New Blood? Where Is Harrison Going?

In the overall episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ season 1, Harrison (Jack Alcott) is pressured to develop up speedy. He has came upon that he stocks his murderous urges together with his father, who has begun instructing him the way to use them to save lots of folks and produce down killers and criminals. However, he discovers that his father is keen to damage the code that he claims to observe when he’s determined sufficient to take action. Eventually, there’s a war of words between the 2 of them after Harrison learns that Dexter has Killed Logan. Horrified and disgusted, Harrison accuses his father of destroying the lives of the ones round him, together with Deb and Rita, a rate that Dexter accepts. And then, it sort of feels that each understand what will occur subsequent, and they’re at peace with it.

Harrison kills Dexter prior to Angela’s arrival. She provides him cash and tells him to take his father’s truck and go away Iron Lake. If you’re questioning why Angela does not take Harrison into custody and easily shall we him pass, we were given you coated. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The solution to this query is embedded within the name of the finale: ‘Sins of the Father.’ Dexter’s previous has in any case stuck up with him, however that does not imply that Harrison must endure for it as smartly. Throughout his lifestyles, the boy has been pressured to bear horrors and hardships on account of his father’s movements. Angela, pushed through her maternal instincts, unlock him out of that vicious cycle. She provides him a possibility of a recent get started, the place he does not essentially must be hounded through his father’s ghost.

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Before he leaves, part of him desires to mention good-bye to Audrey, however he is aware of he can not. When he requests Angela to mention good-bye to Audrey at his behest, she says she can not both, revealing that she is going to inform the others that she hasn’t noticed him that day. She will declare that she killed Dexter in self-defense. As Harrison drives out on his father’s truck, Angel Batista and different officials arrive within the the city.

Dexter sought after to head someplace sunny, like Los Angeles, California. Harrison to begin with had no want to depart Iron Lake as his buddies and Audrey had been there. But through the top of the finale, he has come to peer the common sense in the back of it. The Dark Passenger remains to be inside of him. Killing his father did not exorcise it, however gave it a function. And it’s going to stir once more someday. When it does, he’ll want the anonymity that best a large town can be offering. So, sure, it may be Los Angeles, identical to Dexter sought after, or it could possibly also be Miami, the local the city of each his folks.

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