Top 15 Strongest Gravity Users In Anime, Ranked!

I do not know about you, however I’ve grown weary of elemental powers. We’ve all noticed powers like hearth, ice, water, wind, and lightning time and again, and albeit, they have got gotten slightly uninteresting and repetitive.

Unorthodox powers like space-time or gravity manipulation make the entirety so a lot more fascinating!

Gravity manipulation can range considerably from one personality to the following. Some gravity customers can simply build up or lower the gravity performing on themselves, their warring parties, or their setting, whilst others will also create black holes.

No topic the variability in their powers, gravity manipulators are steadily the hardest warring parties to stand. After all, how can hearth or water move up towards probably the most central forces of the universe?

That stated, listed below are 15 of the most powerful gravity customers in anime ranked:

15. Uraraka Ochaco aka Uravity (My Hero Academia)

Giving up is not an choice for me!

Uraraka Ochaco, sometimes called Uravity, has a great quirk to head together with her superior hero identify. Uraraka’s quirk Zero Gravity we could her lower the gravity performing on the rest she touches with all of her fingertips.

Living or non-living Uraraka could make the rest go with the flow and are available again crashing down through merely urgent her fingertips in combination and freeing the impact.

Her quirk has an higher weight restrict of 3 heaps or 6500 kilos which is insane bearing in mind she’s handiest fifteen.

Although, I’m afraid her powers are nonetheless somewhat restricted, so up to we like our perfect woman Uraraka, she will get the remaining spot for now.

14. Maro (Black Cat)

As a Taoist hailing from the mysterious land of Yamto, Maro has mastered Tao– the paranormal arts which harness the facility of ki. Maro’s energy of Tao, particularly, is known as Gravity.

Maro manipulates gravity through disrupting the glide of ki to make himself heavier or lighter. Together together with his sheer brute energy, Maro’s gravity-enhanced assaults pack an actual punch.

He too can manipulate the gravity of his fast setting and create gravity bombs.

13. Brago (Zatch Bell!)

If there is one identify each mamodo child in Zatch Bell has heard of, it must be Brago, the delinquent teenage mamodo with a gothic vibe that I’m obsessive about.

Brago, Zatch’s best rival, is hinted to be well-known within the Mamodo World for his energy. Brago is extremely talented together with his spells that target gravity manipulation and has even skilled in spaces with sturdy magnetic fields to get more potent.

Brago – Aian Gurabirei(A second in Gash/Zatch Bell)

Brago can create gravity spheres that may stage a mountain, beams that may slice thru stone, and manipulate gravity to sluggish his warring parties down or flatten them below gravitational fields.

12. Genshi Tenson (Soul Hunter)

One precious lesson anime has taught us isn’t underestimate an outdated guy with lengthy flowy hair.

Genshi Tenson, additionally Taikoubou’s sensei, is among the Three Great Sennin.

Despite being masses of years outdated, the Sennin Grandmaster possesses hypersonic velocity, stamina, plentiful struggle revel in, and intelligence that has noticed him change into one of the completed sennin to exist with out a weaknesses in sight.

Using black orbs referred to as the Super Paopei Bankohan, Genshi Tenson can manipulate gravity. He can create crushing gravity fields with 10,000 occasions extra force than standard that may duvet a number of kilometers.

The force of his drive fields is so tough that they possibility unintentionally making a black gap.

11. Bluenote Stinger (Fairy Tail)

Bluenote Stinger used to be the previous Deputy Commander of the guild Grimoire Heart. The darkish mage used to be ready to head face to face with Gildarts Clive, considered one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful wizards, and resist successful from Cana’s Fairy Glitter as neatly.

Bluenote is regarded as a fearsome mage because of feats even a number of the Rune Knights. His Gravity Magic permits him to govern gravity in a myriad of how. He has fast area over the gravity round him and will freely build up or lower it.

He too can elevate and transfer other people or large items just like the Grimoire Heart, parry assaults through sending warring parties crashing to the bottom and create black holes. His magic reasons immense ache when focused on crushing his warring parties.

10. Kagura Mikazuchi The White Ribbon (Fairy Tail)

I have never trusted good fortune because the speedy I used to be born. Everything has been the results of my alternatives. That is what leads my life in opposition to the long run

Stone-faced Kagura, sometimes called the White Ribbon, is the most powerful wizard of the Mermaid Heel guild and a grasp swordsman who does not even must unsheathe her blade to verify victory.

Swordsmanship apart, Kagura could also be an completed Gravity Magic-user. She can create drive fields sturdy sufficient to negate the gravity magic of even a Zodiac Spirit or use her magic to make a goal lighter and beef up its velocity.

9. Libra The Heavenly Scales (Fairy Tail)

Libra is a celestial spirit who is among the 12 Zodiac Gates, gotten smaller to Yukino Aguria.

The serene spirit can manipulate gravity with an insignificant swipe of her fingers the usage of the golden scales placing from them, incomes her the moniker ‘The Heavenly Scales.’

Fairy Tail – Libra.

Libra’s magic, Gravity Change, permits her to immobilize warring parties through pulling down them to the bottom or ship them flying sideways through converting the path of the gravity affecting them.

8. Enrico Pucci (JoJo)

By the identify of God, I can smite you!

Pucci, the enthusiast antagonist of Stone Ocean, possesses the facility to govern gravity the usage of his stand C-moon, an evolution of Whitesnake.

C-moon is a surprisingly unhealthy stand that can create reverse-gravitational drive fields round Pucci that span a radius of just about 2 miles. This forcefield repels somebody or object that will get too shut.

But its maximum deadly skill through a long way is Surface Inversion which can regulate the gravity of the rest it touches, together with an individual’s center, forcing it to show inside of out. Pucci too can stroll on vertical surfaces.

