Rumble Garanndoll’s New PV Previews Japan Without Any Manga or Anime

Once shortly, there comes a chain whose premise is just too distinctive, even by way of anime requirements. This season’s Rumble Garanndoll is definitely one among them.

In this international, Japan is conquered by way of an alternative model of the rustic referred to as “Shinkoku Nippon,” which invades via a dimensional rift. They use gasoline guns known as “Genmu” and massive humanoid “Garan” guns towards which all trendy weaponry is unnecessary.

After a decade, the made over state has harsh censorship, and all manga, anime, idols, and comparable subcultures are banned. A secret society, Arahabaki, rises towards the federal government with Garanndoll guns powered by way of battery women.

The authentic web site for Rumble Garanndoll has launched a promotional video for the collection. The upcoming anime will premiere on October 11, 2021.

TV anime “Rumble Garanndoll Girl” PV third [Started broadcasting on October 11, 2021]

The PV introduces us to a number of underground society participants who take care of the otaku tradition in secret. They are a part of the Arahabaki resistance and pilot cute-looking mechas referred to as Garanndoll.

The PV additionally previews the hole theme for the collection “Fever Dreamer” by way of Mia REGINA. 

The anime’s first episode will probably be pre-screened at the Kadokawa Anime channel on October 3, 2021, from 20:00 JST.

As you can be expecting from a Studio Lerche anime, the animation seems to be crisp as standard. The persona design particularly stands proud as you can be expecting from Akio Watanabe(Monogatari Series).

You can virtually inform that you will like a personality from the design on my own, like Balzac Yamada, the commander of the Arahabaki resistance, who provides lowkey Kamina vibes.

This is an anime unique, so we do not in reality know what to anticipate. Hopefully, it’ll be as just right as any other Lerche classics.

Rumble Garanndoll is an upcoming unique Japanese anime tv collection animated by way of Studio Lerche. 


The tale starts in 2019, simply prior to the exchange in ancient eras for Japan. A rift to every other size unexpectedly opens within the skies above, revealing a “turnabout” change international known as “Shinkoku Nippon.” This parallel model of Japan maintained its militarism and stays caught within the Showa technology. Shinkoku Nippon invades Japan with its “Genmu” gasoline guns and massive humanoid “Garan” guns. The invaders in an instant take over our executive and all however overcome Japan. 

A decade later, our Japan has been made over as Genkoku Nippon, a puppet state of Shinkoku Nippon. Under harsh censorship, the once-thriving manga, anime, idol, and identical sub-cultures have utterly died off … or so it appeared. A secret society named Arahabaki rises up to withstand Shinkoku with Garanndoll guns powered by way of “battery women.”


Source: Rumble Garanndoll Official Website

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