One Piece: All You Need to Know about Joy Boy’s Existence

The previous couple of months were truly enormous for One Piece enthusiasts. Chapter 1044 showed what many people had predicted: Luffy is Joy Boy; however now not in the best way that we had idea.

A extra suitable framing can be that Joy Boy is Luffy, as a substitute of the opposite direction round, however extra on that later.

The crux of the subject is that Luffy and Joy Boy are one and the similar – even though how precisely that got here to be continues to be ambiguous.

What can we even know concerning the id of Joy Boy? Who is he/them/it? How is Joy Boy hooked up to the Ancient Kingdom and why is he nonetheless related now?

In this newsletter, I can talk about the entirety we all know and have no idea concerning the enigma this is Joy Boy, his relation to Zunesha, the World Government, Laugh Tale, Sun God Nika, and, most significantly, to Luffy.

The revival of Joy Boy, within the type of Luffy, came about in Wano. But it will be significant to not lose sight of all of the clues Oda has given us pre-Wano arc as neatly. Let’s start with the newest data, return from there, and spot the way it all provides up.  

Most other people have simply taken with no consideration that Luffy is Joy Boy.

There had been 3 theories at first: reincarnation, Devil Fruit Awakening, and inheritance of will. The reincarnation idea used to be shot down early on – you’ll be able to learn why right here.  

As Oda printed extra information, it changed into obvious that Joy Boy is a identify reasonably than an individual, and that Luffy has inherited the identify of Joy Boy, and that it’s come what may associated with him Awakening his ancient Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

1. Zunesha

More than anything else, the only factor lately printed to tie Joy Boy to Luffy, is Zunesha.

Ever since Zunesha first seemed within the tale, enthusiasts were guessing that Joy Boy used to be sure to seem quicker than later. Zunesha, the prehistoric elephant with an island on his again, used to be Joy Boy’s spouse 800 years in the past.

We have no idea the specifics of it but, however Zunesha traveled with Joy Boy – or the individual with the identify of Joy Boy – all the way through the Void Century.

During the Raid on Onigashima, Zunesha senses the coming of Joy Boy.

I will listen it […] I listen the Drums of Liberation. For the primary time in 800 years, he’s right here! Joy Boy has returned!

This is when Luffy has simply misplaced his bout with Kaido and has been knocked subconscious after Gear 4. His “voice” vanishes, and for the primary time, Luffy is if truth be told regarded as “useless.”

Just as all hope is misplaced, Luffy’s heartbeat will also be heard via Zunesha, who compares it to the “Drums of Liberation.”

How nostalgic… that rhythm… Joy Boy. Hey, Joy Boy… It’s as in case you are proper there. How exhilarating. This all looks like destiny. I will’t assist however suppose that we will have to put our religion on this boy.

Luffy comes again into motion after activating what we now know as his Gear 5: Nika, the place he Awakens his Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit talents and unlocks some significantly “ridiculous” energy.f

Luffy’s presence in that second reminds Zunesha of his comrade from 8 centuries in the past whom he refers to as Joy Boy.

2. Nika and the Hito Hito no Mi

Sure, Joy Boy is one thing that Luffy emulates or turns into or inherits; however who on this planet is Nika? What’s Nika were given to do with Joy Boy?

When Luffy Awakens, he grins ear-to-ear and the bubble subsequent to him says “NIKA”. In Japanese, “nika” approach “grin” and on the identical time, “Nika” refers back to the Sun God Nika, a legendary warrior of yore within the One Piece international.

Sun God Nika used to be first discussed via Who’s Who. He used to be a CP9 agent on the time, and were imprisoned via the World Government for having let the mysterious Devil Fruit he were protective get stolen via the Red Hair Pirates.

That Devil Fruit is similar one who Luffy eats on Shanks’s send – the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

The Government had modified the title of the Fruit because it used to be believed to be too tough. They reclassified it as a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, naming it after one in every of its maximum outstanding talents – the Gomu Gomu or the Gum-Gum Fruit.

The Government possibly did not know evidently that this Fruit used to be the important thing to Joy Boy, or they’d’ve hiked up the safety surrounding it.

Well, Who’s Who used to be thrown into prison for shedding the Fruit and it’s right here that he hears concerning the legend of Nika.

