The Heiki Story’s OP And ED Sequence Foreshadow Heiki’s Misfortune

Whenever a big tournament takes position in a tale, it is very fulfilling to appear again realize all of the foreshadowing that resulted in it. In the case of The Heiki Story, even though, the prophecy attitude completely flips that order of delight.

Even with that, the issues that result in the inevitable are nonetheless stress-free to observe as a result of there’s a small probability it could now not come true.

The medium of anime has the original alternative to ship that foreshadowing of chance or impossibility thru its openings and endings.

The reputable website online for The Heiki Story has launched creditless opening and finishing sequences for the anime.

TV anime “The Heike Story” opening video: Hitsujibungaku “When it shines”

The OP series has Biwa operating thru a box to take hold of Shigemori’s hand. She begins to recall all of the the Aristocracy she has befriended and the glimpses of misfortune that can in the end befall them, together with Shigemori preventing in a battle.

The opening theme “Hikaru Toki” is carried out by means of Hitsuji Bungaku.

TVアニメ「平家物語」エンディング映像:agraph feat. ANI(スチャダラパー)「unified standpoint」

TV animation “Heike Monogatari” finishing video: agraph feat. ANI (Schadarapa) “unified standpoint”

The monochrome visuals of ED are extra delicate of their method. We see Biwa at some point, indicated by means of her lengthy hair and feminine apparel. She is continuously seeking to see soothing pictures of nature however blows out a flickering candle, possibly symbolizing the tip of the Heiki empire that she set in movement along with her prophecy.

The finishing theme “Unified Perspective” is carried out by means of agraph that includes ANI (SCHADARAPARR).

Biwa has already said how she hates her skill to look the long run. As she in the end grows nearer to Shigemori’s siblings, even though, she could be pressured to make use of it to lend a hand Shigemori keep away from the circle of relatives’s downfall.

Together with their useless seeing eye and long run sight, will Shigemori and Biwa be capable of exchange the long run? Or Shigemori’s father’s movements have already ensured the inevitable?


The Heiki Story is an authentic anime by means of Studio Science SARU which follows the tale of a musician woman Biwa, who has the facility to look ghosts and the long run. She befriends the inheritor of the tough Taira extended family and prophesies the extended family’s eventual downfall.


The tale is tailored from Hideo Furukawa’s novel Heiki Monogatari, a retelling of the twelfth century Genpei War between the Taira and the Minamoto extended family for the keep an eye on of Japan.

Source: The Heiki Story Official Website

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