrifyingly Realistic “Snail Girl” Statue

Junji Ito is answerable for probably the most scariest creatures to ever in finding their solution to the pages of manga, with the mangaka receiving a lot of anime diversifications that experience introduced a few of these monsters to existence. While beings reminiscent of “The Model” and the fish of Gyo are rather creepy, most likely none has struck a chord more difficult than Snail Girl among fanatics, and a brand new statue brings the terrifying cursed determine to existence.   

If you are unfamiliar with the tale of the Snail Girl, the tale first gave the impression by way of the manga newsletter, Horror World of Junji Ito, again in 1997. The tale itself, which was once additionally tailored into the anime collection, The Junji Ito Collection, follows the story of Yuuko, a tender lady who unearths herself cursed due to the slugs in her lawn, together with her tongue reworking into an enormous slug itself. With her circle of relatives not able to undo this disgusting curse, Yuuko ultimately succumbs totally to this dilemma and her head is remodeled into the shell of the slug that resided within her mouth, developing considered one of Ito’s maximum startling visuals thus far.

Twitter User Michelline Pitt shared this improbable statue via Onyx Forge Studio, bringing the Slug Girl to existence as 2022 preps for a brand spanking new tackle considered one of Junji Ito’s vintage tales to return to existence by way of Toonami’s upcoming anime adaptation of Uzumaki:

Junji Ito has been operating on the earth of horror for many years, however is appearing no indicators of forestalling any time quickly as he continues developing spooky brief tales. Though Uzumaki is the following giant anime collection this is spawning from the author’s thoughts, there were rumors that there’s any other anime collection within the works, although information about this chance are few and a long way between at this level. 

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