New One Piece Title Teases the Anime’s Whitebeard Comeback

The Wano Arc of One Piece hasn’t simply given enthusiasts the chance to witness the Straw Hat Pirates making an attempt to loose the remoted country from the iron fist of the Beast Pirates and the slimy shogun of Orochi, it has additionally given audience the chance to shuttle into the previous and be told extra in regards to the swashbucklers that sailed the Grand Line sooner than Luffy put in combination his group. Now, with a brand new episode name published, it kind of feels as regardless that we are set to be told extra about one of the vital robust pirates on this planet, and his group, in Whitebeard.

Whitebeard’s flashback within the Wano Arc noticed the wildly robust pirate taking over a brand new group member in Kozuki Oden, the Shogun of Kuri in Wano that used to be in search of to shuttle the sector and in the end loose the borders of his fatherland. Giving Oden the wild activity of spending days swimming at the back of his boat, Edward Newgate in the end discovered himself face-to-face with Gol D. Roger, with a fight bursting forth between the 2 swashbucklers that lasted for days and would in the end see Oden becoming a member of Roger’s group and finding the name of the game of the One Piece, which has plagued pirates for numerous years. 

Twitter Outlet Yonkou Productions shared the name of episode 1014 of One Piece, which can dive into the background of the Whitebeard Pirates that have been as soon as a significant drive inside the global of the Grand Line however took a significant hit when their captain died right through the occasions of the Marineford Arc:

“Marco’s Tears! Background of the Whitebeard Pirates!”  

While Whitebeard himself could be deceased, his right-hand guy Marco is trying to stay his legacy alive, no longer simply by protective his treasure, however by way of the use of his talents to lend Luffy a significant hand right through the War For Wano. With the anime making some large strides in catching as much as the present occasions of the manga, we indisputably would not be stunned if this flashback had been to offer us some new data into the Whitebeard Pirates that we by no means witnessed within the pages of the Shonen’s published tale. 

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