Review: Should ‘Kotaro Lives Alone’ Have A Spot On Your Netflix Watchlist?

Kotaro Lives Alone introduced an interesting twist for your run of the mill slice of existence anime when it aired at the tenth of this month.

Splendidly raising the style with its excellent plot and exceptional personality construction, it boosted the display’s enchantment with its deeper and darkish issues.

Directed via Tomoe Makino and animated via Liden Films, this Japanese Netflix authentic anime is an adaptation of the comedy-drama manga collection of the similar title, written and illustrated via Mami Tsumura.

The anime is a category of its personal because it masterfully weaves in emotionally heavy ideas with out using motion, delusion or the supernatural.

Purely depending at the on a regular basis lifetime of odd other people, it captivates the viewer’s consideration via heartfelt and relatable tales that instructed deep self-reflection and gratitude to 1’s present existence.

But it’s not all gloom and doom, as there may be quite a few smiles and light-heartedness when the central protagonist grows and overcomes his hardships, often studying to agree with within the kindness of others.

It’s surely price your time because it guarantees an exhilarating but healthy watch that strikes past the usual gag anime trope, handing over a sequence of intertwining and impactful anecdotes.

1. Plot

The plot kicks off with four-year-old Kotaro Sato taking on place of abode in an rental complicated all via himself. With no signal of his folks, he is adamant about status on his personal ft and turning into a pinnacle of power. 

As he is going about his challenge of independence, he paperwork a novel bond with the development’s tenants, in particular along with his neighbour and aspiring manga artist, Shin Karino.

Even regardless that Kotaro’s mysterious previous paperwork the beef of the tale, each and every episode holds more than one issues that toughen the binds between him and his newfound circle of relatives or evidently put throughout crucial existence classes.

But regardless of its light-heartedness, it may well casually throw in probably the most heart-wrenching moments of Kotaro’s loneliness out of nowhere.

This display is an actual episode turner and a phenomenal watch with a meticulously structured collection of intestine punches and bittersweet moments.

The pacing of person tales are somewhat fast and continue with none plot holes, regardless that the components quickly turns into fairly repetitive.

While its simplistic artwork taste and animation are regarded as a susceptible hyperlink, it fantastically emphasises sensible problems in an total enticing tale that everybody can revel in and relate to, making it a feat worthy of reward.

2. Characters

The anime incorporates a bunch of entertaining but thoughtfully designed characters.

Each one is independently fascinating with their struggles and quips. Moreover, everybody receives stellar personality construction inside of a report time of 10 episodes!

Kotaro is a fantastically written central protagonist.

Everything from his aristocratic feudal lord language to his endearing persona, his mystifying previous, and his headstrong resolution to develop up attracts within the viewer’s empathy and love for him.

But as his tale unfolds, we in any case perceive the intensity of his personality and the delicate but profound that means of his quirky behaviour.

I’m continuously in awe of his instinct and enraptured via his concept procedure, particularly when he excels at stuff maximum adults to find arduous to do (myself incorporated).

Throughout the display, we change into so used to Kotaro’s wisdom and impeccable mannerisms of a cultured gentleman that the days he does act like a child his age, its preciousness is amplified, particularly after we realise it is those few moments that he if truth be told enjoys his adolescence regardless of his hardships.

The uncommon cases when he really flashes a grin or innocently sings an off-beat music is actually heart-warming and heart-wrenching, because it reminds us to be thankful for our lives, regardless of how inconvenienced, we could also be.

Besides the display’s famous person, the secondary protagonists and the supporting characters are all exceptionally crafted to cause them to memorable and relatable.

As each and every one is going about their day and tries to conquer their respective hurdles, Kotaro’s working out and truthful nature lend a hand them to find solace of their troubles or even flip a brand new leaf to deal with them.

But it does not there; their healthy interactions provides the pint-sized famous person an opportunity to be informed about existence or even settle for pleasant help. Karino, specifically, has probably the most easiest ‘father-son’ moments with Kotaro.

However, the parental dynamic is not pressured even supposing they change into shut. It’s skillfully constructed during the episodes, with none rush and protecting each and every characters’ mannerisms intact.

3. Setting

The anime is basically set within the quiet suburbs and once in a while the city of modern day Japan.

Although we’re handled with more than a few places throughout the first part of the display, it quickly turns into visually fatiguing when the similar environments are revisited.

While the simplistic line artwork taste of the internal of the flats and atmosphere perhaps now not be everybody’s liking, it unquestionably fulfils its true function of accounting for the display’s comedy and balancing and even protecting its profound message.

Overall, this display had me hooked from begin to end! It’s no doubt 100% circulation subject matter as its unforgettable solid of characters, refreshing storytelling, and impressive discussion make it an endearing story that I am hoping shall be renewed for a 2d season.


Kotaro Lives Alone is a tale about Kotaro Sato, a four-year-old who strikes subsequent door to Shin Karino, a failed mangaka in an rental complicated. Kotaro has no folks however by hook or by crook manages to earn an source of revenue and lives on my own. Surprisingly, regardless of his age he has his existence extra put in combination than his grownup opposite numbers.

Mami Tsumura introduced the manga in Big Comic Superior in 2015. The collection has reached over 1.4 million copies in circulate. It additionally received an Electronic Manga Award in 2018.

The collection has a live-action adaptation with an upcoming anime adaptation in spring 2022.

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