Top 10 Strongest Heroes in The Rising of the Shield Hero, Ranked!

Anime’s freshest Isekai, The Rising of the Shield Hero, has an attractive numerous fluctuate of robust characters that dominate its universe. The reason why is that the tale comes to a couple of worlds from and by which characters wield their powers.

In the anime and the sunshine novel on which it’s based totally, the Heroes are the most powerful entities within the tale. A Hero could be a individual from both of the core worlds, who possesses one of the most 4 Legendary Weapons, or one of the most 8 Vassal Weapons which might be part of every global.

The purpose of the Heroes is to save lots of the arena/s from the Waves of Calamity and the Guardian Beasts, and to defeat the unique enemy at the back of the Waves that seeks to fuse the worlds and damage them.

Every Hero is given a name in accordance with the kind of weapon they wield/are selected through. They can both be Legendary/Cardinal/Holy Heroes, or Vassal Weapon Holders/Seven Star Heroes.

All Heroes possess improbable energy, every with various strengths and weaknesses. Although it’s tough to rank the Heroes in the case of power, I’ve compiled the highest 10 most powerful Heroes.

I believe the two Hero classes – Legendary and Vassal, from the two worlds – Raphtalia and Glass’s global. I may not believe S’yne’s global since we do not know a lot in regards to the characters but. Let’s get proper to it!

10. Shildina – The Ofuda Hero

Hero – Legendary

World – Glass’s World

Weapon – Legendary Ofuda

Shildina is without doubt one of the 4 Legendary Heroes from Glass’s global. She is the former Miko Priestess and Oracle of Q’ten Lo and the more youthful sister of Sadeena, the Harpoon Hero.

She is without doubt one of the more moderen heroes presented, however has already proven a number of herbal, realized, magical, and weapon skills. She can turn into into an Orca and magnify her bodily and magical would possibly.

Her largest power is shooting souls and reminiscences of deceased warriors/heroes and sealing them away in playing cards. With the assistance of a fraction of a previous Hammer Hero’s soul, she may just briefly spice up her personal skills.

She too can carry out advanced ritual, ceremonial, Vein, and ofuda magic, in conjunction with the Way of the Dragon.

9. L’Arc Berg Sickle – The Scythe Hero

Hero – Vassal

World – Raphtalia and Glass’s World

Weapon – Vassal Scythe

The Vassal Scythe can summon and propel power that may simply slice any goal into two.

Although L’Arc most commonly makes use of his talents to provoke his spouse Therese, who herself is loopy robust, L’Arc’s short-range struggle can’t be reckoned with.

He too can mix his strikes with Therese’s spells to create assaults just like the Thunder Rain Flying Circle which is a mix of L’Arc’s Flying Circle ability and Therese’s Thunder Rain spell. This explicit transfer can discharge lightning and will electrify any goal.

L’Arc is the present king of Berg Country, and is well-loved for his persona and power.

8. Raphtalia – The Katana Hero

Hero – Vassal

World – Raphtalia and Glass’s World

Weapon – Vassal Katana

Raphtalia is understood for being Naofumi’s first actual best friend and spouse. She is the only maximum dependable to him, and possess skills that supplement the Shield Hero the most productive.

She is speedy, and tremendous gifted at struggle, particularly when she is the usage of her sword. Her software talents trump everybody else’s. She can use her katana in all kinds of how, from detecting poison to forming a twister.  

Raphtalia additionally has a herbal affinity against Light and Dark magic, and will use skills granted through the Demon Dragon Emperor to take in magic and make it extra robust.

She could also be the Heavenly Emperor of Q’ten Lo, and will use strikes just like the Divine Clash of the Five Practices and Five Elements: Destiny Split.

Naofumi and Raphtalia fights the first Wave (The Rising of The Shield Hero)

Later, Raphtalia additionally learns the preventing taste referred to as Hengen Muso, making her extra professional in struggle.

7. Kizuna Kazayama – The Hunting Hero

Hero – Legendary

World – Glass’s World

Weapon – Legendary Hunting Tool

Kizuna, like the opposite Legendary Heroes, was once summoned to this global from an alternative Japan. Her primary quest was once to take down the Dragon Emperor, and her Legendary Hunting Tool is designed in particular to defeat monsters.

However, as a result of it’s so robust, Kizuna is particular from the usage of the weapon to wreck any human or sub-human races.

The offensive talents of the searching software are lots. A specifically terrifying one is the Break Down: Scale Removal, which peels of explicit portions from the unlucky monster and its flesh.  

Kizuna unlocks the Sloth Curse Series earlier than being imprisoned within the Infinite Labyrinth. Later it turns into so sturdy that it envelops her and has an impact at the others round her.

6. Ren Amaki – The Sword Hero

Hero – Legendary

World – Raphtalia’s World

Weapon – Legendary Sword

We all know the way onerous it’s rating the 4 Cardinal Heroes from Raphtalia’s global. They are kind of at the identical point, with Naofumi one point above the remaining. But even a few of the different 3, I feel Ren nonetheless has an extended approach to pass in the case of understanding his power.

Ren’s unlocks the Greed and Gluttony Curse Series which makes him murderous, unpredictable, and really dangerous.

But they limit him from gathering EXP and assets. Without the Curse Series Swords, Ren is calmer however can nonetheless blind, burn, and impale his goals.

