Magical Shoujo Anime Tokyo Mew Mew New ♡ Reveals New Key Visual & PV

Magical Shoujo anime has an altogether other fanbase this is massive as another style of anime. Be it stunning transformations to magical women or glowing animation, displays like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, the mystical shoujo style has been smartly won international.

With an already well-liked anime adaptation launched again in 2002 via Studio Pierrot, Tokyo Mew Mew left an enduring influence. And with the new anime adaptation named Tokyo Mew Mew New liberating in 2022, it’s again to allure us far and wide once more.

A brand new key visible of Tokyo Mew Mew New has additionally been printed.

In the brand new key visible we will see the protagonists of the display, the pink-haired Ichigo Momomiya, the purple-haired Zakura Fujiwara, the blue-haired Mint Aizawa, the yellow-haired Bu-Ling Huang (Purin Fon), and the green-haired Lettuce Midorikawa all of their magical shape.

A brand new PV has additionally been printed together with the important thing visible.

In the PV, the characters are showcased voiced via their respecting voice actors pronouncing the arriving of Tokyo Mew Mew New.

Hoping to spend a romantic date along with her overwhelm Masaya Aoyama, Ichigo Momomiya fells asleep seeing a cat coming into her frame. After waking up, her conduct started to resemble that of a cat together with the yearning for a fish.

One abnormal factor after the opposite, Ichigo Momomiya becomes a paranormal lady with cat ears and a tail looking to save her overwhelm, Masaya Aoyama.

Soon two researchers named Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka confirms that they injected Ichigo with Iriomote Cat DNA to make a paranormal lady who may just struggle towards the extraterrestrial beings to avoid wasting the arena. And quickly teaming up with 4 different magical women, Ichigo Momoniya starts her accountability as a paranormal lady to avoid wasting this global.

With logo new persona designs and two other studios Yumeta Company and Graphinica animating this collection, Tokyo Mew Mew New is off to a powerful get started, no less than in papers. All we will do is stay up for the legitimate free up date in 2022 to revel in every other promising and already confirmed magical lady anime.

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