Top 15 Strongest Non-Devil Fruit Users Alive in One Piece, Ranked!

Devil Fruits in One Piece grant insane, superhuman powers to their customers in trade for the facility to swim.

Whatever the sort – Logia, Paramecia, or Zoan, Devil Fruits at all times make customers more potent than they have been prior to they ate them.

However, there are some folks around the seas who’ve discovered techniques to stay mythical with out ever consuming a Devil Fruit.

Be it via honing their Haki, coaching in swords/gunmanship, or perfecting their battle abilities, a few of these heroes have controlled to even outperform Devil Fruit-using warring parties.

In this listing, I believe the highest 15 most powerful non-Devil Fruit customers lately alive within the One Piece universe.

15. Lucky Roux

Lucky Roux of the Red Hair Pirates is highest identified for being the person who discovered the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which used to be later eaten via Luffy. But Lucky himself isn’t any Devil Fruit person.

We have no idea a lot about him with the exception of that he is a corpulent tank of a pirate with a top bounty on his head.

In bankruptcy 957, Lucky is discussed along the likes of Benn Beckman and Yasopp as being sought after via the Marines.

Being a combatant, Lucky used a flintlock pistol to shoot a mountain bandit threatening Shanks. He did this level clean, with out even shopping at him.

14. Jinbe

Former Warlord of the Sea and previous member of the Sun Pirates, Jinbe the fish-man has confirmed his would possibly more than one occasions. He is lately the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, and a grasp of Fish-Man Karate.

The Knight of the Sea did not want a Devil Fruit to karate-slap a fellow Warlord like Gecko Moria, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit person.

Jinbe’s most powerful swimsuit is his staying power. He’s a whale shark, and has survived Akainu’s Devil Fruit triggered magma punch previously.

He has additionally taken blows from Big Mom, and survived being dunked in boiling water at Impel Down.

13. Ashura Doji

Known because the Strongest Monster of Kuri, Ashura Doji is one in all Oden’s 9 Red Scabbards.

Being a samurai, he’s a surprisingly professional swordsman. He controlled to slash Jack, Kaido’s 3rd most powerful guy, appropriate around the chest, leaving a bleeding scar. Kaido himself attempted to recruit Ashura as a part of the Beasts Pirates.

Since Ashura used to be a deadly felony in Kuri, Wano, it took the past due shogun Oden to battle and defeat him.

He turns into the chief of the Mt. Atama Thieves and takes at the alias of Shutenmaru of Atamayama. He and his fans raid Orochi’s farm with out being apprehended via someone.

Ashura is a person of complicated Armament Haki or Ryuo and makes use of it to harden his swords, sufficient to chop via Kaido’s pores and skin.

12. Kyoshiro/Denjiro

Denjiro is essentially the most professional swordsmen of Oden’s retainers.

Denjiro takes at the identify of Kyoshiro after Oden’s loss of life and turns into a Yakuza boss, forming a circle of relatives of his personal known as the Kyoshiro Family.

During Yasuie’s execution, Denjiro is going up in opposition to Zoro, and is in a position to battle toe-to-toe with him – even supposing, in fact, Zoro had best 2 swords on the time.

He may be in a position to cleanly reduce via a Beasts Pirates send. Kyoshiro has long past up in opposition to the likes of King, Queen, Orochi, and Kaido, managing to penetrate the latter’s difficult pores and skin.

11. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi in Sulong shape

Kyoshiro is more potent than Inu and Neko, however of their Sulong shape, they simply turn out to be essentially the most {powerful} of Oden’s vassals.

These Mokomo Dukedom rulers do not want no Devil Fruit to strengthen their powers. With the facility of the total moon, they morph into their Sulong paperwork, which supplies them larger energy, pace, and staying power.

The magnified skills of this duo are of no fit for Jack – they defeat Jack the Drought after days of combating and dropping a limb every.

Even despite the fact that Devil Fruit warrants an enduring energy up, Inu and Neko’s temporary Sulong spice up is an similarly enviable skill – it provides them multiplied Electro and Haki utilization.

10. Yasopp

Yasopp, like Lucky Roux, hasn’t in reality had numerous screentime, however it is evident that he’s a surprisingly robust non-Devil Fruit person.

Yasopp is the sniper of the Red Hair Pirates and so, naturally, has nice marksmanship. In his personal phrases: “I may just shoot the antenna of an ant 100 feet away.”

His recognition used to be such that Shanks actually went searching for him with a purpose to recruit him on his group. Usopp, being his son, someday desires to be as professional a sniper as him.

9. Sanji

Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates isn’t to be underestimated. Although he’s formally the cook dinner, he single-handedly sends Kaido’s second-strongest guy, Queen, hurtling off the island of Onigashima, together with his Ifrit Jambe.

Sanji’s exchange for Devil Fruit is his Diable Jambe, a transfer from his self-created Black Leg Style, that would counter a transfer from Big Mom.

I’m really not even going to say his Germa 66 raid swimsuit, as a result of Sanji is magnificent even with out it, as we see in his battle in opposition to Queen. So, no-suit, no-fruit, Sanji dominates.

8. Zoro

Straw Hat combatant and second-in-command, Roronoa Zoro, is a bonafide non-Devil Fruit utilizing badass.

