One Piece Is Now Questioning Wano’s Future Freedom

The War For Wano continues to rage within the pages of One Piece’s manga, and even though the Straw Hat Pirates have defeated their fair proportion of Beast Pirates which have been hurled their method by means of the monstrous Kaido, it kind of feels that the way forward for Wano may well be in query from an unsuspecting resident of the remoted country. The Straw Hats have indisputably had their paintings minimize out for them on this newest arc, with every member of Luffy’s group having their very own distinctive issues to figure out, even though sure Wano citizens may have larger issues on their palms.

Warning. If you have got but to learn the newest bankruptcy of One Piece’s manga, Chapter 1041, you could need to steer transparent as we will be diving into some critical spoiler territory.

This battle going down inside Wano Country used to be by no means going to be a very easy one for the Straw Hats to win, with Luffy and the resistance being outnumbered by means of a large margin and probably the most tough contributors of the Beast Pirates being in all probability extra bad than any swashbuckler that they have got ever confronted. On best of the one-on-one battles taking place, the son of Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke, reveals himself having to make use of his dragon shape to be able to stay Beast PIrate headquarters, Onigashima, floating above the bottom. Should Momo lose keep watch over, the falling island would damage Wano Country.

As the younger son of Oden tries his highest to stay Onigashima within the sky, he starts to doubt if opening Wano’s borders is the proper option to make:

“Father used to be now not a prophet! If he had been nonetheless alive now, would he actually nonetheless say ‘open Wano’s borders’? I’m really not sensible sufficient to grasp! If it might imply exposing the folks of Wano to risk, I don’t need to open the borders! Am I merely a coward, Yamato?”

Momonosuke is likely one of the in all probability applicants to develop into a ruler of Wano must the Straw Hats organize to dethrone each the Beast Pirates and the present shogun, Orochi, and with this line of considering, in all probability Wano’s promise of being to be had to the arena at massive is a pipe dream regardless of whoever wins this battle.

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