Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!

The anime in addition to the manga of Hunter x Hunter has presented some in reality memorable characters through the years – hunters and creatures alike.

Recently, we’ve got observed the access of a few mega-strong characters that has shifted all the energy record recreation.

So, whilst we are nonetheless looking forward to a brand new season and the following bankruptcy, here is a listing of the highest 15 most powerful Hunter x Hunter characters, useless and alive, ranked!

P.S.: The ratings are in line with a mix of energy, Nen skills, intelligence, feats, foreshadowing, and hype.

15. Feitan Portor

Feitan is the most powerful of the Phantom Troupe after Chrollo Lucilfer. He has implausible energy and stamina, however his pace is what units him excluding the opposite Phantoms.

In the Chimera Ant arc, Feitan is going towards the scorpion-based Chimera, Zazan, and is in a position to dodge all her assaults, in spite of no longer being on most sensible of his recreation.

When he defeats her, he turns into the chief of the Troupe till Lucilfer is comes again to renew his place.

Let’s speak about Feitan’s trump playing cards: his Rising Sun and Pain Packer skills. Feitan is a Nen grasp, who additionally loves destruction and torture. This combines in combination neatly within the type of Pain Packer, that may torture his opponent unto demise.

Rising Sun is a type of Pain Packer, the place Feitan is in a position to transmute his air of secrecy right into a mini-sun. The warmth reasons large-scale destruction and would have killed all of the different Troupe participants had they stayed till he totally activated it.

14. Illumi Zoldyck

Silva’s first-born, Illumi, is a member of the Phantom Troupe, and in addition has a Hunter license. He is nearly as stable as Hisoka (for now – we wish to see extra of his skills) and has an strange keep an eye on of his frame; he seldom has any expression and prefers to hide his powers.

Illumi’s number of guns are 3 units of needles that may be imbued with Nen. The first set permits him to change appearances, the second one shall we him brainwash enemies when implanted of their head, and the 3rd allows Illumi to keep an eye on and manipulate objectives.

He was once in a position to place his brother, Killua, beneath a hypnotic spell, that was once undetected by way of even Biscuit Krueger and Netero himself.

His Manipulation-type Nen skills too can make Illumi the puppet grasp of a self-created military. These Needle People, as he calls them, are pressured to do his bidding, regardless of whether or not they are useless or alive.

13. Hisoka Morow

Hisoka may play the clown however he is as unhealthy as they arrive. He’s the 3rd most powerful member of the Phantom Troupe and a Floor Master in Heaven Arena.

He calls himself the Magician, and brandishes more than one deadly tips together with his Nen-infused enjoying playing cards. These playing cards are sharp sufficient to slice bone.

His major skill is his Transmutation-type Nen, Bungee Gum, that makes his air of secrecy extremely elastic. This grants him no longer simply tremendous flexibility, as with gum, but in addition sturdiness, like rubber, making it superb for offensive in addition to defensive strikes.

Hisoka vs Chrollo | Hunter x Hunter (1999)

The Gum was once resilient sufficient to take in a ball thrown by way of Gon, and adhesive sufficient to tug combatants towards himself. He makes use of Shu for direct assaults and will ensnare objectives to restrain characters as stable as Machi.

Post-revival, Hisoka features an enormous air of secrecy spice up because of Post-Mortem Nen and is in a position to routinely command his Bungee Gum.

12. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger, aka Bisky, is a Double-Star Stone Hunter, with enhanced energy, belief, pace, and reflexes. She is robust sufficient to defeat the Bomber, Bara, and emerge from a hand-to-hand battle with Killua completely unscathed.

My favourite factor about Bisky is that despite the fact that she’s in reality an awesomely muscular hunk, she will be able to transmute herself right into a candy having a look younger lady. This hide is steadily her trump card all over combat.

She is completed and skilled sufficient to be Gon and Killua’s instructor all over the Green Island arc.

When it involves Nen, Bisky is a Transmuter who too can mix Emission, Conjuration, Manipulation, and Enhancement ways with Transmutation. She makes use of lotion transmuted with Nen to regenerate muscle tissue and revitalize the frame.

With Piano Massage, she will be able to boost up air of secrecy recovery – Gon and Killua are in a position to revive three hundred and sixty five days of air of secrecy in one month.

11. Razor

Razor is a Game Master of Greed Island, the menacing online game for Nen-using Hunters. He can banish avid gamers that illegally input the sport utilizing a distinct Eliminate card.

Razor is revered by way of Ging and the Spiders. He was once tough sufficient to weigh down Hisoka’s palms and render his Bungee Gum needless by way of aiming a volleyball via it. He by no means misses his objectives, with Nen-emitted balls or exact ones.

Since Razor is an Emitter, he too can beef up his balls with Nen and magnify the power with which they hit the objective. He additionally has a spike, which as soon as destroyed the Troupe’s boat with a unmarried throw.

