One Piece Teases a Major Manga Reveal in New Opening

One Piece is teasing a big manga divulge coming to the anime quickly with a primary glance observed in the most recent opening theme collection within the collection! The Wano Country arc has reached a brand new segment within the anime with the fights breaking out throughout Onigashima, and the collection kicked off the brand new 12 months in a flashy manner with the debut of a brand spanking new opening theme collection with its first new episode of 2022. Like the openings now we have observed for the Wano Country arc so far, this latest opening teases what to anticipate from this 12 months’s value of episodes. But there is a good larger tease snuck in.

The latest opening theme is titled “PAINT” as carried out via I Don’t Like Mondays, and now not simplest does it tease all the battles Luffy and the Straw Hat workforce will to find themselves in because the battles throughout Onigashima proceed, there is additionally a shadowy determine that makes their debut in the beginning of the collection along heavy hitters like Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard, and Red Haired Shanks. This is in fact a personality who will get a fairly large divulge within the manga, however nonetheless stays a big thriller for the anime.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

The latest opening theme collection offers the anime’s first take a look at the silhouette for Rocks D. Xebec, the Captain of the now defunct Rocks pirate workforce. This workforce used to be first alluded to prior to the fights throughout Wano broke out because the Marines published that Kaido, Big Mom and Whitebeard as soon as belonged to this notorious workforce years in the past prior to hanging out on their very own. It used to be then published that Monkey D. Garp had a combat with them on an island as he teamed up with Gol D. Roger to place a prevent to the workforce. 

It’s but to be proven in complete in both the manga or the anime, however Rocks’ position within the anime’s opening teases simply how essential the determine is to the lore of the collection as an entire. The extra we learn about Wano, the extra we discover out concerning the global at huge, so the tease of the notorious pirate captain her units the level for some even larger unearths to return within the anime’s long term episodes. 

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