‘Record of Ragnarok’ Trailer Teases the Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper Battle

All that Record of Ragnarok enthusiasts need is the tale’s maximum expected struggle but: Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper.

After one win, the people was much more motivated to defeat the Gods and declare their proper to reside. The first 3 battles had been all in line with power and tool, however the upcoming ones is probably not the similar.

Record of Ragnarok anime’s newest trailer for season 2 highlights the face-off between Greek’s most well liked hero, Hercules, and humanity’s maximum infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. The season will premiere globally on Netflix in 2023.

[ENG sub] Anime “Record of Ragnarok II” Teaser PV

The trailer first provides us a glimpse of the former 3 battles: Thor vs. Lu Bu, Zeus vs. Adam, and Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki. After that, we get to the great phase.

It is apparent that the battle between Jack and Hercules will likely be an atypical one. With any person who works with ways quite than power, Jack will no doubt have a tricky time combating some of the bodily robust fighters.

However, even Hercules will likely be in a pickle when Jack comes up with elaborate methods to battle him. But let’s no longer put out of your mind that Jack’s ace is the divine weapon given to him by way of the Valkyries.

The whole core group of workers is returning to paintings on season 2, with the addition of Yumeta Company for animation manufacturing at the side of Graphinica.

This will likely be a thrilling struggle as a result of people do not know the way to really feel a couple of assassin representing them. Their enhance is certain to waver when the opponent is the shining beacon of justice and just right deeds.

But let’s no longer put out of your mind that there will likely be extra rounds within the season consisting of Shiva, Buddha, Raiden Tameemon, and extra

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Record of Ragnarok (Shuumatsu no Valkyrie) is a seinen manga written by way of FUKUI Takumi. It has been serialized in Monthly Comic Zenon mag since 2017.

The gods come to a decision whether or not to permit humankind to reside or perish. The divine beings conclude that Humanity needs to be destroyed. In any case, issues exchange when a solitary Valkyrie places a advice to let the divine beings and mankind struggle one ultimate battle.

By this means, Humanity can substantiate themselves and continue to reside. As indicated by way of the method, 13 gods will struggle in opposition to 13 human victors in one-on-one fights to make a choice whether or not humankind lives or bites the mud.

Source: Warner Bros. Japan’s Official YouTube Channel

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