5. Itsuki Kawasumi – The Bow Hero

Hero – Legendary

World – Raphtalia and Glass’s World

Weapon – Legendary Bow and Vassal Musical Instrument

Itsuki believes in his head that there’s no one more potent than him, and even supposing this may not be true, this mindset is what fuels him.

He is gullible sufficient to fall for Malty’s manipulation, and his satisfaction makes him liberate the Pride Curse Series. His Cursed Bow allowed him to brainwash somebody hit through his arrows.

But he stops the usage of it after the results on his well being. It leaves him stripped of interest and aggression. I’m nonetheless ready on Itsuki turning into who’s he’s meant to be.

Itsuki is fantastic with far-range struggle, and not misses his goal. He could also be a herbal esper, and has a herbal affinity for wind, earth, curative, and strengthen magic.

Ren and Itsuki Make Fun of the Shield Hero

He additionally has remarkable musical skills and was once selected to wield the Vassal Musical Instrument after his Bow is suppressed through Miyaji and S’yne’s sister.  

4. Motoyasu Kitamura – The Spear Hero

Hero – Legendary

World – Raphtalia’s World

Weapon – Legendary Spear

Motoyasu is best more potent than Itsuki since the latter misplaced his will. Motoyasu has uncooked energy in contrast to the opposite 3, however has much less numerous assaults than Itsuki.

Motoyasu has the perfect point as in comparison to the opposite heroes; within the spin-off mild novels, Motoyasu is at Level 300 while the others are 100 ranges decrease.

He unlocked the Lust and Envy Curse Series and used Temptation and Ressentiment to motive a real rampage. He nonetheless makes use of the Curse Series as a result of they do not motive any severe side-effects for him – but even so amplifying his obsession with Filo.

He has a herbal affinity for hearth, curative, and strengthen magic, and will forged high-level spells, in conjunction with his synergy talents.

Motoyasu is incomparable in the case of offensive skills because of his Holy Spear.

3. Glass – The Fan Hero

Hero – Vassal

World – Raphtalia and Glass’s World

Weapon – Vassal Fan

Glass is a degree with the exception of the opposite characters as a result of she comes from a special race. She is a Spiritual Being with powers that aren’t to be messed with. With conventional Japanese lovers, unsuspecting warring parties are utterly blown away – moderately actually!  

She makes use of Soul Power, an characteristic that constitutes the Sprite People’s magic. She can stay replenishing and increase her Soul Power if she has sufficient soul-healing water.

She can bathe her enemies with wind blasts sharp as blades, and will flip the moon crimson with mild from her fan.

She too can mix her assaults with the ones of Therese and Shildina. Glass too can battle in Freegem Style, the ways of which is able to repel magic, redirect spells, and recreate them.  

2. Naofumi Iwatani – The Shield Hero

Hero – Legendary

World – Raphtalia and Glass’s World

Weapon – Legendary Shield and Vassal Mirror

Naofumi is the protagonist of the collection. Even with out plot armor, our favourite Shield Hero has observed a beautiful spectacular evolution in the case of power.

Since, the start, his energy has stemmed from his hatred against the arena and folks. His anger is so sturdy that he unlocked the Wrath Curse Series. With the Shied of Wrath, his rage can overpower any foe.

Eventually, Naofumi unlocks the Blessed Series that balances the Curse. The Shield of Compassion lets in him to empathize and display compassion against his allies and opponents.

Naofumi is on #2 essentially as a result of he helps to keep imposing his upgrades and takes the time to coach and get more potent. The remainder of the heroes all knew the grinding spots for EXP, however Naofumi took the lengthy path and thus won extra precise struggle talents.

Naofumi vs Vassal Heroes | Shield Hero | English Dub

He is 2nd to nobody in the case of protection on account of his Holy Shield, however he too can display a number of assault his warring parties as effectively.

He could also be the one different personality that we all know of, in conjunction with Itsuki, who wields a Legendary in addition to a Vassal Weapon.

Naofum is best getting higher and more potent, if now not badder.

1. Fitoria – the Carriage Hero

Hero – Vassal

World – Raphtalia’s World

Weapon – Vassal Carriage

Fitoria, the Carriage Hero, wielder of the Vassal Carriage, is the most powerful Hero in The Rising of the Shield Hero. She is the Queen of the Filolials, and will overpower the entire Heroes in combination. Her spells and historical wisdom are a results of a number of generations of survival.  

Fitoria has the entire solutions in regards to the Waves of Calamity, the Weapons, and the Heroes. Her magic is extraordinary in the case of scale and tool, and but we all know not anything about her true nature and prowess.

She can teleport to a stored location, and turn into to a peak that may glance the mountainous Spirit Tortoise within the eye.

No one and not anything can beat Fitoria.

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Tate no Yusha no Nariagari or The Rising of the Shield Hero is an isekai mild novel collection written through Aneko Yusagi. It was once to begin with revealed as a internet novel at the Shosetsuka ni Naro website online from 2012 to 2015.

In August 2013, Media Factory began publishing the sunshine novel collection with an expanded storyline that includes illustrations through Seira Minami.

Later on, Kinema Citrus tailored the sunshine novel into an anime tv collection. The first episode aired on 9 January 2019.

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