One Piece Cliffhanger Drops Major Joy Boy Tease

One Piece has has shared a significantly clue concerning the mysterious Joyboy with the cliffhanger from the latest bankruptcy of the manga! As Wano Country’s climax continues with the overall battles on Onigashima unfolding with the newest chapters of Eiichiro Oda’s unique manga collection, enthusiasts had been given some main clues that the essential of the island to the remainder of the sector is way more important than first anticipated. There had been some main teases from outstanding characters about Wano’s general function in international historical past, and now a big tease has been dropped to but some other main legend from the collection. 

Joy Boy is still probably the most intriguing mysteries noticed development over the process One Piece as far as their movements all over the Void Century left such an affect on the remainder of the sector that Kozuki Oden discussed that the determine may just finally end up returning 900 years when they made their stamp at the international. Now the collection has without delay tied this well-known determine to the present occasions with the go back of Zunesha, who Momonosuke Oden mentions used to be a better half of Joy Boy all over the Void Century. 

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As were prior to now published in prior chapters, Zunesha, the large elephant sporting the rustic of Zou on its again, has made its solution to the floating Onigashima. It’s one thing that Momonosuke had picked up on prior to, and it kind of feels that the 2 of them are resonating in a lot the similar manner they have been prior to. While we do not get to peer Zunesha in motion in Chapter 1040 of the collection, Momonosuke confirms to Yamato that the elephant is shut via and divulges that he used to be a better half to Joy Boy who “dedicated a criminal offense 800 years in the past.” 

It turns out that Momonosuke desires Yamato to do one thing with Zunesha, however it is unclear as of this second. What is notable is that due to the tips in Oden’s magazine and what Momonosuke can be told from Joy Boy’s precise better half, Wano is much more essential to the mysteries of the sector and the overall island at the Grand Line than ever prior to. Now it is only a topic of seeing how it all comes in combination. 

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