He destroyed King, who’s best weaker than the Yonko Kaido. King is a Zoan-Fruit person and used to be absolutely amped up all the way through the battle.

Zoro used Haki, tactical skills, in conjunction with his fantastic swordsmanship, to slice King and his Flame Dragon.

Zoro spent 2 years coaching beneath the arena’s biggest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, who’s 3rd in this listing.

Despite having no Devil Fruit energy, Zoro has the facility of his 3 swords – Ichimonji, Kitetsu, and Enma, in addition to 3 sorts of Haki.

7. Vista

Vista is a type of characters who folks ceaselessly fail to remember in spite of him being mega-powerful. He is the previous fifth department commander of the Whitebeard Pirates – and the most powerful swordsmen within the group.

He used to be in a position to compare up in opposition to the swordsmanship of Mihawk, who himself applauded Vista’s tactics after fighting him all the way through the Marineford arc.

His sabers generate flower petals, giving him the epithet of Vista of the Flower Swords. According to Akainu, Vista may be a talented person for Armament and Observation Haki.

6. Benn Beckman

People do not come with the likes of Benn Beckman in maximum listicles as a result of no longer a lot is understood about him. But I imagine that might be a grave injustice, particularly if we are speaking about non-Devil Fruit customers.

As some distance as we all know, not one of the Red Hair pirates have ate up Devil Fruits, so it is protected to think that no matter energy Beckman has proven us has come from different way.

He has the best possible IQ of any personality presented within the East Blue Saga, and is similarly talented in bodily battle.

He destroys the mountain bandit Higuma and his whole group with a unmarried cigarette and a flintlock that he does not even fireplace.

5. Kong

Kong isn’t somebody we ceaselessly see indexed along pirates. But if you’ll turn out to be the World Government’s commander-in-chief with out the assistance of a Devil Fruit, you without a doubt need to be #5. 

We know with regards to not anything about this mean-looking fellow rather than the truth that he used to be the fleet admiral all the way through Rogers’ execution.

His present standing alternatively, we could him revoke the Warlord of the Sea standing with out lifting a finger, and will command the whole lot of the Marines.

He is best answerable to the Five Elders and to Im. We are but to look what Kong is in a position to.

4. Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh, aka the “Dark King”, is the former first mate of Gol D. Roger, the past due Pirate King. Due to this, he is ceaselessly considered the most powerful right-hand commander in One Piece.

Rayleigh has mastery over all 3 sorts of Haki. We see him relay his Observation Haki to sense an entire island’s value of folks, and use his Armament Haki to pierce Admiral Kizaru’s frame in spite of him being sheathed via his Devil Fruit powers.

Not numerous folks can swim in any respect bearing in mind maximum characters are Devil Fruit customers. But in spite of being neatly into his 70s, our guy swam all of the duration of the Calm Belt, slaying a lot of Sea Kings alongside the best way.

How many elderly males do we all know within the One Piece-verse who can do this?

3. Mihawk

If there may be one one who would believe gaining Devil Fruit skills as dishonest, it is Dracule Mihawk. One does not simply turn out to be the most powerful swordsman on the earth with exterior support.

Mihawk has remarkable regulate of Haki and unreal eyesight, which compensates for Devil Fruit-induced superpower.

Mihawk has long past in opposition to Zoro and Vista, however his true talent has but to be observed.

His whole mastery together with his sword places Mihawk virtually at Yonko degree.

2. Garp

Monkey D. Garp is immediately up some of the most powerful characters within the One Piece collection. Although he’s well beyond his top, Garp stands at a forged #2 on my listing of maximum {powerful} non-Devil Fruit customers.

Garp used to be so robust that even Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, wasn’t in a position to defeat him.

Garp is even (debatably) more potent than Akainu, as a result of his love for and can of Ace, his adoptive grandson. If it were not for Sengoku, Garp would’ve taken Akainu down.

What makes Garp this type of powerhouse is his Haki. He has a tendency to juice up his assaults with Armament Haki this is so {powerful}, that each and every punch hits like a cannonball. I imply, they do not name him Garp the Fist for not anything.

1. Shanks

Shanks, the captain of the of the Red Hair Pirates, is the most powerful non-Devil Fruit person in One Piece. Shanks become the youngest Yonko, one in all 4 maximum {powerful} pirates around the seas, in spite of having no Devil Fruit powers.

He is a person of all 3 sorts of Haki and it’s believed that Shanks has extremely {powerful} complicated Conqueror’s Haki despite the fact that that has but to be showed.

He stopped a full-blown assault from Akainu, again and again battled with Mihawk, and clashed lightly with Whitebeard with only one arm.

Shanks is as robust, if no longer more potent, than fellow Yonko, Blackbeard, who possess the would possibly of two other Devil Fruits.

One Piece is a Japanese manga collection written and illustrated via Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump mag since July 22, 1997.

The guy who had received the whole thing on this international, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The ultimate phrases he mentioned on the execution tower have been “My treasures? If you wish to have it, I’ll can help you have it. Look for it; I left it all at that position.” These phrases despatched many to the seas, chasing their desires, headed towards the Grand Line, searching for One Piece. Thus started a brand new age!

Seeking to be the best pirate on the earth, younger Monkey D. Luffy additionally heads towards the Grand Line searching for One Piece. His numerous group is becoming a member of him alongside the best way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook dinner, physician, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this can be one memorable journey.

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