Riko’s Crew Encounters Faputa in Made in Abyss’s New Promo Video

As Riko’s seek for her mom continues, one thing tells me that it is going to handiest get extra painful for the Made in Abyss fanbase. Even with Reg’s undefeated Incinerator, I will be able to handiest hope how lengthy the staff can hang on as they pass deeper into the layers.

The anime’s ultimate season made it very transparent that having lovely characters doesn’t suggest that it is going to be a cheerful tale. They additionally introduced a 2nd season just lately that can get started with Riko and her staff scouting the 6th layer and printed a brand spanking new trailer for a similar.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun unveiled a 2nd promotional video that includes the lead trio of Riko, Reg, and Nanachi getting into the 6th layer of the abyss. The season is scheduled for a July 2022 premiere.

“Made in Abyss: Golden Town of the Relentless Day” PV second ~ Rico-san Corps facet ~

The exciting phase in regards to the video used to be now not the trio assembly Faputa, however Reg being any person that the Princess of the Narehate known. She tackles him to the bottom and is shocked when Reg does not determine where they are at.

As everyone knows, Reg has no reminiscence of his time within the abyss prior to assembly Riko. The teaser confirms that Reg comes from a deeper pit degree and has been to the 6th too.

Moreover, the promo video additionally teases the anime’s opening theme known as ‘Katachi’ via Riko Azuna and finishing theme ‘Endless Embrace’ via MYTH&ROID.

“Made in Abyss: Golden Town of the Relentless Day”

The 2nd PV-Rico-san corps side-released!

New characters are right here!

The OP music could also be launched for the primary time! You can pay attention a little bit!


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With all of the brutality inflicted upon a host of 10-year-olds, we’re satisfied that this display isn’t for the faint-hearted. But on the similar time, the fanatics cannot lend a hand however get fascinated about it.

I will be able to’t look ahead to all of the new revelations and demanding situations that look forward to Riko and her pals within the upcoming season.

An orphaned woman named Riko lives within the Belchero Orphanage within the the town of Orth.

The the town surrounds a unusual, large hollow going deep into the Earth, which is repeatedly known as the Abyss.

The Abyss harbours artefacts and remnants of a civilization lengthy long gone, and is, subsequently, the preferred looking spot for so-called Cave Raiders, who adopt hard and threatening descents into the mist-filled pit to get well no matter relics they are able to to find.

Some mythical Cave Raiders earn the identify of White Whistle, one in all them being Riko’s mom, Lyza.

Riko’s longing in existence is to observe in her mom’s footsteps and change into a White Whistle. One day she discovers a robotic corresponding to a human boy within the Abyss and names him Reg.

Riko and her pals sneak Reg into Belchero and briefly welcome him into their close-knit workforce.

Sometime later, a balloon reaches the outside from the depths of the Abyss containing pages of discoveries made via Lyza, in addition to a message for Riko mentioning she is ready on the backside of the Abyss.

Riko, decided to seek out her mom, bids farewell to her pals and departs to the Abyss with Reg as her spouse.

Source: Made in Abyss Official Website

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