Strongest Characters in Baki, Till Son of Ogre, Ranked

Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre simply premiered and I’m beautiful certain lots of the enthusiasts binge-watched the sequel in a single evening, identical to me.

We’ve been handled to a few superb fights within the earlier seasons. The martial arts tactics and assault efficiency that one of the crucial characters display are moderately surreal from time to time. But I’m right here for it.

This season too, we get to look two in reality impressive battles, and a deeper construction of one of the crucial characters, particularly our protagonist, Baki.The energy ratings have shaken up, and with some new characters within the midst, it is time for brand spanking new best.

Before I get started, this text incorporates some spoilers from the second one and 3rd arcs from Baki’s 3rd manga. Netflix’s anime has simplest proven the “Oliva Arc” thus far, however we’re going to communicate in regards to the “Pickle Arc” and “Father vs. Son Arc” as smartly. So, continue with warning.

This web page incorporates spoilers from Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre.

10. Shibukawa Goki – “The One True Master of Aiki”

This septuagenarian makes for a median fighter. No one can beat him in terms of Aiki, the name of the game jujutsu methodology that makes use of the opponent’s energy in opposition to them.

Goki displays a in reality cool finger-grab transfer the place he grabs only one finger of the opponent to defeat him. He makes use of this method on Mohammad Alai Jr. in a rematch in opposition to him, and displays him who is boss.

Goki places up a just right battle in opposition to Jack Hanma (Hammer, on the time) however sadly loses to him. It’s more than likely the muscle tissue and the sheer measurement and uncooked energy of Hanma that does Goki in, to not point out the large age distinction.

9. Doppo “Man-Eater” Orochi – “The God of War”

Doppo Orochi was once Mitsunari Tokugawa’s underground event champion prior to Baki received the name. He is the tenth dan grandmaster of Shinshinkai Karate, and the most powerful Karateka on the planet.

Eater of fellows, slayer of tigers, uprooter of bushes, this man is even undeterred in a battle with Yujiro Hanma. Not that he wins that face off, however simply the truth that he does not backtrack in opposition to the Ogre, is testomony to his energy.

This is identical strength of will that permits him to battle in spite of having his hand bring to an end (through Dorian) and eye mutilated (through Yujiro).

Yujiro Hanma vs Doppo Orochi Grappler Baki perfect battle

Doppo Orochi could also be the writer of his personal Karate taste, ShinShinKai Karate, along side Orochi-ryu Karate, a mode distinctive to him.

8. Tie: Retsu Kaioh and Katsumi Orochi

Let’s speak about Katsumi first, since we simply spoke of Doppo. Katsumi is Doppo’s adoptive son, nicknamed “the deadly weapon” for his Karate abilities. He’s the third dan of Shinshinkai Karate, a real prodigy.  

We see his abilities all the way through his combat with Hanayama all the way through the Basement Tournament within the Maximum Tournament Saga.

In the Pickle Wars saga, Katsumi refines his Karate tactics with the assistance of Retsu and Kaioh Kaku. He develops his Mach Punch transfer to Mach Fist, which he makes use of in his battle with Pickle.

Retsu is hailed as China’s 2nd most powerful, proper after Kaioh Kaku.

In the Maximum Tournament Saga, Retsu has already crushed Taktarov and Mount Toba prior to he makes use of his Invisible Squash and Sunkei tactics to blast Katsumi proper off the bottom.

Retsu additionally manages to completely injury the mind of the escaped American convict, Dorian.

7. President Jun Guevaru – “Strongest Pirate in History”

Guevaru is without doubt one of the new characters presented within the fresh Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre anime on Netflix. He is meant to be another model of the notorious Cuban revolutionist Che Guevara.

He is a former pirate and is without doubt one of the “unfastened males” within the jail in Arizona, along side Biscuit Olivia. Guevaru is a professional within the Mukakure-ryu Ninjutsu scuffling with taste, and that permits him to be more potent than a device gun.

All Guevaru wishes are his naked arms to defeat someone, regardless of their energy, measurement, and weapon/s of selection. Guevaru no longer simplest has enhanced senses, however he additionally has an especially a gentle hand.

With killer talent and precision, he turns a strand of his hair right into a needle and sticks it into an inmate’s ear, lacerating his cochlea and throwing him off steadiness.

6. Jack Hanma – “The Ultimate Athlete”

Jack, the elder stepbrother of Baki, could also be the son of “the Ogre” Yujiro Hanma. The man is pumped on steroids and has additionally had a couple of bone lengthening surgical procedures. This turns him into the tallest personality within the sequence, hitting nearly 8 toes within the manga, and seven toes within the anime. 

He’s had a ton of pit-fighting revel in and is powerful as hell on account of his overtraining and his decision to grow to be robust sufficient to defeat his father. Even with out his steroids, he’s able to killing a polar undergo.

He’s in fact moderately terrifying – he is a biter too – he can chew thru picket. The biting fit he has with Pickle is ugly. In the tip he’s defeated through Pickle, however he manages to scare him too, which is an especially uncommon feat. I’ve a sense he’ll get more potent.

5. Biscuit “Unchained” Olivia – Strongest Man in America

The new season has some terrific scenes with Biscuit Olivia and we see how sturdy he in reality is; prior to this season, I’d have ranked him underneath Jack.The battle that he has with Baki makes him indisputably deserve his rank at the listing.

He is America’s most powerful guy and a bounty hunter for the federal government. Just check out the dude’s muscle tissue – they’re so dense that they may be able to take in a bullet from a shotgun.

I would not say Olivia is a martial arts professional – in reality, some distance from it. But it is like he nearly does not want it. His brute energy covers up for the whole lot.

