Top 10 Strongest Characters In One Piece Anime, Ranked!

With effectively over 970 episodes, One Piece anime has an abundance of insanely robust characters and lovely plotlines. Not to say, every new persona turns out leagues more potent than the ultimate.

Just whilst you suppose you’ve got without equal record, Oda makes you scratch your head once more. I imply I went on and on about how Shanks is way more potent than Kaido. Boy, was once I incorrect! Did you spot Kaido’s newest feats? He is an absolute beast.

So, I determined to do what any sane particular person obsessive about a chain for 20 years would do. I watched it once more and made this record of who I feel to be the highest 10 most powerful characters within the One Piece anime. From Marinesto Warlords and notorious pirate captains, I’ve were given a rollercoaster for you these days!

Ps…One of the issues I like about One Piece is the epithets that Oda sensei offers to his characters. So, I would not move any likelihood to call those characters within the coolest means conceivable.

10. “The Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh

The former proper hand of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, Silvers Rayleigh, has relatively the recognition himself. Also referred to as the Dark King, Rayleigh would possibly no longer have a satan fruit however was once in a position to stay alongside of Admiral Kizaru in spite of no longer being in his high. His Advanced Armament Haki greater than compensates for his loss of a satan fruit.

Rayleigh’s indisputably no longer a grandpa to be underestimated, having fought apart legends like Whitebeard, Garp, Shiki, Kong, and Sengoku all the way through the reign of Roger. During his high, he manhandled Marco with a unmarried finger.

If you do not know he’s, Marco is the previous first department commander of Whitebeard Pirates and one of the vital most powerful legendary zoan satan fruit customers in One Piece! Rayleigh’s accomplishments all the way through the Sabaody arc and numerous rumors in regards to the Dark King’s prowess earn him the 10th spot in this record.

9. Former Admiral “Aokiji” Kuzan

Kuzan’s access to the One Piece international is more than likely the funniest of all. How ceaselessly do you spot a personality simply walking around the globe on his motorbike peddling on peak of frozen oceans?

When a personality has the prospective to switch the literal topography of a whole island whilst preventing, remember the fact that, they belong within the top-tier. Aokiji’s ten-day-long combat with Akainu on Punk Hazard is one among his maximum exceptional feats. He would possibly’ve misplaced, however the combat is among the longest within the sequence.

Aokiji’s satan fruit, the Hie Hie no Mi, offers him terrifying regulate over ice that is in a position to freezing the sea in a blink. Aokiji even casually iced over Doflamingo at one level– who then determined no longer even to combat him.

As a former Admiral who was once nominated for the location of Fleet Admiral, Aokiji is well some of the most powerful. However, he did lose his leg and now makes use of his satan fruit to create a prosthesis which is a conceivable legal responsibility.

8. Marine Admiral Issho “Fujitora”

Frankly, the one explanation why Fujitora is not ranked upper is that we’ve not observed a lot of him. What now we have observed, despite the fact that, is punctiliously spectacular.

Issho’s satan fruit, the Zushi Zushi no Mi, makes different satan culmination appear to be toys when compared. With the facility of gravity regulate in his arsenal, Fujitora has achieved probably the most craziest feats. During his combat in opposition to Law, he summoned a meteor from house; in opposition to Zoro, he despatched the swordsman deep underground with only a unmarried conflict in their swords; he lifted all of the rubble in Dressrosa with out breaking a sweat and in addition took on Kaido’s peak commander Jack.

Not to omit, Fujitora did not even take the combat in opposition to Sabo critically. With a satan fruit so harmful that it might damage the sector, it is no thriller why Doflamingo referred to as Fujitora and Green Bull true beasts.

7. Marine Admiral Borsalino “Kizaru”

Coming in at 7th, now we have the quickest guy in One Piece! Borsalino, higher referred to as Kizaru, is the one closing Admiral from the unique trio after Aokiji’s departure and Akainu’s promotion to Fleet Admiral.

The Pika Pika no Mi offers Kizaru the power to control gentle or even flip his frame into gentle itself, making him inhumanely rapid. Kizaru has taken at the likes of Whitebeard (who could not even hit him!) and Rayleigh, who may just most effective forestall him through the usage of Haki.

He was once held down Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri with a unmarried foot– a feat that will’ve required immense bodily power. Moreover, he simply defeated all of the Supernovas on Sabaody. Despite his laid-back perspective, it is not a stretch to mention Kizaru is well probably the most bad marines.

6. “Hawk Eyes” Dracule Mihawk

The identify of the sector’s most powerful swordsman is not one to be taken calmly. Besides his spectacular swordsmanship, Mihawk additionally is among the maximum complicated Observation Haki and Armament Haki wielders. Mihawk simply outclasses the likes of Rayleigh, Shiryu, and the swordsmen from Wano, who’re thought to be S-class swordsmen within the One Piece international.

Having been Shanks’ rival at one level, Mihawk sparred with Shanks on equivalent phrases a couple of occasions ahead of the latter misplaced his arm. This feat by myself is sufficient to make sure Mihawk’s spot top-of-the-line of the most productive.

5. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki “Akainu”

Akainu is these days at his height after defeating every other top-tier marine, Aokiji, all the way through the time skip and incomes his place as Fleet Admiral.

By a ways, his biggest feat was once going up in opposition to Whitebeard, the ‘Strongest Man In The World,’ one on one. Akainu withstood the previous captain’s quake assault adore it was once not anything or even inflicted some critical harm on Whitebeard through blowing off part of his head.