A jail guard tells him that within the historic days, there used to be a legendary warrior who used to be referred to as Sun God Nika, who used to be worshipped via slaves as a result of they believed he would unencumber them.

It used to be stated he would convey laughter to their lips and loose them from their struggling. Who is aware of if he truly existed even though?

It isn’t identified whether or not Nika used to be a real dwelling particular person/god, however it’s theorized that Nika used to be most definitely the primary Joy Boy.

But whether or not or now not that is true, the speculation of Nika is perpetuated via generations: he’s anyone who will save other people, loose them, and lead them to chortle. He will obliterate oppression and unfold pleasure. Remind you of anyone?

Coming again to the Devil Fruit, the Five Elders showed in bankruptcy 1044 that the one who eats the Mythical Zoan Fruit referred to as the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, beneficial properties talents similar to the Sun God Nika.

So, right here in Wano, which is a country the place tyrants like Kaido and Orochi have became voters into slaves, Luffy has Awakened that Devil Fruit, and “turn into” Nika.

Like the legend advised via the jail guard, Nika, the Warrior of Liberation, has arrived to loose the folks and convey a grin to their faces.

Since we already understand how bankruptcy 1052 ends, we all know that Wano is certainly loose; that Luffy has defeated Emperor Kaido, and Momonosuke has reclaimed the throne as shogun, returning Wano its peace and happiness.

Nika – Joy Boy – the grinning Luffy – they’re synonymous, and this has been foreshadowed during the collection. The now-famous Nika-Luffy silhouette is damaged down in phase 2.I.

3. Oden’s Prophesy

In bankruptcy 967, we glimpse a very powerful flashback. Gol D. Roger and Kozuki Oden, as a part of the Roger Pirates’ ultimate journey, once they achieve the “ultimate island” which Roger later names Laugh Tale.

It is right here that they to find the treasure that Joy Boy supposedly left in the back of, the treasure referred to as the One Piece.

The Roger Pirates triumph over the Grand Line and Roger turns into the Pirate King. Oden journals this enjoy, that after Roger discovered the One Piece, he burst out giggling.

Roger later says that he needs he were born concurrently Joy Boy, and that they’d discovered the One Piece too early.

The Roger Pirates are then disbanded, and Oden comes to a decision to go back to his country, to Wano, so he can open the borders up to now closed via the Kozuki extended family, to organize for the go back on Joy Boy.

“Until this level, there used to be a goal to this nation being closed. But now we should open its ports, ahead of the day that Joy Boy seems.”

Of route, when Oden comes again to Wano, he reveals that the usurper Orochi has taken his father’s position as shogun, and Yonko Kaido has allied with him to show the country’s other people into slaves.

After Oden’s execution by the hands of Kaido, his spouse Toki reads a letter left to her via Oden. He tells her to make use of her time-traveling Devil Fruit talent to ship Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and Kiku someday.

Oden knew that during two decades’ time, some other nice warfare used to be going to occur the place an influence able to bringing down Kaido would arrive in Wano.

He had additionally left his retainers with the duty of serving to reopen the borders of Wano.

Although Momo has nonetheless determined to stay Wano sealed to offer protection to it from the Government, it’s obtrusive that Luffy’s Awakening of Nika and Joy Boy is what Oden had prophesized.

Oda has left us quite a lot of clues about Joy Boy within the earlier arcs that tie in with the development in Wano.

Ever for the reason that first saga, he has been increase to what is to return. Oda has an overly transparent idea of what Joy Boy stands for, even if he hasn’t explicitly advised us what Joy Boy is.

Through those ideas, we will be able to piece in combination the enigma of Joy Boy – and spot the way it connects to our boy Luffy.

1. Slavery – Skypiea, Fishman Island, Wano

Early on within the collection, all the way through the Skypiea arc, Luffy faces the tyrannical “god”, Enel. Much like Kaido and Orochi in Wano, Enel and his military overthrew the ruler of Skypiea and took to the throne himself.

Like in Wano, any person who spoke out of line or wondered his authority, had been punished straight away. Luffy defeats Enel fantastically – being proof against Enel’s electrical powers because of his rubber frame.

Luffy used to be now not simplest ready to defeat Enel, but in addition ended the 400-year warfare between the Shandians and the Skypieans.

As a birthday party birthday party progresses, everybody dances round a big bonfire, smiling and giggling.

