New Teaser Unveils Tonko House’s Famed Staff for ‘Oni: Thunder God’s Tale’

Best recognized for The Dam Keeper, an Oscar-nominated quick movie launched in 2014, the animation studio, Tonko House, has simply published glimpses of its upcoming challenge.

Oni: The Thunder God’s Tale is a CGI animated sequence from the impartial studio and is already making headlines after its contemporary announcement.

Netflix has simply posted a brand new trailer for Oni: Thunder God’s Tale, which can obtain 4 episodes. Tonko House may be participating with Japanese studios Megalix VFX, Marza, and Anima.

So, with out additional ado, let’s take a look at the most recent teaser, which frankly bowled me over with its animation:

ONI: Thunder God’s Tale Teaser | Netflix After School

Right off the bat, the Japanese monster or yokai theme of the sequence stands essential. You can see yokai like kappa, tengu, oni, and others within the teaser.

As the plot progresses, the Tengu identifies himself because the protector of the land and stands towards an Oni, a monster who appears to be the adversarial power within the animation.

The tengu summons any person he addresses as ‘her.’ This may well be the protagonist of the movie, Onari, a free-spirited monster who has but to find her distinctive powers.

Daisuke Tsutsumi, the artwork director of many Disney and Pixar works, is the challenge’s author and showrunner. Mari Okada, the scriptwriter of works like A Whisker Away, Her Blue Sky, and lots of such fantastic works, may be concerned within the sequence. There’s indubitably that Oni is right here to clutch your consideration and not let pass.

The teaser for Oni: Thunder God’s Tale has a novel animation taste that made me fall in love with it to start with sight, and I will’t wait to look how the Tonko House performs with Japanese folklore to provide them a brand new end.

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale is an animated sequence from Tonko House, an impartial California-based animation studio. Daisuke Tsutsumi is the author and showrunner of the challenge.

The sequence includes a international the place Japanese yokai coexist. One day they face a danger from a definite form of monster referred to as Oni. It’s time for our protagonist, Onari, to polish. She is a free-spirited daughter of a yokai who’s but to find her powers.

Source: Netflix YouTube Channel

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