His punches can kill on unmarried have an effect on, hit fighters like Baki thru a metal door, and reason the GPS programs of all the global to malfunction.

His muscle regeneration and frame recovery also are mad fast. If he had martial arts wisdom, Olivia would indisputably climb the ranks from #5 to possibly #4 or #3.

4. Kaku Kaioh – “Strongest Man in China”

Remember how I began the listing off with a man in his 70s? Well, get ready your self, ‘cuz right here now we have the 146-year-old Kaioh Kaku, who manages to thieve the #4 place in this listing.

Old is gold is really badass. He’s hailed because the most powerful guy alive in China, and one of the vital largest opponents to have ever lived on the planet. Even Yujiro is in awe of him.

He’s a Chinese Kenpo grandmaster who has a number of particular tactics that permit him to battle in spite of his measurement and age. I’ll by no means disregard how superbly he fought in opposition to Yujiro.

Kaioh Kaku’s use of Shaori permits him to take in robust punches with out being broken, and likewise we could him pack sufficient energy into his assaults to crack a concrete wall.

Yujiro Hanma VS Kaku Kaioh | Baki (ONA) 2020 – English Dub [60FPS]

He additionally by no means stops studying – he achieves “martial arts good judgment” at 90, which he believes to be the best way to true energy. True legend.

3. Pickle – “Strongest Man within the Jurassic Era”

The new Netflix season gave us a glimpse of the prehistoric risk, Pickle, actually found out subsequent to a T-rex all the way through an excavation venture in Colorado. Symbolism a lot? [VG13] 

I do not in reality imagine him to be of the similar species because the others. He is nearer to beast than human, or even his gait, strikes, and scuffling with tactics are animalistic and savage.

This reality that he is from the Jurassic generation does not make him fossilized or out of date on the subject of talent – his instincts are exceptional and his bodily prowess scary.

The reality that he is so got rid of from present civilization is a professional for him, as a result of opponents like Baki will in finding it tough to expect his unfamiliar strikes.

While it is close to unattainable to continue to exist Pickle’s energy, you’ll escape if it simply comes all the way down to intelligence and martial arts tactics.

He’s nonetheless primitive in the ones spaces, however who is aware of, everyone seems to be able to studying; I will’t even consider what a robust and clever Pickle would appear to be.

2. Baki Hanma – “Strongest Boy/Man within the World”

For now, the titular protagonist Baki Hanma remains to be a robust quantity 2. He is called the Champion of the Underground Arena in Tokyo and makes a speciality of combined martial arts.

Baki is not only sturdy and muscular, he is beautiful lean in comparison to the opposite characters, and extra versatile and sturdy.


Baki says he is not fascinated with turning into the most powerful guy on earth, simplest more potent than his father. But this quest leads him to seeking to beat males as robust as Yujiro – who’s already probably the most robust creature on earth.

In the newest season, Baki purposely will get himself thrown into jail to overcome the most powerful inmates there. Among them are the notoriously robust Biscuit Olivia and Jun Guevaru, who he faces off in opposition to.

At this level, Baki has defeated nearly all different characters, together with Jack Hanma, Muhammad Alai Jr., Retsu, a huge Praying Mantis, and one of the crucial more moderen characters.

His intense shadow boxing coaching, decision to overcome the prehistoric Pickle, and his combat with Olivia is moderately indicative of what’s to return forward.

1. Yujiro “The Ogre” Hanma – Strongest Creature on Earth

Yujiro Hanma, aka “The Ogre” is the most powerful creature in Baki universe hailed because the “most powerful creature on Earth.” He’s Baki’s father who is without doubt one of the simplest two males who made United States give up with out the usage of guns.

Yujiro has mastered all martial arts tactics recognized to guy.

When Yujiro flexes the muscle tissue on his again, they take the type of a demon or ogre, thus the title. The man in fact stopped an earthquake through preventing the tectonic plates from transferring. Is he for actual?

Bulletproof glass, katanas, the rebel police, a prehistoric elephant – not anything is an excessive amount of for Yujiro. His assaults are mentioned to be nearly as impactful as nuclear blasts.

Yujiro eats opponents like Biscuit Olivia and Doppo for breakfast. And it is not sufficient that he is sturdy; Yujiro is quick, I imply super-fast, nearly invisible to human eyes. The factor is, Yujiro remains to be evolving, identical to his son.

However sturdy Baki will get, he would possibly by no means fit as much as his father. Or will he? We’ll simply have to attend and watch.

Honorary Mention: Yuichiro Hanma

I’ve to say Yuichiro Hanma on this listing, despite the fact that we have not observed a lot of him within the sequence. He’s the daddy of Yujiro, and the grandfather of Baki – and he would possibly simply be more potent than either one of them blended.

He used to be in a position to damage america in WW2; the one different individual in a position to have accomplished this, is his son. I in reality want they bring about him again from the lifeless, one way or the other; it might be fascinating to look how the dynamics trade within the Hanma circle of relatives.

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Grappler Baki referred to as Baki the Grappler in North America, is a manga sequence written and illustrated through Keisuke Itagaki. It used to be firstly serialized in Weekly Shōnen Champion, and picked up into 42 tankōbon volumes through Akita Shoten.

The tale follows youngster Baki Hanma as he trains and exams his scuffling with abilities in opposition to various other fighters in fatal, no laws hand-to-hand fight.

He spends each and every waking second coaching and scuffling with in order that he would possibly one day surpass the scuffling with talents of the most powerful being on Earth – his father Yuujiro Hanma, a merciless guy who lives simplest to battle and harm folks.

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