Luffy’s dancing silhouette is equal to the only when Who’s Who is describing Nika.

When Who’s Who is recalling the Nika tale, he’s telling it to Jinbe, as a result of he robotically mates Jinbe, who’s a Fish Man, to slavery.

You led the Sun Pirates… I heard the workforce used to be made up of former slaves! Besides, is not the historical past of Fish Men a historical past of slavery?

The Fish Men are a race that experience traditionally been subjugated and “bought” within the slave business via the Nobles.

A Fish Man referred to as Fisher Tiger fought towards the Nobles at Mary Geoise, and freed the slaves from their captors – thus gaining a name because the Hero of Slaves.

This is why Fisher Tiger of the Fish Men – and Noland of the Dwarves – also are worthy contenders of being Nika/Joy Boy.

However, Luffy has one-by-one defeated each and every slave proprietor, together with Arlong, Doflamingo, Enel, and Kaido.

Luffy arrives on Fish Man Island and defeats Hody Jones and the New Fish Man Pirates who’ve been spreading hatred over Fisher Tiger and enslaving Fish Men and people. Luffy and the Straw Hats loose the island from this worry of slavery and discrimination from racism – as they do in Wano.

2. Poseidon and the Poneglyph at Fish Man Island

It may be on Fish Man Island that Robin discovers that the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi is if truth be told the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.

Robin additionally reveals the Ryugu Poneglyph with Joy Boy’s apology to the folks of Fish Man Island.

Robin speaks to King Neptune about it, and that is after we first get an in depth point out of Joy Boy for the primary time within the collection.

He explains that Joy Boy and the Mermaid Princess Poseidon made a pact in combination all the way through the Void Century.

The Fish Men and Poseidon promised Joy Boy that they’d stay the ark he constructed, referred to as Noah, secure, so it may well be used when the time comes. Joy Boy promised that he would use Noah to convey the Fish Men to the outside in the future.

In the Poneglyph, Joy Boy apologizes to Void Century Poseidon for breaking his facet of the discount, however says that anyone would come someday and satisfy his promise.

Additionally, Madam Shyarly makes a prediction {that a} guy dressed in a straw hat will in the future damage Fish Man Island.

This has to suggest Luffy returning to Fish Man Island someday. He will use the assistance of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon and Noah’s Ark to uphold Joy Boy’s promise.

The simplest reason why Luffy would damage Fish Man Island can be to convey the Fish People to land so they are able to reside freely.

Another reason why is that Fish Man Island lies at once beneath Mary Geoise and the Red Line. In his ultimate fight towards the World Government, Luffy would possibly damage Fish Man Island resulting from conquering the Grand Line, thus bringing in a brand new and loose international gadget.

3. The Royal Fish Man Island Legend

King Neptune tells Robin that there’s a legend within the royal circle of relatives about the one who will satisfy Joy Boy’s promise.

Going again to Roger and Oden’s journey, it’s printed in bankruptcy 968 that each Roger Pirates overhear this legend once they traveled to Fish Man Island.

They listen the Sea Kings speaking concerning the delivery of a undeniable particular person that can shape a friendship with the brand new Poseidon and who will lead them in 25 years’ time.

Luffy and the present Poseidon, i.e., Shirahoshi, turn into shut all the way through his time on Fish Man Island, very similar to Joy Boy and Void Century Poseidon.

4. Liberator of the People

After they find the One Piece on Laugh Tale, Oden returns to Wano to organize for the approaching of Joy Boy. We know what occurs after this.

The level of the subject is that that is most definitely how Oden is aware of to inform his spouse, Amatsuke Toki, to ship his son and retainers to the long run to best friend with Joy Boy and open Wano’s borders.

From Joy Boy’s apology and Oden’s flashback, and several other different elements, we will be able to deduce that Joy Boy is meant to be the person who will unify other people, convey them freedom, and put a grin on everybody’s faces.

He used to be meant to convey Fish Men to the outside so they may as soon as once more trip amidst different races with out discrimination.

This identical theory applies to Wano and its gates – Oden sought after to bring in the brand new age as a result of he knew that Joy Boy used to be meant to switch the very gadget of the present international. Deisolating Wano emphasizes the cohesion theme.

Luffy has finished extra for various races than any person. He liberated the Fish Men, helped the Minks, and naturally introduced peace to oppressed communities and tribes.