The affect is so intense that it took Gon, Killua, and Hisoka in combination to catch the spike.

Along with being a formidable hurler, Razor can create 8 demonic beings from his Nen, which he calls his “devils.” The devils can fuse in combination to shape doubly stable creatures that may redirect and lend a hand Razor hit his goal.

The down-side of that is that he cannot use his complete output singularly, as a result of it’s dispersed some of the devils.

10. Chrollo Lucilfer and Silva Zoldyck

Chrollo Lucifer is amazingly stable, particularly within the manga. It took Zeno and Silva to struggle him in combination to defeat him. He is head of the Phantom Troupe and is an exceptionally gifted fighter.

With sufficient prep, Chrollo may also be the most productive asset to any staff as a result of his strategic pondering all over battle. I’d even move as far as to mention that he’s one of the most absolute best human Nen customers within the collection. He can scouse borrow different Nen skills and use them as his personal. Come on.

Some folks imagine that Chrollo is more potent than Silva, however I rank them similarly. Silva is the present head of one of the vital feared households on the earth – the Zoldyks. He is Zeno’s handiest son, and the daddy of Killua.

Silva killed a member of the Phantom Troupe and is a phenomenal murderer educated to kill human combatants. He has enhanced sturdiness and will withstand Chrollo’s poison assaults.

Silva’s Explosive Orbs are mainly 2 energetic bombs that he can hurl that may stage constructions.

9. Zeno Zoldyck

It handiest is smart to have Silva’s dad rank above him. Zeno’s assassination abilities are known even by way of Netero. He was once employed by way of Netero to assault the Chimera Ant base, and that is the place we see what Zeno’s Nen is in reality able to.

Zeno can transmute his air of secrecy right into a dragon, emit it as a projectile, or just use it for delivery. He used it as soon as to move Meruem and Netero, and in addition was once in a position to take Pitou by way of wonder.

Zeno is more potent than Chrollo Lucilfer – Chrollo himself admits that preventing a unmarried assault from Zeno will require all his Nen skill.

Chrollo vs Silva and Zeno Zoldyck | HunterxHunter Eng Sub HD

Zeno additionally trumps maximum different characters as a result of his age and data of Nen. He has superb talent, specifically in Gyo and En.

8. Botobai Gigante and Kurapika (ET Mode)

Next, now we have 2 beasts, Botobai and Kurapika in Emperor Time mode. Botobai is a Triple-Star Terrorist Hunter and the senior-most member of the Zodiacs, going by way of the codename “Dragon.”

Being proper beneath the authority of Cheadle within the Hunter Association, Botobai surpasses everybody relating to looking wisdom and property. However, his complete set of skills and Nen is unknown, however it’s mentioned that he’s as stable as Netero.

Kurapika in ET has grasp Enhancer stats together with his Zetsu chain paintings. But his chain prison is handiest in reality efficient towards the Spiders, and being in ET mode for even a 2d cuts an hour off his lifespan.  

Still, his Judgment Chain will get an insane air of secrecy spice up with ET, so does his pace and bodily energy. The maximum superior factor is that Kurapika turns into a Specialist in ET, with keep an eye on over ever class of Nen.

7. Mereum’s Royal Guard

Mereum’s Royal Guard consisted of three crazy-powered Chimera Ants: Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi.

Pouf most commonly depended on tactical talent and was once in a position to knock Morel down with a wonder kick. He was once stable sufficient to live on a tail-whip from Meruem.

Colt as soon as remarked that Pouf was once stable sufficient to defeat Netero. His particular function was once that he may just reward others with Nen.

Slightly upper in energy, was once Youpi, who was once a real Nen-enhanced tank. His Nen used his rage as gasoline to shape Rage Incarnate, a devilish centaur-like creature that may deflect nearly any assault.

The most powerful out of the Royal Guards, and essentially the most dedicated to King, was once Pitou. They even made Netero ponder whether they may well be more potent than him.

Pitou may just live on unhurt from Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva assault, and in addition kill Kite, who was once a Pro Hunter. Pitou may just even resist Adult-Gon’s Jajanken: Rock assault.

6. Isaac Netero

If Netero is on #6, you’ll be able to handiest believe the ability of the highest 5. In his top, he was once the sector’s most powerful Nen person. He was once the Chairman of the Hunter Association and essentially the most tough hunter on the time.

Although he did lose to Meruem, he controlled to break the frame of the Chimera Ant King, a feat no many can boast of even these days.

Netero’s Nen air of secrecy and talents just like the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, Ninety-Ninth Hand, and the Zero Hand may just unharness unfathomable energy.

The Bodhisattva gave him an get admission to to a vast number of assaults that may be carried out at a pace too rapid for human eyesight.

Hunter x Hunter – Netero vs Jed (Nen vs On)! [60FPS]

With the Zero Hand, all of Netero’s air of secrecy was once concentrated right into a excellent beam of sunshine that would devour the whole thing.

