The Missing 8 ONA Begins Streaming Episodes on Fuzi’s YouTube Channel

The lifestyles of humanoids able to creativeness, feelings, and being extra involved with their human aspect would possibly look like fiction, however The Missing 8 universe is the other.

Here, people are fabled beings, while human-like androids are the truth.

The idea for The Missing 8 got here from two tune movies by way of Fuzi referred to as Overf1low and Optimi2er in July 2019 and March 2020, respectively.

The MVs turned into beautiful standard, and the theory for an anime according to the concept that used to be put underneath manufacturing.

After greater than a yr, we in spite of everything were given an anime according to it, and we could not be extra serious about it.

WIT Studio, Fuzi, and Naoki Yoshibe began streaming the primary two episodes of The Missing 8 ONA on Fuzi’s YouTube Channel in Japanese with English subtitles.

The Missing 8 | Original Web Anime | #1 | Welcome To Our Life

The first episode introduces us to the protagonists, two androids named Poppy and Punkun, who’ve polar reverse personalities however nonetheless get alongside beautiful neatly.

As Poppy recites the story of Lux the human to Punkun, the latter will get somewhat aggravated about why Poppy is so fascinated by a fictional being.

Soon they run into some Dragonewts, who’re damaging creatures that terrorize others.

We quickly uncover that the androids are divided into two classes, the imaginators, and the creators. One of each and every paperwork a couple that protects their house from the Dragonewts.

As you’ll wager, Poppy is an imaginator, whilst Punkun is the writer. An imaginator can shape codes for guns of their thoughts and keep up a correspondence it to the writer who takes at the form and talents of that weapon.

Punkun loses an arm because of Poppy’s immature conduct and unawareness of the placement, however the two defeat the Dragonewts and offer protection to the realm.

The Missing 8 | Original Web Anime | #2 | The Middle

Episode 2 is the place the tale takes a thrilling flip. A mysterious meteor falls on this planet, which seems to be a spaceship.

Mother, the writer of all androids, will get a record from Poppy in regards to the meteor and instantly will get agitated about its truth.

Curious by way of Mother’s response, Poppy convinces Punkun to take a look at the encompassing house of the meteor crash and in finding an subconscious human mendacity at the floor.

Naoki Yoshibe has completed a super activity on the animation, and Fuzi, along side Yoshibe and the others, has penned an excellent and tasty script.

These two episodes have been so exhilarating that I will’t wait to peer what occurs subsequent!

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The Missing 8 is an authentic internet anime by way of WIT Studio, Fuzi, and Naoki Yoshibe. The idea debuted in Fuzi’s tune movies launched in Overf1low and Optimi2er in July 2019 and March 2020, respectively.

It revolves round androids Poppy and Punkun, who live to tell the tale a planet the place people are fabled. Their global accommodates androids, robots, sky fish, and damaging creatures referred to as Dragonewts. One day, a human spaceship crashlands on this planet and adjustments the entirety.

Source: Fuzi’s YouTube Channel

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