As mentioned, Joy Boy has connections to Zunesha and Poseidon, and is the bringer of pleasure, peace, freedom, equality, and happiness.

But, there are some things that experience simplest been speculated about that may just imply one thing, that may just attach Luffy with Joy Boy. Let’s move over them.

1. Voice of All Things

During the Fish Man Island arc, it is printed that Luffy has the uncommon talent to listen to the Voice of All Things. This is the power so that you could listen animals, non-human beings, and inanimate gadgets keep in touch.

All the identified people who can use the Voice of All Things are Luffy, Roger, Momonosuke, Oden, and the Three Eye Tribe.

Luffy can listen Zunesha and telepathically speak with Momo. Momo, even though, is the only so that you could command Zunesha, in the best way that Shirahoshi, being the Mermaid Princess, can command the Sea Kings. Luffy can simplest keep in touch to them.

How this hyperlinks in with Joy Boy is but to be observed.

2. Straw Hat

This one is a noted one. Ever since we noticed the enormous Straw Hat in Mary Geoise, other people were tying it in with Joy Boy.

Some other people suppose that the Straw Hat belonged to Joy Boy, who would possibly were an enormous. Some suppose the Straw Hat is the tombstone for Joy Boy, whose frame lies beneath.

In the fleeting scene, Imu holds the Wanted poster of Luffy and is staring on the Straw Hat.

3. The D-clan

The Will of D. is most definitely as giant of a thriller as Joy Boy. It is the one different working theme in One Piece that apparently strings the entirety necessary in combination. Along with Conqueror’s Haki.

When Robin asks Silvers Rayleigh concerning the Will of D., he does now not solution the query, however merely says that the Roger Pirates exposed information about the Void Century at Laugh Tale.

Void Century used to be when Joy Boy used to be lively, so the D-Clan most definitely is said to him.

There’s a idea the folks that raise the preliminary D. are descendants of Joy Boy’s workforce. So, Luffy does not should be hooked up to Blackbeard via blood for them to proportion the center preliminary.

On the opposite hand, D. is handed down via generations too, since Garp, Dragon, and Luffy all proportion it. Jaguar D. Saul additionally confirms this in bankruptcy 392.

4. Ancient Weapons

It’s speculated that Joy Boy along side convey the uniter of other people, used to be additionally the uniter of the three Ancient Weapons.

The 20 Celestial Dragons of the Ancient Kingdom noticed this as a danger to their energy and this is the reason these days, the World Government is without equal enemy of Luffy, the pirates, and any person status as much as their authority.

Some enthusiasts imagine that Joy Boy is the important thing to Uranus, the Ancient Weapon we all know not anything about. He already had a dating with the Ancient Weapon Poseidon, and would possibly have additionally possessed Pluton. Some suppose the Noah itself is Pluton, however that is not likely.

The thriller of Joy Boy has slowly been unraveling ever since he used to be first discussed within the Fish Man Island arc.

After Zunesha showed Joy Boy’s presence, we will be able to conclude that the latent energy/spirit/will of Joy Boy has after all woke up inside of Luffy. His Gear 5: Nika appears to be the facility that the individual with the identify Joy Boy shows, making him the Warrior of Liberation.

Luffy is the Dawn of the New Age, the Sun that can Rise Again, the Uniter of the People, the Joy Boy.

Of route, there are nonetheless a number of unsolved secrets and techniques, however I’m certain Oda will let us know the entirety when the time is true.

Noting that he looks like destiny is at paintings, he is now striking his complete believe in Luffy. So it isn’t that Luffy has turn into Joy Boy, and essentially received a identify, however he is turn into like that determine.

One Piece is a Japanese manga collection written and illustrated via Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump mag since July 22, 1997.

The guy who had got the entirety on this international, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The ultimate phrases he stated on the execution tower had been “My treasures? If you need it, I’ll allow you to have it. Look for it; I left it all at that position.” These phrases despatched many to the seas, chasing their goals, headed towards the Grand Line, on the lookout for One Piece. Thus started a brand new age!

Seeking to be the best pirate on this planet, younger Monkey D. Luffy additionally heads towards the Grand Line on the lookout for One Piece. His numerous workforce is becoming a member of him alongside the best way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook dinner, physician, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this shall be one memorable journey.

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