One Piece Chapter 1049: Kaido is Defeated, Luffy Wins the Battle

This web page incorporates spoilers from One Piece.

The global we would like for is right here. Luffy has defeated Emperor Kaido!

Not a unmarried One Piece fan is calm at this time. The maximum expected fight in ongoing manga in any case has a conclusion – our boy Luffy has taken down the most powerful creature on the planet!

There are a couple of individuals who assume that this cannot be the tip – I perceive why they really feel like this, however truthfully, at this level, they are in denial. Oda has offered us with simple evidence that the good Yonko has been felled as soon as and for all.

I’m now not utterly ruling out a wonder twist the place each Orochi and Kaido go back – that is One Piece we are speaking about, finally – anything else can occur.

According to the panels in bankruptcy 1049 and the foreshadowing from the former chapters, it’s positive that Kaido has been defeated and Luffy has gained the Wano fight.

Let’s move over the clues that turn out that is the tip for our favourite Yonko.

1. The Sky Lanterns

In bankruptcy 1048, we see the voters of Wano freeing lanterns into the sky with messages written throughout them.

One of them reads: “Please make Orochi disappear”, and within the subsequent panel, Denjiro chops off Orochi’s 8th and ultimate head.

The different lanterns have messages praying for somebody to loose Wano from the hell that the tyrant Kaido has made it.

The newest bankruptcy continues from this symbolism with two extra sky lanterns with the messages:

“Please vanquish the dreaded dragon”, and “Restore the Kozuki Clan”

Luffy then delivers his ultimate blow and the “horrifying dragon” is vanquished.

2. Conqueror’s Haki

Ever since Luffy unlocked his Gear 5: Nika in bankruptcy 1044, we have been anticipating him to defeat Kaido. But in bankruptcy 1047, Kaido tells Luffy:

“In the tip, a powerful Devil Fruit energy is not sufficient to triumph over the seas! Such hurdles can simplest be conquer … with Haki!”

He even confirms that the overdue Pirate King Gol D. Roger himself had no Devil Fruit energy and but he was once referred to as the most powerful pirate of the seven seas. This was once simplest because of his Haki.

We’ve all the time identified that Conqueror’s Haki was once going to play a large position in serving to Luffy develop into more potent. This is as a result of Conqueror’s Haki represents self-control, which is the motive force of now not simply Luffy’s personality, however of the sequence itself.

Luffy realized Advanced Conqueror’s Haki in bankruptcy 1010, the place he used it along side Advanced Armament Haki/Ryou and his Devil Fruit skills. This was once the primary time he was once ready to land some harm on Kaido, however he had simply unlocked the talent so he was once defeated.

Now, with all his new powers and his confirmation as Joy Boy, Luffy hasn’t ever been more potent. Additionally, he is had quite a few time to apply his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki.

Even when Luffy reworked to Gear 5, lets see his uncooked Haki spitting around the dome. In a fight of Haki, it does come right down to whose will is more potent.

In a fierce conflict of Haki with Luffy bringing on a brand new transfer known as Bajrang Gun, he lands the overall blow infused with Haki at the blazing dragon.

3. Flame Clouds

Kaido’s Mythical Zoan Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu gave him the power to create Flame Clouds. He has been the usage of this talent because the starting of the Wano arc to raise Onigashima island off the bottom and transfer it in opposition to the Flower Capital.

In bankruptcy 1049, the Flame Clouds assuredly move out. Since Momonosuke ate the factitious Devil Fruit of the unique, he too possesses the power to create the Flame Clouds, however he’s nonetheless suffering to take action.

Yamato and Momo observe that Onigashima is falling and is set to crash with the Flower Capital. The absence of Flame Clouds without delay point out the Kaido has been incapacitated.

4. A Public Victory

Whenever Luffy defeats a large canine, it is earlier than a lot of people. There is no person larger than Kaido, and fittingly, all the country he subjugated is there to peer him fall.

Since Onigashima itself is falling, it’s proper above the Flower Capital, and all of the voters (who’ve been sending up lanterns) can see the struggle taking place above their heads.

This fight could also be the struggle for Wano’s liberation, and it is very poetic to peer Kaido defeated within the presence of the Wano folks.

5. Momo takes at the Mantle of the Kozuki Clan

As the inheritor of Oden, now we have all been looking forward to Momo’s second to polish. Oda has been construction it up for some time now, and bankruptcy 1049 brings Momo into the limelight simply as Kaido falls.

I had stated in my earlier article that Momo’s second would are available in tandem with Luffy’s ultimate blow. With Kaido’s Flame Clouds long gone, the one one that can save Onigashima is Momo. At the tip of the bankruptcy, Momo manages to summon Flame Clouds and save his folks.

Kaido being alive would remove from Momo’s success.

6. Only Joy Boy Can Defeat Kaido

Perhaps essentially the most on-the nostril signal that the fight is over is Kaido’s flashback.

In the flashback, we see Kaido having a dialog with King about identification of the mythical Joy Boy. Kaido tells him that Joy Boy is the one that will be capable of defeat him.

The subsequent panel actually displays Kaido’s dragon head destroyed.

We know from Zunesha and the entire Drums of Liberation and Luffy’s Awakening that Luffy is Joy Boy. It could not be clearer. Joy Boy aka Luffy has defeated Kaido.

7. Monster Trio Symbolism

Oda loves his symbolism. We see the Straw Hat Pirates draw a transparent victory over the Beasts Pirates as the three most powerful participants of every group move up in opposition to every different.

Sanji destroyed Queen’s cybernetic arm; Zoro clips off King’s Lunarian wings, and Luffy breaks off Kaido’s Oni horn.

This sends extra of a sign that that is the tip of the Beasts Pirates.

8. The Flashback Theory

Up till this level, we knew that Luffy vs. Kaido wasn’t over but as a result of Kaido hadn’t had Kaido his flashback but.

In One Piece, one thing large all the time occurs after a flashback in the course of the struggle. And this simply came about in bankruptcy 1049. Oda follows patterns all over his narrative and seeing it spread on the fruits of the fight, simply proves that is the real finish.

The loss of an extended flashback for Kaido has enthusiasts cribbing about how he might be defeated so temporarily. But it hasn’t been fast in any respect! And plus, I feel Oda is saving the awaited Rocks Pirates backstory for some other bankruptcy.

This flashback is only about how sturdy Kaido is. The just one extra tough, as Kaido says so himself, is Joy Boy.

Apart from the truth that the narrator hasn’t but formally introduced that Luffy has gained, all indicators level in opposition to the truth that the dragon has been slayed. Now all that must be observed is how Oda wraps up the arc and introduces the following one.

One Piece is a Japanese manga sequence written and illustrated by means of Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump mag since July 22, 1997.

The guy who had obtained the whole thing on this global, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The ultimate phrases he stated on the execution tower have been “My treasures? If you wish to have it, I’ll permit you to have it. Look for it; I left it all at that position.” These phrases despatched many to the seas, chasing their desires, headed towards the Grand Line, looking for One Piece. Thus started a brand new age!

Seeking to be the best pirate on the planet, younger Monkey D. Luffy additionally heads towards the Grand Line looking for One Piece. His various group is becoming a member of him alongside the way in which, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook dinner, physician, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this will likely be one memorable journey.

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