After that, he went directly to tackle all of the Whitebeard commanders, and no longer even Marco and Vista may just put a dent in him even with Haki. Akainu’s satan fruit, the Magu Magu no Mi, has probably the most offensive energy within the One Piece universe through a ways. The marine will most probably reappear all the way through the general conflict, the place his true power shall be examined.

Fun Fact: Oda as soon as discussed in an interview that if Akainu have been the protagonist, One Piece would have wrapped up in three hundred and sixty five days! I guess that proves how sturdy he’s!

4. Charlotte Linlin aka “Big Mom”

The terrifying and soul-stealing Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, wields the facility of the satan fruit referred to as the Soru Soru no Mi, which permits her to control souls.

She can just about take down anyone with one shot the usage of her satan fruit powers. Her power was once mighty sufficient to without difficulty take down Kaido’s commander Queen with out the usage of Haki or her satan fruit powers.

She weirlds 3 guns: Prometheus, Napoleon, and the brand new thundercloud Hera, additional upload to her power. Besides her general offensive power, Big Mom has improbable sturdiness. She’s an absolute tank!

We have not observed her harm even as soon as, which speaks for itself. Her pores and skin is nearly as difficult as Kaido’s scales even with out Armament Haki– Brook failed even to pierce her pores and skin. Moreover, she unflinchingly blocked Luffy’s equipment fourth Kong Gun– an assault that obliterated Doflamingo.

3. “Blackbeard” Marshall D. Teach

Teach is the one persona to own the facility of 2 satan culmination after stealing the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard the usage of some unknown means. The Yami Yami no Mi is the most powerful identified logia satan fruit, whilst the Gura Gura no Mi is probably the most harmful paramecia sort. Moreover, he may also nullify different satan fruit powers!

Since the time skip, Blackbeard has had time to coach the usage of the 2 satan culmination, so we will rely on him being a lot more potent the following time he comes round. Teach depends upon his satan culmination so much however nonetheless had really extensive bodily power. However, he hasn’t proven any haki skills but.

So there is no pronouncing how he’d tackle characters like Shanks or Mihawk who wouldn’t have satan fruit powers to nullify and whose complicated ranges of Haki may just evade his assaults.

That being stated, Blackbeard did organize to wound Shanks ahead of he even had a satan fruit which must be value one thing. He additionally defeated Ace, a Yonko commander on the time, in only a quick combat. Blackbeard no longer most effective tanked Ace’s most powerful assaults but in addition virtually snapped Ace’s neck with one punch.

2. “Red-Haired” Shanks

As the captain of the Red-Hair Pirates and to not point out a Yonko, Shanks’ position at the record is easily earned. Shanks would possibly no longer have a satan fruit, however he does possess all 3 kinds of Haki– maximum significantly, Conqueror’s Haki, which was once sturdy sufficient to wreck Whitebeard’s send.

Shanks sparred with Mihawk and was once on par with the ‘World’s Strongest Swordsman’ till he misplaced his arm. However, dropping his arm did not make him weaker within the slightest. In truth, Shanks went directly to turn out to be Yonko after dropping his arm.

And that isn’t all – Shanks may be well-respected some of the higher echelon of pirates. By merely arriving at Marineford, Shanks was once in a position to deliver the conflict to a halt single-handedly.

1. Kaido of the Beasts

Kaido of the Beasts, a yonko, is the most powerful persona in One Piece international. He is actually referred to as “the most powerful creature” on Earth. He has the legendary zoan Uo Uo no Mi that shall we him become a legendary dragon and his snatch of Haki Is super.

It’s no thriller why he has the perfect bounty of all of the Yonko. The King of the Beasts may be rumored to be immortal after he walked clear of a ten,000-meter fall unscathed. Moreover, when put below a guillotine, the blade itself shattered.

Kaido is most probably in his high at the present time, and the combat in opposition to Luffy is certain to be epic. Especially because the first time Luffy fought Kaido, his equipment fourth assault did not even scratch the Yonko who swatted him away with one hit. After all, if it is 1v1, all the time wager on Kaido.

The One Piece universe is clearly filled with insanely robust characters, however no longer they all may just make the reduce to the highest ten just because no longer a lot is understood about them.

Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec, the chief of the Rock Pirates, was once as soon as the Pirate King’s greatest rival. He had the most powerful of the most powerful like Kaido, Whitebeard, and Big Mom as his team and posed a major danger to the Marines.

Im sama

Not a lot is understood about Im’s bodily prowess, however it appears that evidently, he holds really extensive political energy. The Gorosei knelt ahead of him as he sat at the Empty Throne, so it is conceivable he controls the core of the World Government itself. Surely he should be sturdy for the Gorosei to admire him.


The Marine Admiral Ryokugyu, sometimes called Green Bull, was once known as a ‘true beast’ through Doflamingo. Seeing as despite the fact that he stocks the nickname with Fujitora, it is secure to suppose he may well be simply as sturdy. He stocks the similar laid-back perspective as Aokiji however can take his tasks critically when wanted.

Monkey D. Dragon

Dragon, father to Luffy and son to Garp, is the chief of the Revolutionary Army and probably the most sought after guy within the One Piece Universe. It is not transparent whether or not his top bounty is because of his power or rebelliousness, or some secret he holds in opposition to the federal government.

However, assuming Sabo, his 2nd in command, was once skilled through him and was once sturdy sufficient to tackle an Admiral, Dragon should definitely be a pressure to be reckoned with. Based on his bloodline, portrayal, and the truth that Oda is saving him for the top of the sequence, Dragon’s power may just rival, if no longer surpass, the Yonko.

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