One Piece Sets Up Momo’s Unbelievable New Ally

The War For Wano has observed one of the most greatest swashbucklers, when it comes to sheer measurement, take the battlefield with the likes of Kaido in his dragon shape dealing with down Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom preventing towards each Straw Hats and Beast Pirates alike, however it kind of feels as although a brand new participant has entered the struggle that dwarves all of them. With Momonosuke making an attempt to carry up the Beast Pirate headquarters referred to as Onigashima, a serving to hand has come from an surprising position because the Straw Hats have reputedly won an help from some of the greatest creatures of the Grand Line.

Warning. If you’ve got but to learn the newest installment of One Piece’s War For Wano Arc, Chapter 1041, you could need to steer transparent as we will be diving into some critical spoiler territory.

With Momonosuke these days in his dragon shape, the younger boy has actually had the burden of the sector put on his shoulders, operating to stay Onigashima afloat as Kaido’s flames that have been up to now maintaining it up have begun to dwindle because of the Beast Pirate Captain’s fight towards Luffy. Amazingly, a brand new participant enters the sport within the type of Zunesha, the large, creepy-looking elephant this is so huge that he holds the island of Zou on his again. With the eyes in his head tricky to make out, the large elephant is without a doubt a sight to behold however possibly simply the best friend that the Straw Hats wanted. 

For those that may not be as acquainted with Zunesha, he gave the impression right through the “Four Emperors Saga”, lending a hand to the Straw Hats when it got here to combating towards Jack the Drought, any other main antagonist within the historical past of One Piece. Though Zunesha has returned to lend his allies a hand, Momonosuke is doubting his personal energy, resulting in the son of Kozuki Oden to query himself to Yamato:

“What did he and Roger’s staff see on that ultimate island that made them giggle? I do not perceive what the purpose is! Father was once no longer a prophet! If he have been nonetheless alive now, would he actually nonetheless say ‘open Wano’s borders’? I’m really not sensible sufficient to know! I have compatibility would imply exposing the folk of Wano to threat, I don’t need to open the borders! Am I merely a coward Yamato?”

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