One-Punch Man Explains How Saitama Views Garou

One-Punch Man defined how Saitama in point of fact sees Garou with their first actual war of words in the latest bankruptcy of the collection! As ONE’s unique webcomic became Yusuke Murata illustrated collection continues exploring the climax of the fights between the Monster and Hero Associations, on the heart of the Human Monster saga is the monster himself, Garou, who has been often rising in his new monster frame and achieving all new ranges of ferocity. As he broadcasts that he’s going to wreck all of the international as a brand new roughly final evil, he in the end got here head to head with Saitama for actual with the former bankruptcy.

While Garou has been simply overwhelmed by means of Saitama time and again right through the collection thus far, the 2 of them have not begun to have both a right kind dialog or war of words. The earlier bankruptcy of the collection noticed the 2 of them come head to head for the primary actual time within the collection on this regard, and the latest bankruptcy of the collection takes it additional as Saitama assesses the Human Monster for what he in point of fact is. Garou could be seeking to turn out to be an final evil taking over the remainder of the arena, however in Saitama’s eyes he is not a monstrous danger in any respect. 

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Chapter 159 of One-Punch Man sees Garou celebrating the truth that he is some of the few final final status in any case the chaos with the monsters, however quickly Saitama arrives at the scene and entirely shatters this perception. Garou introduces himself to Saitama as a monster who’s without equal evil, however Saitama questions it since he did see Garou saving a helicopter filled with escaping civilians no longer lengthy ahead of. Garou says he’ll wreck each the Hero and Monster Associations anyway, however Saitama brushes it off. 

Noting that Garou does not appear to be a monster to him, Saitama as a substitute finds the trend over the truth that his rental’s been totally destroyed all of this. He simplest approached Garou as a result of he gave the look of the Monster King (which Saitama had already overwhelmed) and needs to vent his frustrations. It wasn’t till Garou fees at him and Saitama knocks him away with one punch that Saitama realizes that he is confronted off with Garou a couple of instances ahead of with out in point of fact figuring out it. 

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