One Piece Vol. 100 Special: Short Drama, Free Volumes, One-Shot & Much More

One Piece has been hovering to an all-time top, particularly with Megumi Ishitani’s Ep 982 that introduced in tons of praises for the anime being extra relaxing than the manga.

But that does not imply the manga is in the back of the contest, with the mysteries being opened up one at a time, the manga is build up rigidity to the realization of Wano Arc.

Six initiatives also are introduced with the One Piece manga attaining 100 volumes in overall which is a humongous milestone for any manga.

All 90 Volumes can be to be had totally free on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ (Plus) and Shueisha’s normal digital book shop Zebrack ranging from July 19.

Volume (1 – 32)July 19 – August 1
Volume (33 – 61)August 2 – August 15
Volume (62 – 90)August 16 – September 2

A One Piece Short Drama is alleged to be directed through a “well known director” and 5 other animation administrators can be part of it.

A collaboration poster between Where’s Wally and One Piece is launched within the Shonen Jump Issue 33/34. And the one that reveals the nature and tweets ” #Wally in Dress”, one can win a present through lottery.

Oda’s One-Shot “Monsters” can be made right into a voice-comic on Jump’s Youtube Channel, liberating on September sixth & seventh at 4 PM. The voice actors can be introduced at a later date.

Legendary Samurai Ryuma would be the protagonist of “Monsters” which could also be associated with One Piece’s manga these days serializing Wano Arc.

Shueisha, JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Bascule collaborates with the KIBO area broadcasting station on a undertaking named “KIBO DISCOVER PROJECT”.

The Straw Hats will sail to the International Space Station (ISS) to look “Treasure of the Universe” On August 2.

A visible with Luffy in a spacesuit has been launched to commemorate the announcement.

Last however now not least is the third National One Piece Knowledge King Finals for the One Piece Fans, programs for which has been began from lately onwards. The winner could have an opportunity to get their favourite personality drawn through Eiichiro Oda himself.

Among a lot of these bulletins, the One-Shot “Monsters” when it comes to Wano’s mythical samurai Ryuma and the animated quick drama are essentially the most thrilling ones along side the loose 90 volumes of the manga, which is perfect for any individual seeking to get into One Piece manga and binge-read it.

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