Additionally, Netero was once the one Hunter to have survived 2 journeys to the Dark Continent, a spot with a zero.04% survival price.

5. Ging Freecss

Ging is the daddy of Gon. He is a Double-Star Ruins Hunter and a former Zodiac with the codename “Boar.”

Ging is among the maximum enigmatic characters within the collection, and his energy is most commonly in line with hype. He is the principle writer of Greed Island, and is certain to have extraordinarily tough Nen.

Netero tells Bisky that Ging is among the 5 absolute best Nen-users on the earth.

Ging is a genius and has the facility to control folks he does not even know. We see this when he manipulates Leorio to soil Pariston’s victory. He could also be a polyglot and a professor at Varvard University.

Speaking of Leorio, Ging is in a position to replica his Nen skill – the Remote Punch – and make it his personal. We have no idea a lot about his Nen, however most likely he can reflect different’s Nen? Or perhaps that is only a herbal skill that he has, because of him being tremendous clever.

4. Maha Zoldyck

Literally not anything is understood about Maha Zoldyck as opposed to the truth that he’s the oldest residing member of the Zoldyck circle of relatives, and that he as soon as fought Netero.

By deduction, Maha is almost definitely the oldest man within the collection (excluding Don); he would almost definitely be one of the most most powerful in his top, making him no less than extra tough as Netero.

Netero was once praised for having survived a combat with Maha, and this was once young-Netero.

Now, Netero was once regarded as the most powerful Nen-user and Hunter on the earth; does this set Maha a degree aside? He may just also be extra tough than Meruem. We’ll simply have to attend and watch.

3. Adult Gon Freecss

In order to defeat Neferpitou once they kill Kite, Gon sacrifices his age and innate skills in change of energy sufficient to single-handedly defeat them.

He mainly grows to an age the place he’s in his absolute top, his bodily energy, air of secrecy, and Nen, at their max.

Adult Gon’s first Jajanken swats Neferpitou up the aspect of a hill and reasons them to lose awareness. With a couple of extra assaults, he manages to kill them.

But this modification into grownup shape comes with a value: he merely is going again to “standard” – with out having the ability to make the most of his air of secrecy or Nen. It additionally took away a big portion of his lifespan.

Pitou mentioned that this grownup model of Gon may also be a danger to Meruem himself. By this we will surmise that Adult Gon Freecss is the most powerful Hunter/particular person within the Hunter x Hunter collection – even though if and when Adult Gon ever comes again is but to be observed.

2. Mereum

Meruem was once already essentially the most tough personality within the collection when he was once born. He had a sponge-like finding out skill, remarkable mind, and unbounded bodily prowess. He was once without equal organic weapon.

Meruem was once undefeated in combat. He was once in a position resist Netero’s Zero Hand with out injury and controlled to ward off two of the palms of Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

He consumed air of secrecy and thus had a vast provide of it. After eating Pouf and Youpi, his air of secrecy changed into such that Knuckle believed they would want a complete nation’s army energy to defeat him.

What’s extra, he may just even reveal the Nen skills of the ones he ate up. He bought Rage Blast and Metamorphosis on this method.

His Photon methodology may just disperse his air of secrecy into photons or debris of sunshine, permitting him to locate the rest the sunshine may just succeed in. The fandom nonetheless cannot fathom the demise of the Chimera King, and I do not believe we ever will.

1. Don Freecss

Don Freecss, the alleged creator of the “Journey to the New World” – a travelogue concerning the Dark Continent, is the most powerful personality alive in Hunter x Hunter.

He is over 300 years previous, which may indicate that he has one thing to do with the advent of the Hunter Association. He could also be, most likely, an ancestor of the Freecss.

We know Don remains to be alive since Ging mentions that the West version of the travelogue is perhaps nonetheless being written. The East version is these days within the palms of the Association’s V6.

Don has the OP skill of being alive for centuries. This may just imply he’s immortal and/or a Nen grandmaster. But the extra almost definitely principle is that he ate Nitro Rice all over his travels, a cereal discovered at the Dark Continent that lengthens an individual’s existence.

Either method, Don has been to the Dark Continent and has possibly spent sufficient time there to have written no less than 2 complete volumes of subject matter on it. This itself proves his may.

We’re but to peer what precisely Don Freecks is able to, however he is certain to be the most powerful dude within the Hunter x Hunter universe.   

Hunter x Hunter is a Shonen anime tailored from manga of the similar title.

The tale follows the adventures of a tender boy, Gon, finding that his useless father wasn’t useless however was once a mythical Hunter. Instead of feeling dejected, Gon comes to a decision to practice in his father’s footsteps and turn into a super Hunter himself.

The task of a Hunter is not a very simple one, and Gon must cross an examination to turn into an legitimate hunter. He makes pals in this adventure, they usually all should lend a hand each and every different triumph over any hindrances.

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