7. Taketora Douan The Heavy Baron (Plunderer)

Taketora Douan is among the Seven Legendary Red Barons, referred to as the Heavy Mask, and is among the antagonists of Plunderer. The spiky red-haired Baron has pressured 612,730 warring parties to yield to him together with his tough gravity manipulation powers.

Taketora’s skills come with developing bone-crushing drive fields, gravity shields, bullets, and black holes. He additionally possesses immunity to different gravity-based assaults and will use his powers to shoot items as projectiles and beef up their have an effect on.

6. Ishiguro (Mob Psycho 100)

Unlike you, I continuously goal upper. I need to climb up. Using my very own fingers, I’m gonna exchange the arena

Unhinged as he would possibly appear, Ishiguro used to be a former member of the 15 may organization Claw and the chief of its seventh Division.

Ishiguro possesses overwhelming gravity manipulation powers and struggle talents. Besides rudimentary gravity manipulation and developing pseudo black holes, Ishiguro can build up his personal mass to the rest from 500 kilograms to 2 heaps which takes his tackles and punches to a complete new stage.

5. Chuuya Nakahara (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Do when it is okay to hen out and move house? There isn’t any such time.

Much like his former spouse Dazai, Chuuya is a drive to be reckoned with throughout the Port Mafia. Temperamental as he’s, Chuuya’s Ability, Upon The Tainted Sorrow, permits him spectacular regulate over the path and drive of gravity of the rest he touches.

Chuuya makes use of his Ability to deflect bullets shot at him, immobilize warring parties through making them heavier or lighter, and propel naked bullets and different topic in his setting as projectiles. He can overwhelm his warring parties to near-death below stated projectiles through expanding their gravity.

He too can manipulate his personal gravity to stroll on vertical surfaces or the ceiling, run at superhuman speeds and even experience a bike up the aspect of a construction.

Monster || Chuuya Nakahara

The true type of Chuuya’s Ability, Corruption, offers him the energy to overwhelm a tank together with his naked fingers and create black hole-like compressed balls of gravity.

4. Dante Zogratis (Black Clover)

Humans are evil incarnate. Rage, concern, hate, revenge, destruction… Evil is humanity’s true nature. As such, this international is simply too uninteresting for us.

Dante Zogratis, the chief of the Dark Triad, is among the 3 rulers of the Spade Kingdom. Like his siblings, Dante too is a number to Lucifero, a high-ranking satan.

The satan grants him immense Mana reserves and get entry to to Gravity Magic along with his personal– making him probably the most uncommon mages who possesses two magic attributes.

Dante is extremely adept at manipulating gravity to his benefit. He can levitate, immobilize his warring parties midair, propel items round him as projectiles or create swords from compressed rock.

Dante’s drive fields are sturdy sufficient to snap bushes in part whilst his blackholes can carve thru mountains and bend incoming assaults.

He has high quality regulate over his magic and will concurrently use it to make his punches quicker and heavier.

3. Nagato aka Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Those who don’t perceive true ache can by no means perceive true peace.

Nagato, higher identified through his alias Pain, used to be as soon as a ninja from Amegakure who later based the Akatsuki to carry peace to the violent shinobi international.

Pain has regulate over gravity during the Deva Path made obtainable to him thru his Rinnegan. The Deva Path used to be stated to be his most powerful and favourite of the entire Six Paths, and it is not laborious to peer why because the methodology is extremely damaging and helpful in struggle with never-ending packages.

The Deva Path grants Pain regulate over sexy and repulsive forces and a capability referred to as Chibaku Tensei, which draws topic within the space and traps an opponent throughout the sphere of rubble.

2. Griffith/Femto The Wings Of Darkness (Berserk)

This is the trail I’ve traveled. To get what I sought after… If I express regret, if I repent… the entirety will come to an finish. I’ll by no means get to achieve that position.

Griffith, sometimes called the Falcon Of Light, is the chief of Falconia’s major army drive, the Band of the Falcon.

Griffith got gravity manipulation powers after he sacrificed his comrades and used to be reborn because the incorporeal demon Femto– the 5th member of the God Hand.

Femto is a minimum of an all-powerful god with powers of telepathy, precognition, and the facility to govern souls, dimensions, fact, causality, area, and gravity.

His gravity manipulation we could him create gravity wells and repel an opponent’s assaults. The sexy drive of his gravity wells can overwhelm any opponent to demise.

1. Admiral Fujitora (One Piece)

Fujitora is the most powerful gravity consumer in anime. His Devil Fruit, the Zushi Zushi no Mi, grants him regulate over gravity. His powers are channeled thru his sword and will span whole islands. His powers even prolong to outer area permitting him to summon meteors.

The Marine Admiral Fujitora, aka Issho, is knowledgeable combatant and a number of the most powerful Marines the Straw Hats have encountered at the Grand Line. Fujitora has held his personal towards the likes of Sabo, Jack, Zoro, and Luffy in spite of being blind.

Fujitora possesses staggering regulate over gravity from consuming a Devil Fruit. He can create reverse-gravity repellent fields, exchange the path of gravity to push warring parties away, or slam them to the bottom with drive sufficient to create craters.

Fujitora too can negate gravity totally to levitate himself or different non-living items as massive as battleships.

King Ghidorah may well be probably the most unorthodox gravity consumer at the record since, neatly, he is not an individual however a golden three-headed dragon.

The 5th incarnation of Ghidorah is the most powerful predator to exist who stands on the best of the common meals chain, making him actually a king.

Besides his skill to ruin whole planets, King Ghidorah can manipulate area and time. His presence by myself exerts gravitational pressures sturdy sufficient to fall apart a spaceship.

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