Toei’s New Experimental Project Features Idols In Edo Period

It turns out like each and every plot that you can imagine, regardless of how extraordinary, there is more than likely an anime about it. Somehow, one thing as far-off as idols and samurais can exist inside the similar tale and make sense, like Toei’s new experimental undertaking.

Toei Animation and promoting company Sotsu have introduced a brand new anime undertaking titled Sharedol. A pilot movie can be launched on YouTube on October 25, 2021.

Toei’s PEROs (Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio) and younger manufacturers of Sotsu are generating the anime undertaking in combination.

The tale is about in Kansei generation in Japan’s Edo duration, the place the daimyo’s reforms have limited any type of leisure for the average other people. A gaggle of women come to a decision to riot in contrast and shape an idol staff. They put on idol costumes in a “Neo Edo,” a global that mixes the tradition of Kansei and trendy Japan.

The authentic Twitter account of Sharedol has launched a teaser visible for the approaching undertaking.

Fashionable Kawaraban Part 1

Time is Kansei, the city of Edo
A large fool of Reiwa gave the impression.
Produce Edo women.
A large playing strive!

Such a global

Idol actions ready for beating

Video liberate 10/25 (Monday)
For main points, please seek advice from the memorandum ↓

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The visible options the gang’s again shot of the unnamed idol staff. Most of them are dressed in a kimono excluding a lady in a Kunoichi outfit and every other person who turns out to have her hair down with what looks as if a western get dressed.

No further main points equivalent to workforce or forged had been published but.

This undertaking is being evolved to lend a hand the approaching era of manufacturers and to experiment with new techniques of manufacturing and distribution. After the discharge of the movie, additional construction of the undertaking will depend on the fan reception.

Although the concept that turns out completely extraordinary, Toei can nearly pull off the rest. Also, how steadily do you get to look idols taking part in shamisen and biwa?

Watch Sharedol on:

Sharedol is an upcoming anime undertaking which is a collaboration between Toei Animation and Sotsu.

The firms describe the IP with the theme of “Edo x Idol.” Sharedol is a piece that mixes two concepts decided on from 15 proposed ideas. The tale is about within the Kansei generation in Japan’s Edo duration, and Matsudaira Sadanobu’s Kansei reforms have limited leisure for the average other people. A gaggle of women with their very own worries have ideas that “erupt as idols.” These Edo duration women put on idol costumes in a “Neo Edo” global that mixes the cultures of the Kansei and trendy Reiwa eras.

Source: PR Times Official Website

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